2002-03-21-Shared Family Love

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Topic: With Jaquetta-Helena

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion, Irivina

TR: S. Butterfield



T/R : Yes, Father, Yes, Mother, thank you for your love. Thank you Father. Thank you Mother. For your love. For teaching me how to love. For always being there when I am confused and do not know how to love. I come to you now, because I want to learn more about how to love. I am so grateful for all the glory you have brought into my life.

Alana : Yes. This is Alana.

David : Welcome, Alana.

Nena : Welcome.


Alana : She is so grateful, as are we. She has chosen to allow me, and sometimes Legion, to work with her to speak the truth with love. We are grateful when any one of you so humbly turns to us for our wisdom love, such as it may be. (smile) Always new levels of truth to learn. Always greater expansions of love. The journey is so beautiful. It is humbling simply to see, to know this beauty. It is comforting to experience the exchange when any one of you turns to us, says to Alana, “Help me. I want to see the beauty. I want to see with the eyes of love. I want to know the truth is love.” It is comforting to enjoy the resonance that occurs when any one of you turns to God’s love. I look through your eyes. I listen to your mind’s thoughts and emotions. I speak to you. I whisper to you in the silence of the stillness of your turning. You are my beloveds.

Beloved ones, you have come together again. Yes?

David : Yes. Here we are.

Nena : We are more sure together.

Alana : More sure, yes. Growing, yes? Growing in confidence, yes? (Agreement.)

Nena : To speak the truth. The body changes. I have many, many friends.

Alana : Yes, the body will change as the mind allows love to shape the thoughts and the communion of mind and body. As you choose to turn to love, so you choose those things, or behaviors, that allow love to flow freely. And yes, as you make these decisions to turn toward love, to surrender to the Father, the Mother, of Love, you begin to discover friendliness, friendship, friends. Yes? This, my beloved, is the natural result of having first chosen to love, and to turn toward the greatest love of all, given to you by God, freely, to learn, to grow, to rest in that love, to change in that love, and to freely give it away. This you experience as shared family love. As you grow in your ability to receive this love, to hold this love, and to give this love away, so grows the family.

Nena : We are one big family of love.

Alana : Yes. The big family of love. So! Alana hears. Yes?

David : It is so wonderful to hear your voice, my love. I turn to you so often. I was thankful to you today for this experience I have that every time I remember to turn to you, I have the sense of your presence. I was overwhelmed today with the feeling of how constant this is, how trustworthy. You are always there and available. I want to say in front of these buddies of mine, my family, how much I appreciate you pouring love down upon my life, and helping me in all of my life’s affairs. Thank you, dear.

Alana : Yes, my beloved. As my love is with you, so it is with your beloveds, your brothers and sisters, your sons and daughters, your friends and partners, your family of love. This is the faith that you share together, faith in love. This is the faith you nourish together in your group, faith in my ever present love. You will see love is always, love is ever present, because love is Now. Yes? Now. Now. Now. All you need to do is turn toward love and you will know it is there, Now. It is a moment of extreme gratitude, yes? (Agreement.)

David : I would also like to express our gratitude for the presence of our dear “little one” this evening.

Alana : Yes.

Nena : It is my pleasure to stay here. I am so happy. I am so complete.

Irivina : This is Irivina.

Nena : Ciao. Welcome my friend.

David : Welcome, dear sister.

Irivina : She says, “I am complete,” and I arrive, I am here. Yes? It is a special pleasure to see the healing powers of love repairing, like a weaver with threads of crystal light, sewing the tears in the fabric of love. This is what you, my beloved, have given to me. This beautiful opportunity to watch a human being choose love, choose to know love’s patience. Choose to experience love’s electricity.

Nena : Oh-oh. It is starting. I am working cleaning more myself.

Irivina : Cleaning more yourself, yes, and as well, beloved, learning the avenues available to you to master the electricity of the energy of love, the energy of the crystilline healing, the energy of the body. Yes? (Nena : Yes.) This yoga is a very strong path for you. Yes?

Nena : Yes. I am so happy. Thank you. I am feeling the same emotion as when I was a little girl. Thank you. Sometimes I remember to myself, Nena, it is so strong this change, and sometimes I am so proud, I am so happy. And I ask myself, Why?

Irivina : This, my beloved, is the pride of joy. This, my beloved, you will learn to live, to experience the pride of joy with no fear, with tranquillity, with mastery. This will be the healing joy that you give away. You do very well, beloved. Thank you.

Nena : Thank you. Thank you, Irivina. You are the best companion on my path. One of the best. One of the best. You are my beloved.

Irivina : Yes.

Legion : So! This is Legion.

Nena : Ciao, Legion.

David : Hi, Legion.

Legion : Discipline brings you together like the putting together of a well-made kite. You allow yourselves to create the structure of your communion of love, your heart room, so as to inhale, inspire, take in, great billowing beautiful blows and gusts of love from Legion. I am pleased I have the opportunity to blow love under your kite as it rises. Continue with your lessons and learning of the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy. Allow that kite of the communion of your love to create greater expansions of your experiences of joy. Your imaginations are blended beautifully, and blended with love. Continue to understand and embrace my “D” word (discipline). This, my beloveds, will be the string that allows the kite to fly and your bodies to walk the path of love upon your earth, your Urantia. As the two are joined by this string, filled with my love, your dreams of love will come true. Another “D” word! (smile) The discipline of dreaming.

I am pleased, my friends. You have faith. You have faith in my disciplines. Is there any thing any one else would say? (laughter)

David : Yes. Thank you, Legion, for the love that I always feel is part of the love that Alana gives to me, part of Father’s love, part of Jesus’ love. You have helped me to get back into the discipline of writing. I’m having a bloody hell of a time getting back into it, but you have helped me, I am getting there, and I thank you. I love you. I am opening up to the experience of letting the male love of Song come into some of my writing now. That goes for you, as well. I’ve opened up to your love as well. Thank you. Thank you for your encouragement of me. I sometimes need it.

Legion : Yes, my friend. I am ever welcome of your need.

David and Nena : Thank you.

David : I wanted to thank you for the help you have given me in loving Oliver. It has been a wonderful transformation from wanting to strangle him…not literally, but figuratively…maybe we should strike that from the record…in any event, you have been of immense value, immensely helpful in helping me to forgive everything, and to start with a new slate, begin there, and to give him attention and loving him, and allowing him to be where he is. Thank you so much for that. It has been a wonderful experience for me as well.

Legion : Yes. There is a balance required between acceptance and welcoming change with love. Yes?

David : It is a very interesting notion. I was interested in something brother Ahbaron said the other day, transmitted by Oliver. On the question of the equality of love, he said that this implies total acceptance, and total surrender. One of the teachers said, recently, also, “Stand up for justice. “ I want to understand that. The balance between accepting and surrendering to the way God’s universe is at this point, and particularly our local situation, and the need to speak up and say, “That’s not right!”

Legion : Yes. In the surrendering is the sliver of light that allows you to see how vast is acceptance of God’s real love. As you pass through the sliver of light, or we could say, as that sliver of light passes through you, you stand tall. You stand for something, which is an acceptance of the greater understanding. You speak up from this greater understanding. In the speaking there is the necessary act of acceptance and surrender once again. And once again. And once again. It is an understanding of great humility and patience. An understanding of the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy. When standing up for justice is to stand tall for joy, joy shared among all on earth, the true shared family love will be known.


So! Has this pleased you?

David : Thank you, that was a wonderful opening of my mind. I’ve long struggled with this issue. I’m looking forward to reading it and studying it and being able to grasp it more fully with my mind. Thank you for sharing that with us.

Alana : This is Alana. So, my beloveds, shall we blow love upon each other in my heart room. Yes? I touch each one of you upon your forehead. I blow love upon your eyes, your lips, your bodies.

Nena : Thank you, Alana. I hope you can feel my love.

Alana : Yes. A love given, a love received. A love given, a love received. We are so grateful. Thank you.