2002-07-09-To TR Or Not To TR

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Topic: Transmitting

Group: W. Virginia TeaM


Teacher: Ahmoran, Andrea, Gahldos, Ahbaron

TR: Jim Hawkins



T/Rs Jim and Oliver, who had met on the tml List and never in person, are visiting with each other. They took a late-afternoon walk together in search of the "right" spot for Jim to transmit by voice for the first time. They walked into the hills of northern West Virginia and came to a little hut with a bench. They pushed aside some of the growth on the bench and started recording.

The reader should know that the names of Jim and Oliver's personal teachers are Ahmoron and Ahbaron respectively. The process to settle with these names was a drawn out one. As always, lessons were offered and learned in the process. "Mr. Practice" is the teachers' nickname for Oliver.]


Oliver: Heavenly Father, Brother Michael, I am honored and pleased to be here with Jim. We invite your teachers and guides, and Michael himself, to talk to us this afternoon. We want to surrender all of our doubts and fears, and we are open to receive our Father's love.

My first questions would be, should "Mr. Practice" have T/R'ed at the IC 2002 Urantia Conference at Estes Park, Colorado? Was his resolve in order to let much more experienced T/Rs do this service? I was afraid that Urantia Book readers new to the Teaching Mission would be turned away by insufficient transmissions.

AHMORON: I know that I'll never get away with not knowing which Mr. Practice I am talking to. [smiling] [Note: On the way up Ahmoron had asked the T/R if he was "Mr. Practice Number Two".] As far as your T/R'ing goes, and your thinking of T/R'ing at the Conference, you are like everybody else. Don't feel that you are being pointed out more than anyone else. The transmitter has the same problem too· and that is fear. Sometimes it is the fear of what your others might think. Or the fear of what the results might be for other people, like you are concerned about other people who are new to the Teaching Mission being turned-off because of your T/R'ing, or because you might do something imperfectly.

That is not what this is all about. Not by a long-shot. You realize that "fear" and "faith" both start with the same letter. They are both short words, one syllable each. And yet one can outweigh the other; one can cancel out the other. Fear can not completely cancel out faith, but can give it a lot of trouble.

Fear was one of the emotions that was holding Jim [the transmitter] back. You noticed his reluctance to a certain degree too, coming up here, but at the same time knowing that he had to. He had to fulfill his first desire. He knew that you were going to help him do that. This is simply just another step in his upward progress· and yours too, because you are helping him to fulfill that mission and move on ahead.

As far as the Conference goes, do not worry about the attitudes of the other T/Rs. It is not your concern. It really isn't. Some people have mannerisms about them, sometimes they are brusque, sometimes they brush other people off. And this is because of the culture they were brought up in. They have not experienced enough warmth and caring. These people have to grow a little more into the direction of loving mannerism. T/Rs are simply imperfect. You are imperfect. Only our Father is perfect. He is looking for his children who are centered on him and want to become as perfect as he is.

You know that there are pitfalls along your way. You skin your knees, but you get up, and you learn from the experience. You keep on moving forward. That is what your whole life experience is about.

At the conference the T/Rs did what was right for the groups. They transmitted, that was the only important thing.

The main reason that you came here, Oliver, the main mission for being with Jim is very simple. He had felt that he really needed desperately to T/R publicly. And this is why you are here. He knew he needed the experience, he knew this, he understood it in his heart, it was his heart's desire. That is why you are here, that is why you were led here.

Oliver: Thank you kindly. You answered my questions completely. May I inquire who it is I am speaking with at this moment? (Ahmoron!)

Welcome, Ahmoron. I enjoy being in your presence again. Where are you speaking from? Where are you located at this moment? Is the entire support team gathered? Is my friend Ahbaron here, or Alana or Legion? I would like to know if you are close by or do you transmit from far away, such as Edentia or further? I would like to receive an understanding on how you work with us.

AHMORON: We speak to you from where you are-deep inside. Where we are, does not matter. We are with you. We are available any time. It is not that we have to go a hundred thousand parsecs to get where you are. [Note: Parsec is a unit of stellar distance, equal to about 3.25 light years (3.08 x 1016 meters) ]

Oliver: Well, may I ask how I can better visualize how you get where I am. Is it correct to visualize that you transmit from wherever you are in the local universe and that your love energy gets transmitted and transformed by the midwayer, who support the circuits, to be recognized by us deep inside?

AHMORON: I am going to give you an example, something you are more familiar with. You are into computers. Think about where I am and you send messages back and forth along the same line. You have to open your end, our end is always open. At what location we are does not really matter. Yes, our circuit is open. We can have half-way communication that way. But you are the one who has to be open to it in order for full communication to be able to happen. We can not force you. God does not force you. He loves us too much. He gives us the freedom of free will. So just look for him-open up to him and then the communication will flow. That is the way it works.

Oliver: Yes, that was a good example, Ahmoron. From my limited perspective it is very impressive for my mind to know that you have the ability to move around the universe, while at the same time you can communicate with us. That is of course a very amazing reflection for me.

AHMORON: Think of it this way. When you become pure spirit, you will be able to think to be at a certain place· and you will be there. This is the same way with us. We think, "Ah, there is Oliver." And we are there. "There is Jim." And we are there.

Oliver: That applies not only to your Melchizedek order, but is also an ability that all our teachers of former mortal existence have? (AHMORON: With some variations, I believe.)

So when Legion just thinks, 'Hello, Oliver!', then the contact with me is immediately established?

AHMORON: But do not forget that it is a two-way connection. Yes, he might say, 'Oliver are you there', but then you will have to say, 'Hello Legion, are you there?' and open up your end of the circuit.

Oliver: Can you tell us who else is with us now? Christ Michael told us during the Conference that there were thousands of heavenly helpers united.

AHMORON: Oh, you do not know how many! (Oliver: No, I probably don't.) Oliver, St. Paul once talked about the mighty cloud of witnesses, which is a very accurate description. Of course, the entire support team is here, and many of the beings that Jim is familiar with are looking in: Thomas Curry Hawkins [the transmitter's grandmother's first husband who died from tuberculosis in 1897 and who has been communicating with Jim], his father, his mother. They are all indirectly part of the team. They give their support in different ways. They help in different ways. You, too, are on the team.

There are all kinds of beings here for you as well. Some you have wanted to make contact with, but haven't. Some you have already made contact with. Keep your door of possibilities open! If you have not been able to contact your loved ones, do not give up. The time will come when you are ready and when they are ready. Just as Andrea has helped Jim, she will also help you. She will also help Jim with his brother Jack, who is a big concern on his mind. He will get more help with his father and with Maria, the wife of Thomas Curry Hawkins. All these communications will come for him as they will come for you. This is because you want them to happen. You can anticipate them to occur and have confidence that they will when the time is right.

Oliver: It is, then, always my own desire that needs to be expressed-for instance to make contact with my mother-that allows for contact to occur eventually? Do I see this right?

AHMORON: It is always best to seek with your teacher first. You should go through your teacher before you attempt any other contact. The way the contact occurred with Jim, he had already contacted Andrea, which opened the circuits. He actually received a connection to his mother without an introduction from Andrea. From prior experiences he knew that Andrea was facilitating the entire contact. If he hadn't known about the procedure, he would have thought that it was a direct transmission from his mother, but it was not. He initiated it, but Andrea was standing by to help, and to keep the circuits clear.

Oliver: According to the Urantia text, the communications from mortal survivors back to their planet of origin occur rarely and are fortuitous circumstances. We have been told that the departed are not normally able to contact us.

AHMORON: Indeed, they can not contact their loved ones on their own. Remember, in the case of Jim's communications they had proficient help. Many things are possible with celestial help.

Oliver: Have these communications become possible only since the planetary circuits were opened, or were they always possible?

AHMORON: Allow me to put it this way, nothing is completely impossible with God-at times difficult, yes-unusual, even highly unusual-but never completely impossible. And, yes, the planetary circuits have been cleared and that has helped communications tremendously.

Oliver: The news of the circuits opening has been fascinating to me. I envision great potential for God's love to flood to us more unobstructedly. Can I visualize the circuit opening as something progressive, something that will occur over time, as the human yearning for teacher contact and the personal thirsting for God's love increases in us humans?

AHMORON: Why don't you envision a huge plate glass window, and a ball or stone is discharged and cracks it. Now visualize the effects a big storm would have on this weakened window. The cracks will of course become wider and wider until it will finally crack completely open. Was that helpful, my friend?

Oliver: So, our yearning for teacher contact and our desire for God is symbolized by the big storm, and the plate glass window would be the planetary isolation from the rest of the universe through the severed circuits? (AHMORON: Certainly.) Thank you, that was very helpful.

Did either you, Gahldos [the T/Rs' guardian angel] or Andrea look into the Conference and tell this transmitter what he should know, or do you want to tell me what I should tell him of what is important to him about the conference?

AHMORON: I would think that is everything you do remember, because that would be of significance.

Oliver: You noticed that I started a little article for the tml list. My question is, are my perceptions correct that more students are not merely studying the Urantia papers in an intellectual or mechanical fashion, but that they are now seeking more and more personal contact with our Father, that their minds and hearts are opening for practical daily direct contact with our Spirit Parents during stillness? Can this be seen as a result of the openings of the circuit opening in general and/or the work of you teachers in the Teaching Mission and the cooperating mortals and their changed perceptions and actions?

AHMORON: Oliver, you hit the nail right on the head. I could not have put it any better myself. Not just the circuits are being opened, not just the teachers are bringing their love messages, but more and more people are coming together to seek for God. And it is not just the Teaching Mission. There are a lot of people that just read the Book, know nothing about the Teaching Mission, while others might even be prejudiced against the Mission, but they honestly are trying to live the Master's teachings. And when that purpose is fulfilled, even outside the Teaching Mission, that is desirable. Some of you need the Teaching Mission, some people don't. Our Father has created many expressions to help all home. He knows that his children are different, that they have different temperaments, that they have different expectations, that they have different experiences, different cultures, different languages. When they come together and find out about who the Master is, how he is and how he loves each, it is not important if they learn through their own seeking or if the truth comes through the Teaching Mission. The reality is there and it gets expressed in myriads of ways. Truth is truth, no matter where you find it.

The transmitter can tell you that from his experience, because he has found truth in all sorts of "strange" places, even in the Koran or in the Book of Mormon. He had to go through these things little by little before he could read and understand the Urantia Book. And I might mention to the transmitter that his progress is a little slower than we would like to see, but we understand the problems he is having as far as reading. We commend him for having read by starting off with the part that interested him the most-part four-because of his Christian background. We will help to make sure that he learns what he needs to learn at the right time and for the right purpose.

Oliver: Yes, I myself have had difficulties discerning truth when embedded in so much contradictory information in the holy books I encountered and studied. Only when I found the revelation called the Urantia Book was I able to learn how all these other, older teachings fit into a picture so big, that I had been unable to "see" on my own.

Ahmoron, I felt most loved during the Conference and most moved, with tears of joy streaming down my cheeks, when Michael transmitted. He was so full of humor, so accepting of us, and he gave us so much love. My friend, Calvin, was most impressed by the transmission of the Most Highs of Edentia, which followed the transmission from Michael. Were they really the Most Highs that "rule in the Kingdom of men" that talked to us? Do you know about that? (AHMORON: First let me ask, "What do you believe?")

Well, I was asking because I was moved so much by Michael that I have little or no recollections of what followed, because I was in a state beyond words. Therefore, I am relying on what my brother Calvin shared with me and I am asking you if you can verify his perception· if you verify or explain the energy that came through after Michael talked.

AHMORON: That energy was the correct energy and the one that Calvin named and exactly what it was purported to be. And, may I say about Michael, he would make an excellent stand-up comedian. [laughter]

Oliver: Yes, I was pleased to hear him say that we Urantians have a delightful sense of humor. The Urantia Book seems to say that we have crude humor, but probably that is because they compare us with older and more advanced beings, the reversion directors and such. I remember that the papers describe Jesus as cheerful and with a good sense of humor, and that he enjoyed the humor of his fellows, for instance Nathaniel, and that he found it sad that his own race had so little humor. In any case, on the night of the Conference he made us all laugh and cheer.

AHMORON: Did you ever read, "You shall not portray your teacher as a man of sorrows" in your own Book? (Oliver: Yes, I have.) Yes, you have.

Oliver: May I add, the love and the humor that night in the presence of the Master was one of the most overwhelming experiences of my life. I perceived that many others in the room where equally moved and we spent a lot of tears of joy. [pause]

AHMORON: Do you have any further words for me, Mr. Practice No. 1? [giggle]

Oliver: You mean Olive-in-a-Martini? [Ahmoron's nickname for Oliver from the time when he did not want to accept the name "Ah Moron". Later "Ahmoron" was decided to contain the right vibrational content, and Oliver prefers the use of "Ahmaron".] [more banter about names]

Well, I would like to know how I can visualize the celestial visitations during such a big conference where so many have teachers and guides. Particularly in our small Teaching Mission cabin. Every night the seats were filled. There would have been no space whatsoever for all the teachers and guides and angels and heavenly helpers if they had physical bodies. Actually my question is, what is the interest of our celestial sisters and brothers during these Conferences? Is it interest to see if the teachings are fruitful? Is it curiosity to witness what happens when truth seekers get together? These were my for-instances. How can I visualize your gatherings? Or is it even important for me to visualize that? (AHMORON: I do not quite understand what you are asking.)

Well, I am sorry that I was not clear. I can gladly attempt to repeat my question in another way. I understand that at least our friends in the Teaching Mission are aware of personal teachers, and some, like our transmitter today, has a whole team of teachers, a support group. I would like to know, were all our teachers there during the Conference. I have not had a chance to ask my teachers. Were Legion and Alana there, for instance.

AHMORON: Of course, they were. [giggle] Well, you asked for a direct answer. You were there, of course they were there too. (Oliver: Okay, you caught me with a little doubt.)

That's normal. You wouldn't be human if you didn't have a little doubt. But the fact of the matter is, you are not trying to work against it. So you expressed doubt. It gives us a point to work on. It gives us a lot of joy to work on it with you. You are our joy. That is why we are where you go and are. You are God's masterpiece, and we are still working on you... and so is he. If you make a mistake, hey, get up and try again, keep at it. (Oliver: So, you are happy with our cooperation in this process?)

Definitely. Definitely... (Oliver: Thank you, that feels really good to know.) It is a step upward. And every step upward is one less step you have to take. Each step of the process gives you more power and more strength for the next step. A small child trying to walk, even when falling, will always train for its next step. [wait]

Oliver: Thank you, Ahmoron. If it is propitious I would like to ask Andrea to come to us. I imagine she is around?

ANDREA: Oh, you know I am! You did not have to ask to know that I am around. It is kind of interesting, because what the transmitter is doing, he envisions me the only way he knows how... from Flemish paintings... with wings. That kind of amuses me although I fully understand that.

I want to explain something about our support team. We work on the different parts of you. Ahmoron deals pretty much with the intellect. I am into emotionalism. In your culture you men think that women are more emotional. (Oliver: Well, studies and experiences have shown that.) No, no, no, definitely not!

Oliver: Are you serious, Andrea, with all the women in my life that you have seen... you can sincerely say that?!

ANDREA: Men are just as emotional! The only thing is, they masquerade their emotions... for instance with your machismo. Men say, 'I am too much of a he-man, I can't show tears, I just can't.' 'I have all this baggage, these parents that I never understood and that I can not express love to, but I can't show tears.' 'I am a man, I must sweep my emotions under the carpet.'

Some emotions are good in that they are cleansing. This process is good as long as you do not let it take you over. I can help you because I can see when you disguise your emotions. I am your sister. I am your companion. I can feel a lot more than you can, and because of that I am more empathetic to your emotional being.

My work also includes helping you with seemingly hopeless situations. For instance, when a family member has passed on and contact is needed to clear up some of the emotional blocks. I can help when a contact can make things easier for both parties, that is one of my functions. I have sufficient power to identify myself with your emotional make-up, I am an empathist. At times, I can take emotions on myself if they weigh too heavy on you. I can present them to our Father and they get recycled into positive energy. I can teach you how to recycle your undesirable emotions and recycle them. Is this a new concept to you?

Oliver: Not really. I can remember you saying-and that made an indelible impression on me- if it could be said that our Heavenly Father has a job, his task would be to turn all negativity into positivity.

Andrea: You have a good memory. That is exactly right.

Oliver: I have already used that analogy in my writings and I wish to thank you for it. (Andrea: You are welcome.)

Well, then there is one celestial personality missing, and that is Gahldos.

GAHLDOS: No, I am not missing! What makes you think I am missing?

Oliver: I am glad to meet you "in person" for the first time. I am most glad that you are also here. I do not believe "missing" in the sense that you are not here, but missing in the sense of understanding what your specialty is; if Ahmoron is responsible for the intellect, and Andrea takes care of the emotions, then you must take care of the physical?

GAHLDOS: Yes, I deal with physicality, but in several different ways. You have seen some of the sentimental pictures of a guardian angel watching over children and preventing them from plummeting. (Oliver: Yes, some are funny to me.) Well... there is always more to it than that.

I help your body understand when it needs... a rest, for example... when it needs movement, when it needs more exercise. I can help in many ways. Very often humans can not read their own body signs very well. They need help in that way. I can protect you, yes, but I also protect you as far as your everyday maintenance goes.

We are talking about different aspects. We are talking about the intellect, which is a big part of you. And we are considering your emotions, which is also a big part of you. We are also speaking of the physical part of you, and, of course, your spiritual part. This is what is called in some circles the "four-positioned foundation", the study of unification. Please remember that in our teaching we attempt to reach you at your own level. Then, when your level changes, we stay with you and reach you at your new level too. This is the primary rule of teaching for all eternity.

There is so much to learn on so many different levels. And there are so many teachers who love to teach you all of this gladly. However, were you able to open up enough to receive everything there is to learn in one moment, you would not survive. A human being can not take all in one moment. All learning has to be done in stages, in little bites. You start a baby off with a bottle filled with liquids, then you add semi-solid food, later you go on to finger foods, until you serve solid food. Growth must happen in steps.

Oliver: Yes, as my friend, David, has been saying, 'One baby step at a time.'

Andrea, I have one more issue I want to clarify with you. We have gone through a "faith repair" period together concerning the matter of the "missing children". You remember that the case of the child we were going to seek together with you was a hoax. At the time I did not understand why you did not tell us that the whole matter was a deception, or practical joke. I remember going through some trepidations and doubt at the time. Nevertheless, my question today is, are you willing to work with us budding transmitters and actually go out and find actual missing children, and bring them back to their parents or where they belong?

ANDREA: Let me ask you a question first. What did you learn from the experience? Did you grow from it?

Oliver: Frankly, Andrea, there are some little remnants of doubt. Part of my human mind believes that you should have told us that the call for help for the missing child was a hoax and that we should ask you for help in finding a real child. It is true that you constructed a lesson for us. It is also a sad fact that there are children in the hands of people where they do not only belong, but where they are also mistreated and abused.

The lesson that I understood was that it is entirely possible that my human mind filled in an association during the transmission with you-a very human one-a missing child must have suffering parents. Surely my human mind cooperates during T/R'ing-it is a cooperative effort, thus the workings of the human mind will be present. We are always learning. In hindsight I can say that I learned through this process and I have the faith to again come to you and ask you for help in finding children that are indeed in enormous jeopardy. So, my question is, are you willing to help?

ANDREA: You have the faith, I have the will to help. (Oliver: Deal!) Deal!

Oliver: Thank you, my beloved. (ANDREA: Spirit kisses!) [laughter] Ah, they feel so good.

Another topic of my interest is "spiritual healing". In our group in Costa Rica we are having some successes, and some other desires for healing seem not to have been answered yet after we have put the loved ones into our group Heart Room. My understanding is now that we are required a great amount of faith and that we are to take more baby steps towards a more encompassing faith. I am very, very interested in healing. I would like to be told the next steps. Is it just enough for me to say, 'My celestial brothers and sisters, please help us in our healing service. Lead us to the befitting practice.' Is that enough?

ANDREA: It is certainly a first step. As far as healing goes, Ahmoron has been teaching you that it is a faith issue. It is so true, everything hinges on faith. Even fear hinges on faith because it is really the opposite of faith. They are actually opposing forces. If you push against a wall, you can feel resistance, something is holding you back. In this case, if fear pushes against faith, it can be stopped if the faith is great enough.

Oliver: And relating this back to healing, I have to have the faith to make healing possible. I create so much faith in that spiritual healing is possible, that all doubt is totally eradicated, and that is the point when healing can begin? Or can you give us intermediate steps where you can help along the way?

ANDREA: If you waited until you had adequate faith you would be a very, very, very old man. Start from where you are, Oliver. Start with the faith you have now, then ask for more. If you say, "I believe", and faith knocks at the door, simply say, "Jesus, will you get that for me please? Will you open a new faith door for me, please?"

Fear, knocking on the door, happens to every single human being. It is that simple. If you do not exercise your faith, you will never be able to face fear, the way fear is meant to be faced. Of course, faith starts with utter trust in the Father, implicit trust in the Father. That is the way the Master lived, that is the way you are to live too. Even if you merely have a grain of faith, the size of a mustard seed, it is enough, because it is a beginning. God sees a beginning as a completed product, as the end result, and he gives you credit for it. That is the wonderful thing about his love· God's vision of you is to see you as a completed child.

Oliver: I have learned from our teachers that I am presented with the opportunity to surrender all my anxieties, all my fears, my doubts, my trepidations, my sadness, my emotions that retard spirit contact, as soon as they occur, immediately over to the teachers. What I hear you also say is, that I should manage my faith in that I actively use it. Although I do not see this as a contradiction, I see this as two different paths. Can you elucidate this for me?

ANDREA: Look at it as one path-following the Father. You see the Father has a lot of beings who are helping him. We are here to help you. Giving your fears over to your teachers? Sure. Building up your faith? Sure. It is really all the same kind of action. We are all here to build your faith. Faith repair, that is one way I have put it before. Yes. It is about building upon where you are.

Faith repair insinuated that your faith was broken at one time. And it was. It was broken by your world's conditions, by life on your planet, by the concentration on material things more than on spiritual things, and so on. When you were a baby, you had implicit faith that all of your needs would be met and taken care off. And then when a child grows, even with the best nurturing and care from their parents, it learns that things are not always the way he expected them to be as a child. Most grow up believing that their needs are met, that they are being nurtured forever. At some point you begin to experience disillusionment. You become a little more rational than a child is. At this point you decide to either become cynical and bitter, or you begin to look to the Father with faith to have your needs met again. So, you come full circle from a physical child to an adult, where as an adult you become a child of the Heavenly Father. You become born, you become an adult, and you become born again of the Holy Spirit. You move from one family to another.

This is the best way the transmitter understands this process. You may translate this from his terms into yours. But you will get the same meaning out of it.

Oliver: You were so kind to explain [in other transcripts] the different aspects that you teachers focus your work on with the transmitter-the spiritual, mindal, emotional, and physical. Of course, I got curious about my own teacher guidance. Could you help me to know who is emphasizing what among the teacher help that I am getting. And I would like to invite our teachers from the teaching base on Lake Arenal, with which I am familiar, to step in any time. [wait]

ANDREA: This is still Andrea. I am around to help you too, Oliver-from the emotional side. You know that Ahbaron is there too. As far as your guardian angel goes, you have been living with a "borrowed" one. That is one of the reasons why you have this affinity for Gahldos. Those guardian angels often have guardianship over several mortals. They can take care of many, many people. This information is given in the Urantia Book.

I am enjoying this dialog very much. However, it is my function to observe the energy level of the transmitter. He is somewhat fading and we should come to a close. We get so inspired when we see you overcome your hesitation and worries, in this case about talking with us out loud and in company. This gives us hope and confidence as well. Thank you.

Transmitter/ Receiver: Oliver Duex

AHBARON: This is Ahbaron. (Jim: Hello, Ahbaron. Welcome!) I am sending my wholehearted greeting to the two of you, appreciating your loving conversations with your teachers, and sending all the while my love to you in support of this singular moment in your lives. Never underestimate those moments that bring about a further understanding between the two of you, and even now in connection with your comforting support team.

We are literally enthused about this occurrence that is transpiring here in this little shelter you have found. Indeed, it is amusing to observe the long journey you have taken in each of your individual lives, and for the moment culminating in the bluish hills of West Virginia. What a long journey it has been for you, faring on the pavement of love for each other, and the growing love of each of you for your Spirit Parents and their myriads of spirit helpers, who are so dedicatedly supporting you on your quest to commit to the will of God.

It is with great joy that we observe the meeting of two wholehearted truth-seekers, who when coming together after walking different paths, find that they seem to know each other continuously as if they were coming from the same earth family. It seems as if this is the most natural thing to occur. There is a moment off surprise for you, followed almost immediately by the understanding that to all intents and purposes this is quite natural. Our Father loves you both equally. Both of you have dedicated most of your waking hours to finding truth, beauty, and goodness. And so, once you meet, there is certain and total contact. And we delight. And we rejoice. And we send our joyousness throughout the entire universe.

I have explained to you before, that everything good, everything positive, everything saturated with love, will vibrationally travel very, very far-for now for you incomprehensibly far-into the universe. You may visualize that your personal joy which you generate through your understanding and interpretation of the Father's infinite love, will be noticed as coming from this relatively small planet Urantia, that the universe organizers know needs so much help. Urantia joy is recognized by many as it travels out through the systems and sectors and galaxies all the way to Paradise. That is one way for our eternal God to recognize that Urantia is also coming more into balance with the rest of the well-ordered creation, which is to say, that even on the Isle of Paradise it is recognized when a planet wakes up to love.

No matter what your signs of the times indicate to you, you must always first and foremost remember, that you are living in a most orderly universe, and that you-yes, your personal you, as well as your family you, and your planetary you-are guided home by the unswerving beam of God's love.

I may tell the transmitter to set time apart for more communications with us. I know you, Jim, you communicate each day on a regular basis with your teacher support team. Mr. Practice here, will invariably seek special occasions to exchange with us, which he is commended for. However, Mr. Practice, not everything that occurs between your celestial helpers and teachers and guides, must be recorded and transcribed. We feel that the recording and transcribing at this point stands in the way of augmented contact between you and your teachers. It is of course correct that you record this session because it is a special occasion worthwhile recording. But when you have idle time and no recording machine at hand, fell free to communicate with us in any way, either silently or with your voice. I know that you talk increasingly with your Heavenly Father, and that is how it should be. But if you have concrete questions or concerns or bothersome emotions, of whatever kind, we invite you to talk them over with us immediately. Your celestial friends always have an open ear for you, yes?

Yes, communicate. We are with you. We will never tire to remind you. We are glad to repeat our answers. We joyfully recount our reminders. We are teachers and guides. We realize that due to your planetary upbringing your minds have been conditioned and maintain established patterns of belief. Thus it is also our task to retrain you. We train you in the most loving ways that you can imagine. Yes, the word "brainwashing" came to the transmitter's mind. Be assured, my friends, we are not permitted, nor do we have the inclination to "brainwash" you. We simply can't. We work with God's love which is allowing for all beings at all times to express their free will. In so doing, and only after you give us permission, we are allowed to remind you. We remind you to take care of your physical body. We remind you to surrender your devastating emotions to us. We remind you to spend daily time with your Spirit Parents. We remind you to activate your love muscles and to allow the resulting joy. We send our love, which is, of course, part of God's love, to you whenever you present yourself with an accessible mind and heart. Your stillness or worship give us excellent opportunities to be of service to you.

And how can I be of service to you right now? I invite each of you, if you so desire, to speak to any of us.

Jim: First of all I would like to thank you at this time for the encouragement that you have given us. This means a lot, especially to me, the first time hearing a teacher and T/R'ing publicly. I thank you for your encouragement, and I hope I can call on you myself every now and then. I certainly like to do that.

AHBARON: You have heard from my beloved cohort Ahmoron that we are available to you to minister. So, when you feel that I can be of service to you, do not hesitate to call upon me. That is my promise to you.

Jim: I believe what this does, it merges a couple of support teams, does it, in a manner of speaking.

AHBARON: If you care to look at the support teams as different teams, you are right. I like to encourage you to attempt to see Michael's support system as one.

Jim: I understand, and that is a good way of looking at it. And I can accept that very easily. The idea behind a team for me is that God is looking out for all of our needs together, our intellectual needs, our emotional needs, our physical needs, and of course our spiritual needs, all at the same time.

AHBARON: You can be assured, my friend, that your needs are ministered to, to the extent that your faith allows you to open yourself towards having those needs fulfilled.

Jim: As Ahmoron would say, "It's a faith issue."

AHBARON: Indeed it comes often down to faith issues. But let me remind you, that as soon as you allow your mind to make an issue out of anything, the "issue" becomes more important than what you are really yearning for, and that is to find God's love. Experience it, bring it into you, fill your entire Heart Room with it!

Jim: I feel that I am doing that right now.

AHBARON: Yes, we are doing this together right now. Your transmitter feels it equally. We are filling your hearts up with God's love. It comes ever so gently, ever so totally. And you will experience pure joy, which you will share with all you encounter. Smile at your fellows. Open doors for them. Accept their little foibles. Surrender to unaccustomed situations.

You are being taken care of in new and special ways in accordance with your faith when you allow for God's love to flow into you. Know that we are surrounding you. We are dispersing love all around you. We are blowing love into you. Feel love entering your backs, entering your sides, entering the top of your heads. Visualize that lines of love emanate from your feet and move to the feet of your friend, passing into the other. Lines of light are emanating from your head and passing into the head of your brother.

Please hold hands, if you will. Let us invite no other than our Brother Michael to be with us· and he is. Always remember, when at least two of you are gathered in his name, he is there. He is here now. He is with us. Feel his love. Feel the strength of his love. Experience his compassion. He beckons you to follow him, to step in his footsteps which he so perfectly walked on your planet of many difficulties. He is your Master and your model. You may admire him, but most importantly, you may follow him. You may follow him. Enjoy his peace, enjoy his love. [long respite]

Let me remind you, you do not always need to walk into the remote wilderness for him to come to you. Indeed today, this a perfect occurrence. Your body is invigorated, your mind at ease, and your heart wide open for this supreme experience. I thank you for co-creating it with me, because I feel, as all teachers do, Michael's presence as well. If you desire, stay in his presence a while longer. [respite]

Notice how completely silent it has become. Notice the love. Notice the birds singing their songs of praise. They are there for your delight. They are the melody makers of our Father. [respite] Thank you... I am open for more conversation, but if you desire to remain quiet I will talk to you later.

Jim: Thank you for being with us. You are greatly appreciated. You are a great comfort. For me to be able to T/R in public is almost like a birthday for me. It is an important occasion, one I have been looking forward to for quite a while. I knew it needed to be accomplished.

AHBARON: Yes, my friend, we rejoice ourselves in this moment of your success. Once a mortal has a positive experience such as this one, he usually desires to repeat it. We encourage you. This is a momentous occasion for your teachers as well. We rejoice with you and we thank you for your courage. We thank you for your expression of faith, my son.

Jim: I think that the only way I was able to generate the faith to do this, was through my teachers-through "faith repair". Now I know it is time for me to move ahead to the next step, because that is how we grow, from one step to the next. At least I made this one step. The next one will probably be just as hard, but I will be able to remember back to this and see the help I got to do it. The encouragement to move on ahead.

AHBARON: The transmitter is remembering how he started to speak out loud. And that he turned on a dilapidated tape recorder and begun to speak. One day, during his regular group on Sundays, he heard teacher Legion say, 'And there is another in your group through whom I like to speak,' and he was catapulted into the experience with lot of trepidation. But he picked up some of our words of love. After that experience it become easier and easier for him to receive in a group.

Even today you heard his doubts about transmitting at the recent Conference. And we accept his decision. But we also say, either way, it would have been not only okay, but as perfect as that moment allowed for it, if he had followed the request of his fellows and T/R'ed. So, he was taught today not to concern himself with the attitudes of other transmitters. We may add, he might consider not concerning himself with his own attitude... (Jim: This is good advice for me too.) I was just going to add-you took the words right out of my mouth, dear Jim-you need not be concerned about all your little doubts, that we know each of you have. This has been established. You know it, Mr. Practice knows it. You are human. Do not concern yourselves with your doubts-just pass them on to us! Do the service that you believe you should be doing. We will never tell you to do this or do that. If you yourself feel called, feel nudged to be called-whatever rationalization you want to employ-to transmit and receive celestial teachers, privately or in a group or in a bigger group, then do it! Do it with an open heart! Do it with your spiritual mind open! And all your little fears and all your little doubts, surrender them to where they belong, surrender them to us, to Michael, even to the Universal Father, because his love, remember, his love is the very love that flows through Christ Michael, that flows through us, that flows through every other being in all of the vast universes. To the extent that you are open, it also flows through you. We are actuality all One.

Spirit influences might be experienced in myriads of ways, God's love is nevertheless One.

Would you like to talk to us further?

Jim: Right now I am just a little bit overwhelmed to take all of this in.


AHBARON: In that case, my friend, let me pray that among all of us, working with all of you, we always want to remember our Source. Father and Mother Spirit, Michael of Nebadon-once upon a time Master Jesus on your planet-nourishing Mother Nebadonia, we are standing tall in front of you as deserving universe citizens having recognized our sonship with you. And from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for the constant love and impeccable guidance that you give us so freely. We are grateful for every little step of growth that we are allowed to take, while coming a tiny bit closer with our love for you each day, while bringing unto this planet each moment a little bit more love from you. We thank you. We thank you. We thank you.