2002-07-15-The Father

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Topic: The Father

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Sandy Montee



Machiventa: "Good Morning to you Sandy. This is Machiventa."

Sandy: "Good Morning Machiventa. I'm so happy when you visit me. I also feel privileged to hear from you, and I thank you for helping me with my life here on Urantia."

Machiventa: "I, also, am happy with our friendship, and I appreciate your trusting in me, to listen and act upon what I have to say.


"Today I would like to talk about the Father.

"There are as many ways of worship, and opinions about the reality of God, as there are people on this planet, yet every person on this earth can have as close a companionship with their Father as you do. There would be many burdens lifted from their shoulders. To get in touch with God, one only needs to look within to recognize the God Fragment that is with you, as long as you live this present life, and beyond.

"There are truly so many lessons that we often do not know which ones to talk about, but we try to provide lessons that people are struggling to learn on this day in their lives.

"Jesus often spoke of His Father in Heaven, and in His early years oftentimes struggled with what the Father's will for Him could be, and how to carry that out. The Father is indeed the Power behind all there is, and because He is a loving Father, He does not wish for a great deal more than for his children to be happy.

"As they turn to Him, it is important that each person accepts Him, and looks up to him as their Father. He is here present, with each person on earth, and when this lifetime is over for each of you, He awaits you with open arms, and is ever so pleased that you have tried to do your best in learning life's lessons, while appreciating the privilege of being on this earth, having your God Fragment within you that helps creates the soul extension of your being, whilst at the same time allowing Him to create his Divine Supreme Counterpart that reaches throughout His time/space universes.

"Accept your God, AS YOU KNOW HIM.

"And also accept the lessons that are sometimes very hard, yet crucial to your progress. The Father realizes this, and He is with the many people who are suffering, starving, and homeless, those who are dying, and ending their journey on earth. However, beyond this lifetime it will be much easier for you to get closer to your God, and understand many of the reasons this life on earth has handed you bright sunshine as well as bitter storms.

"The unconditional love of the Father is a precious Gift and you never need to feel that you are alone. Hold onto God in your darkest moments and praise God in your happiest times. God is in each persons heart and He provides "the thread of life" that will only temporarily break when you are freed from human embodiment. Each person is a Miracle, which only Divine Energy can sustain. Daily conversations with your Father will assure you, and as His Loving Arms embrace you, that you are truly His child.

"As I look upon our beloved Urantia (earth), I only wish that all people could hear this message and believe in "the God of their understanding".


"I wish you all a good day. I must leave you now. Goodbye."

Sandy: "Goodbye, Machiventa. I love you."

Machiventa: "I am Machiventa."