2002-07-14-Language & Stillness

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Topic: Language & Stillness

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Matthew: Let's place ourselves in the presence of Jesus the Christ.

Master Teacher, we come to you with happy hearts, placed in loving care and appreciation for that which you present to us as custodians of Love and Light in this world. If it were up to us, we'd have nothing but Light, but we're born in conditions that has darkness creep in, and where we are enlightened we can help maintain the Light factor and increase it. It's that, that we attach ourselves to you, as a Teacher of the Way to the Father. And then, that we ask whatever teachers you make known to us today as a way to enlighten and enliven our hearts to be even more a part of your life, that it is not just a promise but a reality that we can experience here as well as hereafter and with knowledge to be alive and well and yet with need in our heart. We are forever grateful. Amen.

TOMAS: Good afternoon, my loyal friends. I am Tomas your teacher, guide and companion. I have enjoyed your laughter, your childlike play, your community of spirit. And, as often is the case as we await your focused attention in earnest, we enjoy your depictions of reality and often find those portraitures worthy of edification, in terms of our curriculum.



It is with interest that we observe your appreciation of language and I will focus somewhat on 'language' as a phrase (term) loosely used to portray a vast realm of communication efforts which result in greater understanding, greater effectiveness, and eventually greater perfection. And so to whatever extent it is that you enjoy and appreciate language, you are embarked on the journey of comprehension.

The method involved in these processes of communicating between the mortal mind and the local universe consciousness, entails an interpretation of language, for we teachers have realized a new level of communication while your level of comprehension is one that we must make the effort to bridge in order to make our messages meaningful to you. In much the same way you will learn, as you learn how to be teachers yourself, to put your comprehension into words - put your concepts into symbols that will convey the idea and be receptive to the hearer.

Having a hearer is the initial point of departure from isolation. Having a hearer implies two, and therefor conversation. Thus the need for some form of language. The idea of language is exciting, not only in terms of your planetary understanding/ historic appreciation of Latin, English, German, French and so forth, but also the language of the Emotions, the language of Gesture, the language of Implication and Innuendo, and the language of Love, and that language leads/ becomes high art, even abutting worship.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of language and introduce the a priori of your communication with your reality, that being the indwelling aspect of divinity that is your attendant and constant companion, in your mind, in your being, in which you come to recognize your own potential immortality. What, Tomas, are you saying? What is all that? Speak simply to me.


The Still Small Voice Inside is a piece of perfection, a piece of potential perfection and the partner of your will en route to your eternal life. You, as mortal creatures, and your families and your institutions, will one day end. And yet you as a personality are able to enjoy eternal life in the development of the soul that is built by your decisions which are in collaboration with the Divine Guide who resides deep within you. This is reference to a practice we call 'stillness' -- you have come to call it 'stillness' -- and indeed it is a way of stilling yourself such that your external reality -- and that which you have known all along, from being a material creature -- is set aside in order for you to find, recognize and commune with that Still Small Voice which resides within you, which is a fragment of divinity. God himself is magnanimous enough to share himself with all his creation and thus he shares himself with you and affords you the opportunity to become one with him; a worker in his conscription to extend life into the far reaches of infinity.

Anatolia has brought it to the fore that it would behoove each of you to begin to value this personal practice of reaching for contact with divinity, and I return to the discussion of language, for the language that you rely upon for your communication with divinity will stretch your customary understanding of communication. It will involve learning to reach up as deity reaches down so that you may meet on common ground.

There are reams of material that have already been presented about the practice of quiet time. Many meditation techniques are in vogue and are beginning to impact the energy fields of your world. You, in your own development, are invited to participate in the advancement of your world by the subtle interjection of the Greater Reality that is to be had in the knowledge of the divine, as well as the personal communication that exists between you and your Creator God. And for many other reasons this practice is encouraged.

I realize the 'telling' of the practice is far removed from the experience. There are, again, many techniques taught and each technique will lead to an expanded awareness of your reality and it will depend entirely upon your ability to be a 'hearer'. As you hear God speak to you in the quiet of your mind, you will know that there is an unbreakable connection between you and the God of All-That-Is. In this way your understanding of yourself will be enhanced and your greater reality will be realized. While it is understood that this process is a process as any relationship development is a process, it is essential to your happiness and ultimately to your growth, not excluding the growth of the world you effect.

I'd like to set myself aside in order for Anatolia to also approach you about this subject for two heads are better than one in these contexts, and indeed, as the concept is made clear to you, you will appreciate that we return again and again to the practice which has come to be called 'stillness,' and you will recognize it as a divine place that you are able to attend and inhabit at will.

I will return.

ANATOLIA: Good afternoon, my children. I am Anatolia, and I am happy to be with you this afternoon, as I always am.

On this day of the continued meeting/session that we have inaugurated, I'm happy to be among you for the second time -- not that I haven't been prior. Let it be known that given the opportunity for a new oracle, if you will, that is, a mouthpiece that I'm able to speak through, I'm able to be here more visually and audibly than in times past.

But let's not confuse the difference between 'being here' in presence - that is, through someone speaking with me and for me - and 'being here' when you would otherwise not be aware. For example, there are many who are with us as we speak right now that are not audible nor visual to you yet truly are present. It could be seen as in the movie that you're probably aware of, "Field of Dreams" toward the very end. Through the entire production it was said, "if you build it they will come." Then at the very end, with all the cars that were lined up for miles and all you saw were those headlights. It's much the same as we speak right now. If you could only imagine, if you could only see, all of those who are here to witness and to behold and to participate in this intermingling of heaven and earth.

Now, it is not to say that this voice from afar, so to speak, is from the 'heavenly gates', but there are many mansions in our Father's house, as you well know. This is one of them. This is one of the places from which I am speaking to you. And the places from which you speak to your Heavenly Presence is what we're speaking of today. So, as there are many mansions in our Father's house, you too currently preside within, as well as house, your Heavenly Presence.

There many ways to look at this, many ways to think of it, many ways to experience it. And one of the points is that regardless of one's outward expression and outward experience of the myriad and almost countless ways in which to experience a religious belief and religious practice, there are many ways in which this is demonstrated, as you well know. Christianity itself houses many -- and almost countless expressions of organized religion -- that expresses itself in commonly held belief patterns that are what one would call a religious belief system.

This is just a formalized way of expressing that which is ineffable, that which is unspeakable, that which is beyond all group practice and beyond all group relationship. What we are speaking is your inherent, your birthright, your God-given presence within and for your ability, and again birthright, that that Presence is with you at all times.

What I wish to try to speak today as, Tomas has indicated, is that this is not just a 'promise' that has been held like a carrot before a horse that you are to strive endlessly in a beast-of-burden type manner to try to reach that which is unattainable. It is to tell you that you are already at the Wedding Feast. The Feast is already being held, and you are being celebrated at the feast. It has always been such, as it always will. The greatest part of this is that in your development you will become aware of your presence at the feast, but do not hesitate for a moment to realize that the feast is already being held.

As you become more aware of the relationship that the Living Force of all Beingness has within your presence - that you become aware of that presence as yourself - you're aware that you have no being without this presence within. As you pull back the layers of onion, so to speak, that cover your conscious awareness of who you really are, as you peel back those layers that keep you disguised to yourself as well as to all else, you'll become aware that that Light, that Energy, that Pulsing Beam that is beyond human description, that has no place in or origin in matter as you know it to be; it is a light that was burning and flickering long before you were aware that there was even light made known in just this sphere alone. But the primordial, preexistent, all existent Light that precedes all matter, is alive and well within. This may yet be theoretical to you. It may not be practical. However, I wish to ask now for any question along this line. Is what I'm speaking of unattainable to you? Is it purely theoretical or etheric in nature for you to have a practical handle what it is of what I'm speaking of? I'm opening to any question at this moment.


Gerdean: I have a picture in my mind Anatolia, and I'll present it to you. It's rather a comparison or symbol of how it was when it was said that people would go to church on Sunday and behave on Sunday in a certain way and the rest of the week they engaged in human behaviors. I think that my concern about stillness is that it's easy to be God-like when you're in stillness and when you're in the company of those who encourage those values, but it's difficult to carry on that reality when you return to the field where people are not particularly focused on being God-like or God-conscious.

There's the business of life to get down to and take care of. It invokes energy that you have to "get the job done," and it may be difficult and it may be painful but just "get over it" and "we don't have time for all of the 'sweet stuff' - that God-stuff". And this is pretty much how life appears here. I don't think that was a question Anatolia, but it was what was happening in my mind about the subject: I guess, the difficulty of carrying through with it, into all our affairs, into everything. I mean not just in that 'private spot.' Does that make sense? Can you respond to that?

ANATOLIA: You know, I'm very willing and able to speak to that, although I believe it's been mentioned that I am not of your world, per se. I've not had the pleasure, nor the difficulty, of your world. Although a physical world is not beyond my experience, it has not been this world in particular that I have had the aforementioned pleasure and difficulty of living in. Because you find yourself in an essentially dualistic nature and everything else is consequently a world of dualism.

It's a world of contraction and a world of contradiction. So what you're basically called to -- and not just in the Christian tradition, but in the tradition we know of -- is to bring to your awareness as a physical and spiritual expression, that of primarily Judo-Christianity, primarily because of that being the tradition your Master chose to carry forth his mission to your world in terms of the relationship you have with your Father and your Father with you. So that one of the first, foremost and primary principles is, that you and your Father are one, as the Master had so well taught.

If, in your prayerfulness, in your state of mind/ of being that you can consider or call stillness (and parenthetically, stillness is a just a discipline to bring you into a new form of thinking, feeling, and a new reality of experiencing that which in your dualism, or dualistic world, which continually contradicts and counteracts.) --so that what I'm saying is that I have no difficulty understanding what you're saying. In fact, I can appreciate that. However the secret, if it is a secret -- the nature of what it is we are speaking of, is that all you truly need to do, -- there is no magic, there is no formula, there is no particular level of success that can be prescribed for you here, although there are many schools in which valid presentation of mediation in its various functional forms can be undertaken and followed successfully.

What we are saying is not meant to be a laborious, tedious and unrewarding task. It's simply to bring you into the light of your own beingness; the beingness that is there with you as your Tabernacle of Presence.

In the Catholic tradition it is taught that the tabernacle houses the body of Christ. Your 'tabernacle,' houses the body of Christ, if you will, but the eternal Father which is present with you, not just as a light presence, although your 'lightness' of being has its origin in the Father, but the presence that is with you as a personality, a representative presence of the divine presence within you, that you can commune with and share with and be at one with at all times. So consequently you do not have to live and be in a dualistic nature any longer. It is truly the principle and the practice of what Jesus came to indoctrinate. He intended to indoctrinate the universality, the brotherhood, the All-encompassing Oneness or All-ness of God and Man made present. This in reality is what he did and what he accomplished. It is now up to humanity to recognize that -- the blessing, the sacrifice, the sacrament, per se, that was accomplished and is made known and present, is alive and well and among you. However, humanity must begin to realize this by going within to worship and recognize that which IS.

It is very difficult in a sense to speak to this topic but it is very simple also as a presentation of reality. I find it difficult to express, and one need only to go within to begin to hear only that which is alive and well within you. Many can experience in their silence or stillness either a state of mind or being -- it is not a thought process; it is not taking a thought to its Nth degree. It's basically voiding yourself of thought and simply being.

In that, I wish you and invite you to speak to your … however you would consider it: your higher self, your higher being, your God presence, your Oneness in presence with the Divine Allness of being, and speak as one in the presence, as a child to a Father, in relationship of created to Creator. And in that presence, that place, that state of mind/ being -- because truly it is a state of being as secondarily as a state of mind -- that you can adore and share your living and loving presence with, he (that is not masculine but "he" in the general sense) of creator presence, shares with you as a loving and living space. It is this awareness and this presence that can be made known and part of you at all times. So it need not be dualistic. Does this adequately address your question?

Gerdean: Yes. The dualistic part enhances my thinking. I'm getting more information here as we speak.

ANATOLIA: Let it be known that any enhancement along this line - whether it be baby steps or walking at a fast pace - each and every individual is walking their path at their own pace and will be held accountable in terms of the parable of the talents in that respect. It is as if you were a canyon in a landscape and upon your full awareness of acceptability and acceptance of who you are as a divine presence - in that moment when you can fully be accountable and accept what role you had to play in this life, and you are then accounting for what you had accomplished; it will be as if you are of the presence of mind; it's as if you were a mountain canyon, and the question will be how did you reflect and to what degree did you reflect that which was made known to you? What shades of darkness kept the light from coming to completion? At what times in the day, at what times during the year, at what portion of your presence to accept and to receive the light, were there shades and protections that did not let the light in?

So you are simply being invited to reflect all the light that is made known to you. Because it is not that upon your completion of this course of existence that you will only be light. You will be more aware of your light. But friends, be fully aware that that lightness is within you right now. And before you have to be made aware of what you were accountable for, that you may not be aware of accountability right now, it is not a heavy burden, but simply an invitation for you to be a vastly, wonderful receptacle and reflector of light.

This is what I invite you to consider and this is what I invite you to warmly welcome within your divine presence, because among the many and varied ways you can make this communal commitment with your divine presence, if nothing else, you can go within and picture yourself as a light flicker; a flickering candle before a vast and star sparkled cosmos and say, "Father I'm here. Where are you?" and wait and watch and receive the warm welcome that you'll receive. It's as if that flicker will light the path to total brilliance and total knowledge of who you are. It's this knowing and this lightness of being that we invite you to experience and to know as a reality as surely as you know yourselves to be physical beings here and now. Your physicality is a secondary condition to your actual state of being. It is this that we invite you to know and experience here, now and always.

And with that if there are no other questions I wish to leave you with those pearls that will be wonders to behold, much as the grain of sand was prior to the pearl's countenance. Are there any questions at this point?

Hearing none, I wish you well and lightness and brightness within your beings and know that it is with this that we are forever grateful and forever with you. It is going through your tunnel of earthly existence that we will always be near and will always be care-full to be with you all steps along the way. You will never fail and never falter; that spiritual guidance and spiritual support will always be with you, internally and externally as well.

So peace be with you, and may you always be in the light of the knowledge of who you are. Peace be with you.


Janet: Well, I can't put it as eloquently as you do, but what I try to do in my volunteer work at the hospital is to lighten the burden for all those who are waiting for someone to take them to surgery, and they're all shook up and excited and unhappy, and so we try to keep it lighter, and we talk and we laugh and we do other things to off the strain they're under, and it seems to help. At least it has so far in my experience. They seem to appreciate it.

TOMAS: This that you describe Janet, is the natural response to knowing God. It is a desire to serve in his vineyards. It is the desire to do something that helps create the Supreme God and so you contribute to destiny. That which you suggest - service -- is indeed the natural result of knowing God. And when you enjoy quiet contemplation, such as we've discussed this afternoon, this practice of listening to divinity and knowing your connection to it, you are enjoined to give freely of that which you have received. Here is the natural process of service done in Love and not out a sense of obligation.

Whenever you falter in your path, whenever grow weary, and before you reach that point, spend time alone with God in order to revivify your flagging spirit, in order to inject your soul with that life-giving Force which will enable you to walk the second mile and be about the Father's business as you pass by.

Janet: Well my contributions are just a little pebble in a great big sea but it does help to watch people relax and have other interests so they aren't sitting there all tense and nervous.

TOMAS: Yes, this is natural ministry.

We have brought our formal lesson to you and yet there are, indeed, challenges and opportunities in your individual lives and your life as a group that we are interested in and wish to share with you. This, too, is part of relationship, that you exchange values and interests in order to become better acquainted. In this way you help others to let down their barriers and expose their pearl within and reveal their light, thus fostering light and life for this world which has such need for such divine reality as is reflected in ministry such as you all do in your daily lives.

I will testify to the ambiance and commend your taste in furniture. (group laughter and a question from one "Who is he talking to?" Tomas was talking to and about Esmarelda's newly refurbished from stem to stern living and dining area where we are gathered)

Esmarelda: It's wonderful that you know what's going on. And next week I'll be a little more alert. Today I'm exhausted, and if I sit still, I'll go to sleep. But I won't be this sleepy all the time.

TOMAS: Thank you for being aware. It is comforting indeed. It would be frustrating to attempt to reach those had no ears to hear.

Esmarelda: I wanted to let you know that we have a new person with us today, Bonita, whom we're very excited to have, and I know that you're aware of her.

TOMAS: Yes, I have been aware of her and am most pleased to make your acquaintance, Bonita. With my interpreter here, who speaks human language, I am given to understand the name means "pretty" and how we love pretty children. They are easy to behold, easy to sit with. No doubt you are a pretty-spirited child who enjoys the comfort our Father's lap and the ministry of our universe Mother. Welcome, child. Return as you like. The doors of these classrooms are ever open and ever present. We encourage your attendance and involvement to the extent that your soul is fed and becomes fattened upon the fruit of the spirit of the love that saturates these souls as they sit in desire of filling themselves with the Living Water of love that is our Source and our Destiny.

Dorenda: I have something to add about Bonita, too, that is compared to the lesson. You were talking about language and you were also talking about displaying light - or Anatolia was - and Bonita shows a lot of light just walking around the golf course. As an example, Willie and I were walking around the golf course this last week and somebody came up and said, "Well, welcome to the golf course. You're lucky there weren't any golfers there or they'd be hitting you," assuming (evidently) that we did not belong to the Country Club or that we didn't belong there (the golf course has been closed all year), and that kind insinuation. Little light that we saw, actually (from that stranger). But Bonita, on the other hand, I can see her from clear across the way. She's a light giver! At least I've seen a lot of light from her. And I'm grateful that she's here and thankful that she's 'here.'

Bonita: Thank you. Thank you, Dorenda, and thank you, Tomas. Thank you for the attitude, thank you for the welcome, thank you for the invitation and the kind words.

TOMAS: Neighbors are life, indeed. The idea of the Cosmic Neighborhood is enhanced when you begin to find the light that shines in your own community, giving off that illumination that is the product of the divine. The poor soul who was more critical of your presence is perhaps one of those who retains a fear of God as compared to those who appreciate a love of God. And the light that dwells within him is, even so, no doubt, cheered by your presence as you pass by. Keep your chin up.

We are fortunate to have teachers in the community here. I feel the teachers who attend my classes are mindful of more than those who are merely students, for those who teach are often inclined to discern teaching techniques and incorporate those techniques into their own pattern of teaching. In this way they are students as well as teachers. And this is the ideal. I enjoy learning from you. And you teach me as I offer you my concepts and language.

It is to the Source of light and love that we look for direction and counsel in our studies. All of us are learning the lessons of life in the universe that are appropriate for us at the time. In this way, the gears of the superuniverses continue to mesh and we continue to be mobile en route to our goals.

I feel a sense of pending in this room. Is there something scheduled that I'm unmindful of? Perhaps it is the wedding. (Group response and acknowledgment in recognition of the upcoming wedding of Janet and Carl and conversation between the group and the 'love-birds')

TOMAS: This is an interesting assemblage indeed. It might as well be called the Love Boat. What a joy for me to be assigned here and to enjoy also the association of Anatolia. You may appreciate the heart-throb that passes between she and I as we enjoy getting to know each other in this new configuration and giving to you, our children, the culture that we have to pass on to you as you pass on your values to those you impress.

In joy of knowing you and in appreciation of your efforts to attend to your own spiritual awakening and development, I promise to stay in touch with you throughout the week and visit with you as you aspire to embrace the Father and enjoy his embrace of you, my dear friends.

Is there anything else before we go?

Myra: Well, Tomas, I'm writing a language paper tomorrow so I'm inviting both you and Anatolia to be in that chair with me. Please.

TOMAS: I will pull strings to get you some assistance. The midwayers are often ascribed the task of interpreting the local universe language into the human language form, but the artisans are perhaps as qualified to assist for they can help provide visions, pictures that present concepts. Be thus mindful of concepts and have faith the midwayers will help put those concepts into words that will convey the message that will benefit those who hear with ears to hear what your words have to say. Let us know how the paper turns out.


All efforts at joyous language exchange enter into the field of communication and ultimately the purpose of communication is communion, and thus I leave you in faith of your communion with All That Is.

Peace be upon you. Farewell.

Group: Thank you