2002-07-04-IC 02, Our Goal

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Topic: Our Goal

Group: IC 02 TeaM


Teacher: Michael

TR: Julie O.



Good evening I am Christ Michael. It has taken me three days to build this transmitters courage, so be aware. I must also crack jokes for her so be aware.

I wish to thank all those transmitters before. It is indeed a privilege to work with individuals who wish to open their hearts and their minds, for teachers and myself to transmit through. It is truly a blessing in which we are able to grow on our side, to understand how the Urantians mind works, through your traditions, rituals, your daily pattern of life. It is truly an opportunity for the transmitters to grow as well, for this opens them up to other stronger teachers. It also helps build their Thought Adjuster connection. So truly when the adjudication was completed and Urantia was open to the circuitries once again, this allowed all of the Correcting Times to begin now upon Urantia. It is a long process, but a worthwhile process.


As this planet's circuitry continues to up-step you will notice in each of your lives more of a spiritual aspect of yourself that you have not noticed before. We are in the process of trying to blend your Morontial Self with your physical self. This is a long-term project, as you are aware, the Correcting Times is a long-term project. The more volunteers we have to accept more spiritual responsibility in trying a stronger connection with their Thought Adjusters, to develop a stronger connection to their teachers, this gives you individually a strength that overcomes most of Urantia’s pit falls. As you are aware the Thought Adjuster turns into a Thought Controller. And with each step you take with the Thought Adjuster, these steps bring you closer to a bond with the Father. The Father Fragment with in you is an active individual with a love that the Father shows you. We are pleased to say that everyone here is a true survivor and has a very active Thought Adjuster. So this is where you may give yourself an applause or a pat on the back. (clapping and cheers)

As your Brother and Sovereign I have watched Urantia go through many stages. Truly I am blessed to be a Urantian as well as your sovereign of Nebadon. Please continue in your quiet times, your spiritual growth. Each year you will see drastic changes within your spiritual self as well as in your physical self, in that the spirit and soul are becoming closer together, in your daily walk, in your daily lives. This is shown through small acts of kindness as well as through great acts of volunteering, or being of service of any kind to your fellow man, women and children included. (laughing) Thank you for laughing. (more laughing) as I said, levity keep this one calm.

As you continue on your Urantia path know that your teachers are with you, your Guardian Angels are with you, Midwayers interact with you. As you continue to be aligned with the circuits it is an opportunity for spiritual teacher connection but a greater opportunity for the Father connection. That is the ultimate goal of the Thought Adjuster, is to bring you through to Fusion. So, when your are in an experience and you have to wonder how your got there you can blame your Thought Adjuster (laughter). Also remember that as an Urantian you do have a delightful sense of humor. And as a Reversion Director comes in contact with you be kind to them they are trying to understand you. (Laughter)

Your teachers are truly remarkable individuals, I wish you to be aware that a teacher is only approved of by your individual Thought Adjuster. So what ever comes your way you can then blame your Thought Adjuster again.

I am so privileged to be among you. I have truly been among you in this conference. I truly applaud the Urantia group for their steadfast in understanding the Urantia Book, the revelation of Urantia, and moving forward into a Light and Life era. That is the goal of the Urantia movement and of all the Celestials around you. Since this is my birth planet I am thoroughly delighted to be among you in this corrective time. There is a saying “be careful your Big Brother is watching”. (much laughing and joy ---- someone say says thank you for watching, Michael replies: My pleasure, but remember you have guardian angels who “rat! ” on you as well ---.more laughing.)

So now as this ones anxiety continues on I will close for others, there are always others here who wish commune with you, to converse with you. Know that you are being watched over. Big Brother may be watching but so is Big Sister, Nebadonia. Whenever you work in your garden, plant a flower for Her, nurture it as She nurtures you. She sends Her greetings and Her love and Her devotion. To all upon Urantia, I love you, I am devoted to you and I serve you.