2002-07-13-Drugs & Children

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Topic: Drugs & Children

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Sandy Montee



Machiventa: "Hello, Sandy. This is Machiventa." Sandy: "Hello, Machiventa."


Machiventa: "I would like to go on an out of body with you this morning. I have here a group of four secondary midwayers who will escort us. As you are accustomed to, I have seen you meditate and lift out of your home in preparation for this travel.

"As we look back at your body, we can see that there are two more midwayers who are under the instruction of Dr. Mendoza in providing the life support for your outer body. Your physical body is safe and left in very experienced hands.

"As we travel, let us go east over the Badlands of North Dakota and we are going up through a maze that will allow us to look down on happenings on Urantia (Earth) with a birds-eye view. As we travel, we are looking down onto New York City, and into the ghettos. We will visit a black mother attending her family in a small apartment.

"This family is very cramped in this small apartment with their three children, one of which is still a small baby at her mom's breast. The mother is struggling with her teenage daughter, who wants to be out of this apartment and with her peers.

"This teenage girl looks to be about fourteen years old. She is leaving the apartment now, and will be joining her friends, who are looking for something to do on this day. Time goes by slowly for her. She is joined by four teenage boys, who are grouping around her and discussing what they might do today.

"A man approaches this group and the group recognizes him as a person who supplies drugs. He is telling them that it is very easy to supply themselves with a couple different kinds of drugs, if they will push his drug business with just a few sales.

"Since these children are bored, and looking for something to do today, they're accepting a small package and dividing it into three equal parts. They will sell two of the parts, and keep the third part for themselves. The drug dealer leaves and each of these five children has already decided to get high on their free drugs, and go about selling the others later.

"They make a line with several small piles of powder and they will inhale this drug."


"These children have been supplied with enough poison in their free packet to get high. They are enjoying the exhilaration of drug-induced minds, telling them they can do anything. This short-term altering of their minds tells them it is very easy to sell the remaining drugs.

"As other teenagers become aware of the euphoric effect on their peers, they wish to join them, and they pool their money for the drugs. Now our group of children has the ability to buy more drugs to carry this sad scenario onto still more buyers.

"As evening approaches, and the drug dealer returns, the drug money from the sales is handed to him. He tells them he will be around to do business with them again soon.

"We have witnessed a typical case of the beginning of a terrible addiction, and a life of crime and despondency which will surely follow some of them on their downward spiral into the world of drugs. Their only concern will be about how to get more. They will be willing to do anything to get the money to buy more.

"Scenes like this are happening all over the country, and all over the world. We must be aware of this, and do what we can to stop a deadly ring of dealers, who are destroying the minds of young children.


"We will return to your home now, and I bid you goodbye for now. I send my love to all.

"I am Machiventa."


This experience comes to me with the perception of an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE). Others may call it "Remote Viewing", or "Astral Travel". To my understanding these are probably one and the same… Sandy.]