2002-03-24-Paths of Beauty and Comfort

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Topic: Path of Beauty, Path of Comfort

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion

TR: S. Butterfield



Group started with members talking about their walk with God .

N : I am happy! I laugh alone! I think with laughter! (Other things not clear.) Thank you. Thank you to the teachers. Thank you to God.

Sa : I would like to report on a new exercise that is proving to be wonderful. You know I am listening to opera in the car all the time. Well, I’m singing now. Going along the road, singing along at top volume. I’m sure the rest of the world thinks I’m nuts, but I’m singing with such joy in my heart. I’m happy! It’s prayer! I am full of gratitude and light, just totally, totally absorbed. It’s its own happiness. Just the act of breathing like that, and soaring in the song.

S o: A “gringo fiesta.” That’s what they think, that you are advertising a “gringo fiesta!” (laughter)

Su : That reminds me of a friend from years and years ago, who was learning how to let out her rage, fear, anger. She was driving home one day, shouting out her feelings, letting it all out. She came to a stop light, and a car pulled up next to her, and the dark window went down, and this man, Jack Benny, leaned out to ask, “Are you all right?” She was so touched by this famous man offering kindly love. Then she drove off singing, happy.

I want to report on my progress with the practice of learning to speak the truth with love. I’ve been involved in this correspondence with X. In the past I’ve been involved in thoughts of anger and revenge, Pow! Take this! Bash! How do you like that! Stuff I couldn’t send. Thank God, David stopped me, I think sometimes it took all he had. Well, recently X began responding to me by email. Just chit-chat at first, then she responded to something I said by writing something that just floored me! It brought up all the anger and indignation, and there I was again, wanting to go Bam!! Pow!! Then suddenly I remembered, “Oh! Alana! Legion! Maybe I should be running this by them!” So I began doing that. It’s not as if they haven’t been asking me to do this for two years now, but I started doing it. So I would write a response and put it in the draft box and say, “OK you two, have a look at it and tell me what you think when I come back.” Of course they talk to me all the time in between, and so when I would come back to the computer I would pull up the email and I’d look at it and everything would change. It is just like when we put things in the heart room, I’d see, “Oh, you can’t say that. You can’t say it this way. Where’s the love? That’s anger and fear talking. Let’s blow love on that.” About three weeks went by, and I finally sent a short email asking for information, because I realized I didn’t really know why she had written what she did and was making all kinds of negative assumptions. This started us off on the right track. We’ve been exploring our differences slowly. Just this morning she answered an email in which I had been quite open with the “uncomfortable” stuff between us, and she wrote “I’M SO GLAD YOU ARE SHARING WITH ME!” and “I love you.” The one before she signed, “Love.” I mean, wow! Awesome! I’m just saying, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to Alana and Legion, for the heart room, for teaching us the discipline of love, for giving me the practice of learning how to speak the truth with love..

N : Speaking with love.

S : Yes, speaking the truth with love. And I’m discovering the love is there, of course.

N : Now I am more sure of what I am saying.

S : Yes. When you are really coming from love, as opposed to anger, or fear, or doubt, or anything else, but when you really know, when you get in touch with that love first, it makes it…number one, it is so much easier to know what to say, because it just comes, just comes right out in a very soft way; and yes, I am more certain, it’s clear what to say, because it’s the truth, and spoken with love in my heart and in my mind. There’s no spin to it. No private agenda.

D : I had an experience of telepathy this week. I haven’t been corresponding much with Z, but somehow I got to doing that, and I wrote him a little tad of something I had written to a former sweetheart from Bible school, and he wrote back something about not wanting to be in heaven with people of hatred…so something nudged me to write to him about what I thought heaven was like in terms of a spiral…that we wouldn’t have to associate with…well, it’s bad enough to have to exist with assholes in this life, to have to exist with them for eternity was intolerable think about (laughter) and that as a matter of fact on the spiral we related to those with whom we had kinship, which has to do with the intellect, humor, aesthetics, ethics, morality, and so on. Last night I got one of the most beautiful letters I’ve ever received. First of all, he said I made him laugh (this friend is a comedian). He also said that he was thinking about this very ideogram that I had presented to him before he got my email, and then he opened my email and there it was. And so I went a little further and sent those DNA articles, where there are a striking number of parallels between what these writers are saying and what our teachers are teaching us, particularly the path of love and joy rather than suffering, and teaching us how to love ourselves, first of all, so that we can love other people. I just totally opened up to what we are doing here. I don’t do that with everyone. It’s been fun, because he is a very bright guy, and like J, he’s been an atheist most of his life. It was wonderful to find a space where we could talk about these things.

S : And he signed his email with “I love you,” also.

D : Yes, one of the things Legion is trying to teach me is to bring comfort to men. J spoke to me on the phone today, and said “I love you.” This is unusual talk among men. They may love each other, but they don’t usually articulate it, they say “How’re they hanging!” or something like that.

N : I think men are learning to love their feminine side. Like women who started nurturing their male side a few years before. But now in the right way, not just for sex, or for control, but to speak the truth with love, to be strong in love. Now I am meeting men who are not just coming on sexually…and not effeminate, but tender. (Discussion goes on.)

S : I’ve recently begun signing my emails with “Love.” And people are responding in kind.

N : I feel like I am waking up my real memory, the real memory of who I am…(unclear) And I am meeting more and more beautiful people. I am having these many, many friends.

D : I vote you as the member of this group who has changed the most this last year. (Group agreement.)

N : (Unclear.) …the energy is the energy of love.

Group stillness practice.

D : I pray that your love pour down upon us like honeyed rain.

S : Thank you, Father. Thank you, Mother. Thank you for cleansing my heart with love. I open my heart to you. Fill me with love, that I may know your love and give it away. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

D : I put J in the heart room that he may feel and receive the healing power of this love that is here. I put R in the heart room.

Alana : Yes. This is Alana.

D : Welcome, Alana.


Alana : I am so pleased. I would welcome your new friend and personality. And so! I would have her know and understand this heart room of which you speak, which is my heart room, beloveds, the center of my heart and my love for you! As well, the center of God’s love for each one of you. The Father’s care. The Mother’s embrace.

And so! I ask you now, go into the stillness, that still center-point within your hearts, and breathe with me. Opening your hearts. Opening the center of your throats. Opening the center point of your foreheads. Opening at the very top of your heads. Opening, opening, opening, to allow, to allow God’s love, allow the Father’s love, allowing the Mother’s love, to pour down, filling you. Allowing this love to pour through your eyes, your throats, your hearts, your pelvises, through your knees, your toes, filling you, and filling the heart room, Now, with love.

And I, Alana, sit now in the center of this heart room. I breathe with you. Breathe in my love. Breathe out my love. Saturating you. Permeating you. Now, I would have you know, Legion is behind you, passes by each one of you, blowing his love into your backs, at the back of your head, your neck, at each point in your spine. Allow, allow Legion’s love to pour through you across to the ones before you. Allow his love to give you strength, to sit tall, to stand tall, in love. Allow Legion, now, to whisper into your backs,

Legion : “I love you.” “I love you.” “I love you.” “I love you.” “Yes, I love you.” Yes, I love you.” Thank you.

Alana : So! We are changing, yes? Growing in love, yes? Practicing the discipline of love, yes? And this brings joy, yes?

And so I say to you, like learning the language of a foreign country, practice and learn the language of love. It is the discipline of love that is the discipline of joy. Joy accompanies love. Joy holds hands with love. Joy with love brings you the pride of joy in which you stand tall, and speak the truth, which is love.

Without love there is no truth, it becomes error, confusion. Or as my beloved Sir David might say, “wrong direction.” Science without truth struck through by love may make many ‘miraculous’ discoveries; but again I say, without the truth struck through by love, wrong direction. Blow love upon your scientists. Yes? Blow love upon research. Yes?

Equally so, religionists without truth struck through by love, speak only the babel of dogma, and our new friend might even say, “dogs speak better love.” So my beloveds, I seem to be on a roll. Yes? Is there any one who would like to roll with me?


D : Yes! I’m a former “holy roller” myself, Alana. What I would like to say, in addition to welcoming S, today, we are welcoming S back after several weeks of illness. And the “little one” is back after being gone a month, and I think she has fallen in love with at least three guys since we last saw her. (N : One!) (laughter) Oh, excuse me, it was only one man. (N : And pure love!) Oh undoubtedly! Excuse my frivolity. (laughter)

Alana : Beloved, your frivolity is always welcomed by my love. Holy roller! Holy love! Holy smokes! Yes? When our “little one” is given free rein to express her new faith and understanding! Do not fear, Irivina has a strong hold on that “little one’s” electricity.

N : Thank you. Thank you.

Alana : Beloved Sandy.

S : Hello, Alana.

Alana : We are working with you. Yes?

S : I feel it. Thank you.

Alana : Continue to imagine my love in your song, and with the tranquility of the bonsai artist, as you learn to look at your life through the eyes of my love upon you. As through the contemplative eye of the bonsai artist, you will change the flow of energy through your body, much as you change the flow of energy through that bonsai plant by the way in which you bind the limbs with love, so we work with you to shape your body and mind with the discipline of love.

S : The bonsai have taught me a great deal about discipline, Alana, you are right. Also, for giving love. Thank you.

Alana : Thank you. (N : Thank you.) Yes. She sings, as well, and in the music is the forgiveness of love. Any great artist creates with love struck through the imagination, and in the discipline of that creation every great artist experiences the pain of the discipline, and the forgiveness of that pain. And in the forgiveness, blossoms the beauty. You do not have to be a great artist to appreciate and to know and to taste that beauty, and thus to grow in forgiveness and love. Thank you.

S : Thank you for helping to make all of that conscious, Alana, and the mechanisms by which it works. It certainly has been my experience that just sharing that beauty, participating in that beauty, not just listening to it, fills me up with so much love, that how could I not forgive, how could I not love, it is just unimaginable.

Alana : Thank you. Thank you for being willing to open your eyes to me. And yes, the path of beauty, not always understood, but when walked with growing consciousness, is, like the path of love, a discipline that brings one into the heart room with great humility of respect for love, and the humility of forgiveness. Thank you.

S : Thank you.

Legion : This is Legion. (Group : Welcome Legion.) My friends, Sir Oliver and Sir David. Yes. Learning to say “I love you.” Learning to discipline that male mind, as you call it, toward comfort, and comforting. Giving comfort. Receiving comfort. Learning the discipline of strength in speaking, in thinking, in body and mind. Learning the strength of dependency. Ohhh, BOO! The great ugly monster of dependency!

You have learned to depend upon me. Yes? And now, with that learning in hand, you are learning to depend upon each other. Yes?

Slowly, not too quickly. Yes? (laughter) We would not want you to be scared away! Yes? (laughter) You are doing what I have asked of you. Thank you.

D : Thank you for your direction, Legion.


Legion : Yes, my friend. I have gratitude to express to you for your faith and your turning to me, even in moments of fear and doubt. Thank you.

So, while she is sitting in the center of the heart room, let us place your dear friend J in Alana’s lap. With you, I will blow love upon him through the hearts of each one of you. (long pause of stillness) Now I step in with her. I blow love through the top of his head. (pause) Now in through the center of his forehead. (pause) Now at the base of his neck, in front, in back. (pause) Now I place a kiss upon his heart. (pause) (T/R sees Legion doing this, a large shape, bending over J, soft in light, strong.) He is changing. Breathe with him. Light and love. Light and love. Thank you.

Alana : This is Alana. Allow my love to pass through each one of you. Feeling the circle of love, bringing peace to you, touching your thoughts, filling your minds with the healing, changing power of love. Thank you. Enjoy the stillness. I leave you now.