2002-04-21-Mercy For Adam & Eve

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Topic: Mercy For Adam & Eve

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



OPENING MUSIC: "Fairest Lord Jesus"

TOMAS: Good afternoon, my lovely friends. What a tribute to the Master, who is most lovely fair indeed. We bask in the glory of sonship in his name. -- He who walked upon your world and represented the ideal life of the faith-filled follower of divinity.


How it delights me and my co-workers/colleagues in this branch of the Melchizedek University, to acknowledge our association as an association which is supportive of the personality of the Christ. We benefit even greater when we understand the man Jesus, how he approached his relationship with the Universal Father, how he reflected the nature of God in his relations with his human family and friends -- even his apostles, of which you are also included, inasmuch as it is your will that His will be done and the kingdom thrive "on earth as it is in heaven".

This is just a simple joy that we have, that we celebrate. Yet there are those who have the will to worship God without the Christian frame of reference for the son of God as we acknowledge Jesus. His religious life was one which took its origin in an intimate and loving connection with his Heavenly Parents. ~ which is, of course, how it is that we are brothers and sisters. Even while I am an elder brother and teacher, yet and still are we family because of our parentage.

This joy of knowing a spirit connection is possible to share with anyone willing to open their heart and mind to the concepts which constitute a comprehension of an Almighty God, and sometimes that is only understood in terms of energy.

Here again, how fortunate we are that we have the element of personality, that even while our God is the creator of personality, he is none-the-less also personality, and so we can come to our divine parents as their children, seeking understanding from their wisdom, seeking comfort from their guidance, seeking consolation as we find ourselves needing to be upheld and supported, as we are not always sufficiently replete to know all there is to know.

And here, once more, how fortunate we are that we can come as little children to the Master and know that he will stop in the middle of important work in order to "suffer the little children" and that is who we are: the little children.

We honor the Mother again today, the Mother Spirit, the Divine Minister, who has such a tremendous job to do in overseeing her myriad children in the far-flung universe, material and spiritual, in an attempt to foster and nourish, discipline, encourage, nurture and correct, comfort and command her many boys and girls, and there are so many who have lost respect for their mother or have never known how to respect that quality of caring that she is.

We pause in praise of our Creator and our Universal Parents. Pause to enjoy our communion. Linger in this space of relative perfection in which we listen to the gentle trickle of the living water as it washes us clean of our stressors.

How fortunate we are to know how to conjoin in spirit with that divine power which is our God, and to converse in our heart and soul and mind with our perception of the Lord Jesus who has and continues to show us the Way. What choice is there in the face of their love for us? Their patience over us? Their support for us? What choice have we now, as sons and daughters of the living God, but to carry on the family legacy of truth, beauty, and goodness? How can we not, now, knowing, give complete loyalty to that essence of creation which is at once our origin and our destiny, and which, in personality expression, reveals itself as divine love and as mercy?

How far we have to go here on our world, on this world which is the assignment, the classroom, the sanctuary, and the homeland of you and of the Master! Therefore, bask in this moment of stillness that you may absorb the strength and guidance, the courage and fortitude, to hear the voice speak to you when you inquire, and hear it say, "This is the way. Follow me, and walk therein." This man Jesus, who is risen in our hearts, souls and minds, is able to allow he and thee to speak as one, worshiping Our Father and the Infinite Spirit, all the days of our lives, even on into eternity.

Now nice to see you all here on this totally exquisite afternoon. How perfect and replete is this atmosphere with your listening and with the arms of Mother Earth enveloping us in her embrace. This family is dear, and as it grows, it commences to create a force, a living, loving force of higher mind as it joins with spirit. In reaching out and embracing all that which it can see, there is strength in our numbers, for we augment one another in our assertion of divine love, being that contagious benign virus which is more contagious than hate, which will lend clarity to confusion and which will lead us all into a phase of creation which we will know as one infused with light and life, wherein all of us have a full and honorary association with our Heavenly Parents, even as we parent one another here and now.

Let me get down off my soap box and listen to your musical voices. Have you questions that you have saved for me that perhaps has risen from our earlier sessions or the experiential laboratory of your life?


ELENA: Tomas, before we do that, thank you so much for being here. But let me not make the same mistake twice and be remiss in welcoming totally this sparking gem of God's creation that is also in our group today: Janet. She is a newcomer and we are so pleased to have Janet. And we are also just tickled to death to have Yvonne come back. So, since mother isn't here to welcome, introduce, and to do the honors, I don't want to skip out on that one at all. And Carl is back, so welcome to everyone! I think I've covered the bases now, Tomas, so ….

TOMAS: I have appreciated your social graces, certainly, yet I have, in my heart, mind and soul, already enjoyed the flavor of Janet's presence and her indwelling God fragment came out to meet me as I recognized her; thus we've been introduced by the "powers-that-be" and we are now charmed to have made this manifest in the material realms in which you reside. Yes, it is my pleasure to enjoy these shining lights. The fact that I have not bored you to tears or made your life more difficult is encouraging to me as a teacher. Maybe I could help in inviting another in who has a different energy, that can help enliven you. I don't intend to take you into your deep mind and leave you there. I am at your service.

ELENA: Well, you said something that really helped me. I've certainly been thinking about the Mother Spirit and trying to contact and make a better relationship there, but you also made a comment - and I may not have gotten the word, but it really sunk in about talking to the Father fragment, and had to do with that, and somehow that just kind of spoke to me on a deep plane. And I'm not verbalizing it well, but I wanted to give you the feedback because that was extremely helpful and it reinforced something that I kind of needed reinforced. And then plus the fact that Mother is enveloping us right now, and I felt that, so your words were enhancing, but the energy was here and so you not boring me to tears at all. Maybe to tears, but certainly not boring.

TOMAS: Thank you for your perspective and your expression of your perception. This pleases me that you are able to distinguish between the Infinite Spirit and the Universal Father. The energies are altogether complimentary, and yet each is in its own realm, as in your material life it is said that men and women enjoy their own realm of realization.

When you can appreciate and acknowledge the difference, then you are better able to understand your own interpersonal relationships, for that will give you a picture, a reflection, of those qualities which are innate to each. I am reminded to say "viva le difference" for while your lower relationship liaisons are often highly antagonistic in nature, it is also true that in the ultimate sense these energies are entirely complimentary, and so the challenge is, for those of you who consider these matters of importance, you are able to learn from divinity itself.

And this would be reinforced and supported by the Material Son and Daughter, Adam and Eve, who continue to hold sway over your world and influence it. This more poignantly now since the re-encircuitment has commenced. Perhaps I speak in these terms as I am aware now of the relationship that Carl and Janet share, and that others are also enjoying, and anticipating. But it is not only for "sweethearts". It is for human beings to appreciate and respect that realm within which the other resides - that kingdom over which one or the other holds sway.

Then, Elena, (long pause) … you will be able to express the third facet of infinity through the spirit of mercy, that which enables us to love all that is, even that which is still in darkness, as our Eternal Son is able to perceive the divine, even in the dark holes of space. Another comment or question?

ELENA: Thank you, Tomas.

CARL: Tomas, that was especially interesting that you noted that Jesus was a priest after the Order of Melchizedek. I've always been of the opinion that since God created Adam and Eve perfect, and yet they sinned, that they had lost their chance for heaven.

TOMAS: Little Brother, how I warm to your voice. My friends, your Adam and Eve, are humbled to acknowledge how they erred in the divine plan. However, like the Magdalene, they are most earnest in atoning for their short-coming. Material Sons and Daughters have been known to default before in other worlds, but their error was not one of deliberate and willful violation, rather one of misguided ignorance. So this is where the quality of mercy is most pronounced. Mercy was also extended to Lucifer, but Lucifer refused. Thus, there are differences, for Lucifer, too, was high on the scale of celestial administrative helpers.

This leads me to point out the importance of motive. While you are not really qualified to cast judgment - eternal judgment - on your mentors or your peers, you will observe their motives, for once you understand their motives, you can then more wisely ascertain how it is that the Father loves them, and the Son has mercy, and the Mother enlivens. When they refuse love, when they refuse mercy, when they refuse to act upon the light of truth, they have obstructed their growth and the growth of the greater universe. Thus eventually they will be eradicated, if only because the living legacy of love will rise up around them, suffocating them in their refusal to grow up and take their rightful place in the cosmology of things.

And this is also true for all of us. If we take joy in living, even in difficult situations and learning experiences, if we keep our fist clenched to the hem of his garment, our motives will be made clear, even to us, and in that light of truth we can decide whether we want to further our reality or retard it, and every time we choose to retard our own growth, we are essentially asphyxiating ourselves. I encourage you, thus, to stay nearby that which will support your urge to live and thrive in the many facets of your being - physically, financially, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, psychically, mindally, morontially and spiritually - so that you are growing at a steady, even keel, and allowing each day to unfold as if it were a flower in your path. Is this helpful?

ANN: It is to me, Tomas. You were talking about motivation a couple of weeks ago, and it is very difficult to think back on your own motivation of an action. I'm not sure that I would recognize when I would get to that core, and I can hang on to the hem of the Master and trust, but in so doing, I don't know if that is being pro-active or if it is avoidance of the motive. Those two things ….

TOMAS: Don't be hard on yourself, child. As long as you are holding onto Him, you are at least putting your faith in something that will serve until such time as you are able to rise to the occasion, make the decision, turn on the light switch, whatever phraseology you need to use to indicate you have decided. You yourself will know if you are putting it off if after a "reasonable" period of time you are still procrastinating. You will know and prompt yourself.

I was privy to a conversation this afternoon between Thoroah and Gerdean as they approached this session this afternoon, and it was rather insightful for them both to have worked through some parallel appreciations of the seven adjutant mind spirits as compared to the ancient chakra system, which, as they discussed it, was a parallel of the animal aspect of your being, and with the divine aspect of your being. The instinct to live materially as an animal, or the intuition to live spiritually as a son of God, each having and providing an impulse for action.

If you are not feeling the impulse, then you are wise to wait and hold on to the hem of His garment. And this is true whether you are speaking of the animal or the divine about you.

ANN: Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: You are welcome. Happy am I to assist your growth.

THOROAH: Tomas, on the idea of motives, we've been taught - I guess "taught" would be the word to use - taught that "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." I do believe that we may have instincts to believe that, and I would like to get your comments on that.

TOMAS: I have to state in advance, Thoroah, that even while your projection is fascinating and one which I will enjoy, it does require of me rather to portray myself as a crystal ball gazer, for I would need to look into the psyche and determine that; thus I accept your invitation and take the plunge.

The road to hell being paved with good intentions is an adage and one which is likely intended to cast a mote of responsibility on behavior. Asking the hearer to be aware of all the ramifications of their actions. It's like a threat on one hand and an encouraging admonition on the other. Is it to "keep you in your place"? Is it to blame, and thereby secure a superior position. Is it to judge what hell is? And how you might be making your way there hastily? Because your actions belie what your mouth protests?

These adages are like mortal mota. They are life lessons, expressions of folk wisdom that provide scaffolding for thought, for conscious thought, for moral thought, and yet they may or may not rise to the level of mota, which incorporates the realm of the spirit with the wisdom necessary for living a successful human life. The road to heaven is also paved with good intentions. It is therefore wise to remember the adage: "by their fruits they shall be known" and even while the immediate view may reveal one picture, a deeper excursion into understanding our fellows may reveal yet another view. That's why it's always good to take the hand of Jesus into prayer and sit with Him and allow the Universal Father to respond to your soul's concerns, even these adages that implant themselves in your consciousness and oftentimes become as if they were universal law.

The universe is changing, and is growing, even as you yourselves are expanding in understanding and in God-consciousness, insight.

ELENA: That was wonderful.

TOMAS: I will give you all an A this afternoon, as you have been attentive. And, as I am stoked by the fire of your soul's intentions, I am rendered a better teacher for I can teach you those things which will generate greater growth for your own soul's happiness. What a pleasure to be a part of this situation which is indeed a part of the priesthood of Melchizedek, as I am able to help Jesus teach you how to be "fishers of men" and how to reveal our divine inheritance as we pass by.

But I will not take overmuch advantage of you and our configuration, but rather abate and allow your regression into diversion and conversation, that you might come to know one another better and recognize our cosmic connection in each as it is implanted in your individual hearts and minds. And so enjoy the community of sons and daughters of divinity in your community this afternoon.

Any pressing concerns before I go?

ANN: It may be a trivial question. It only concerns me and so it might be a bit selfish, but I would be interested in knowing my name in the Urantia Book.

TOMAS: Yes. One moment. Myra.

ANN: Thank you, Tomas.

ELENA: Is there a meaning that you might share with Myra that you might tell Myra about?

TOMAS: Not in the same way that your names are defined, but similarly. Myra has a quality of reality which "reminds me" of the combined natures of Martha and Mary, sisters of Lazarus. There is in you, Myra, a responsible elder and a jubilant child. Not an irresponsible child, but one who recognizes the importance of being childlike. Even so, there is no escaping the mantle of Martha who oversees her own childlike nature and so the entire depiction is one of a well-balanced personality, well-rounded, giving, inclined toward service, sober, and yet radiantly joyous and curious, eager to run out to meet that which is en route, knowing it's good, even when it is more than the child can bear, and thus must return to the reality of the elder sister who has a better knowledge of the nature of things, is not so naive, is a reflection of the Mother.

MYRA: Thank you, Tomas.

TOMAS: You are welcome, Daughter Myra.


Run along children and play. Eat, drink and be merry, and rejoice in the knowledge of sonship. Amen and farewell.

CLOSING MUSIC: Beethoven's 8th Sonata, from Pathetique, "Adagio Cantabile"