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Topic: Stillness

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia, Merium

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



PRAYER: Matthew

(Tomas introduced himself and welcomed everyone then, after a few brief comments, introduced Merium who wanted to tell a story.)


MERIUM: I am going to take you on a rendezvous with one of your favorite characters in literature, Alice in Wonderland. I lapse thus, as it is too good a comparison to overlook. Do you recall, those of you who have seen this story depicted in film, the charming scene in the garden where the various flowers were conversing and remarking about what they saw in their midst? I have a picture here in my expanded consciousness to offer you, to see how it is that you are all "something" growing in the garden.

You've seen this before. We have spoken to you about it before, but these are lessons that are being learned again and again as you upstep your ability to comprehend the value therein. Do you remember, for instance, a patch of flowers that were quite grand, Iris perhaps, and they were talking about the superfluous posies and the seedy wildflowers. But look closely at those haughty Iris, and watch the Master enter the garden. Watch him pass by these flower beds and see what happens to those haughty Iris. They are humbled in his presence and they bow their heads in gratitude of being one of the many flowers honored to grow in his garden. I bring this analogy to you today because there is a stir about the various flowers growing in the Father's garden, not only your little culture, but in the global climate as well. The extent to which you are able to learn to accept and appreciate differences in your various natures, is the reality which you will introduce into the ethers of your world that will enable your combatant countries, as a result of their many different religious foundations, to begin to respect the insignificant posies and the seedy wildflowers as well as the stately Iris.

Inasmuch as I have relegated you to vegetables, I will leave, and let the host and hostess of this pretty garden elevate your mind's consciousness to a concept that is more in keeping with the sons and daughters of divinity that you are. What a delight you appear to be to me! So fragrant and delightful, each of you. And how symmetrical in your variations.

TOMAS: This is Tomas again. I am back. I trust that you have no objection to Merium's nature.

Esmarelda: Her visit was delightful.

TOMAS: The energy here is quite piqued this afternoon. It is a different configuration. I note we are missing Carl and Janet, and we are joined by Wally and Joyce, and this simple adjustment of the circuitry is enough to require an adjustment in the equipment (the T/R and I) because the frequency is different. The idea of differing frequencies is how I will take off from Merium's parable.

There are certain frequencies that are harmonic and some which are static. Certain radio stations are younger and more driving than others that are sedate or classic in nature. And they each reach a constituency; a demographic, and each have value; however, they have value for you only insofar as you are able to adjust your frequency to accommodate the prevailing energy. The discussion about the specific interests of specific individuals is what prompts this attempt at understanding how each of you are programmed to heed a certain frequency. The sound of the Master's voice, however, is all pervasive, in that, no matter what your natural resonance is, it will be affected by the resonance he projects as you open to his reality.

In time your world will be settled in Light and Life, and you might think of it as a garden that is completely manicured or you might think of it as a garden that is completely natural, but you'll certainly see it as a whole, without obstruction, without static, without interference. We are embarking on the creation of the garden that incorporates humanity. You are followers of the Wayshower. The energy that you recognize as his, and that you can reveal in your lives, establishes a circuitry of harmony, having a cadence which everyone can understand. However this is a process. It is only in completion, in maturity, that this perfection prevails constantly. Growth is often a turbulent and upsetting experience. It sometimes seems that the weeds are taking over the new shoots of growth intended to be flowers.

However, in faith, the scripture indicates the tares and the wheat will grow together and the wheat, like the flowers, having their own purpose, will eventuate in fruition as was intended. All it takes is a little maintenance.

The maintenance that we bring to your attention at this point in your development, is that of the grooming of the patch you grow in. For surely those of you who are about the Father's business recognize that the work that is set before you is sufficient for you for the day.

It is necessary for you to continually realize that you are only seeing a small part of the whole picture. However, as you know, it is possible to see with a greater perspective when and as you provide yourself with that divine perspective that comes through stillness, that comes from understanding your brother and sister, and see, as do the Ancients of Days, how they have come to grow to be who they are and how they grow.

The riotous garden that you all are in is a seedbed of potential and we are beginning to see the effects of divinity making inroads into not only your culture and that which you immediately enjoy, but the global culture, that you are a microcosm of, and that you will energize, influence and direct as you allow the Greater Reality to become consciously realized in your own reality. Have patience. Have faith.

Anatolia is here with me and assured of her desire to speak with and be a part of our conclave this afternoon. Thus I will close my remarks and afford her the opportunity to speak before we open the floor to you for questions.

ANATOLIA: Good afternoon, my children. I'm happy to be here and happy to share this wonderful afternoon with you. The temperatures are ideal, as far as I am concerned. If you could, see, feel, and hear the difference within our domain you would truly appreciate what climate control is all about, but given that you are in a temperate world, so to speak, that is one that has ups and downs, constancy of inconstancy, you are truly in a place admirable and praiseworthy. So this is not to say that anyone who is of other environs is of lesser status, or any lesser importance, it's just that this is a remarkable place to be and we're happy to be in association with you.

Whether we're here or anywhere else where each and all of you may have originated in the beginning, it makes no difference. It is the Now that we are concerned with. It is mainly a conversational item in terms in letting you know of all of our presence and the status of you, today, in your place of being -- not just your physical place, that is your geographic location -- but for where you find yourselves, where we find yourselves today it is pleasing and pleasant, worth celebration and worth everything, to have left everything behind to find that which is valuable, that which is beyond all measure and beyond all form of recognition of lasting value.

You are to be commended for your valiant works in terms of finding that which is lasting and that which is true. For what is alive and well and bright and brilliant within your hearts and minds is what's lasting and true, because one could put hot fiery coals to any part of your body but as long as you had that vision of what is valuable and true, you could withstand all types of pain and punishment were it necessary to put you to such a test, to know that you would prevail throughout any type of physical, mental or other torture, meaning that where your focus is, and where you have found peace and placid placement, is where you will be able to maintain, because this is your place of consciousness and it is your place of being that will far outlast even the physical status in which you currently occupy.

So I wish to commend you for your places within your hearts and your minds because this is the Place from which you springboard forward in terms of your next level. Conscious … onward … migration or progress. It is much in the image, or the demonstration of being pilgrims -- pilgrims along the way of truth and rightness. I could say 'righteousness' which is a simile to rightness; I say rightness because it is more a matter of having your mind and your heart being right with all that is around you and within you. Being right in terms of acceptance. Being in adjustment and being fine-tuned with almost anything that could happen. For in a split second or a moment's notice all of your world could change. I say this not in terms of any kind of catastrophic type of forewarning, I'm just saying, as you know, that your world could change in a moment. So where you are in your hearts and your minds - placid places within your consciousness - it is advisable to recognize the reality of this; that it is not just a momentary passing of emotional satisfaction, but rather is the actual state of your soul and your consciousness when you find yourself in a place such as this.

It is the heart and the soul and the body, if you will, of the 'stillness' practice that we'd spoken of earlier. This I wish to describe to you in a number of ways but the primary way I wish to illustrate it today is through just this: That I believe most of you, if not all of you here today, would be able to vouch for the placid place within your heart and your mind that you find yourself currently. For any who may not be in this place that I speak of, momentarily, or currently as we speak, I know that you know this place and that it is not difficult to arrive at but rather just a matter relaxing, a letting go of your active mind and the ego part of yourself, to relax and take a back-seat, say, as you would a restless child, a 5-year old … in or outside of their car-seat, but let's play it safe and have that 5-year old in a car-seat -- because it is the law after all - but, telling that 5-year old to relax and to hush-up, if you will, that we're going on a journey and the only way to enjoy the journey is to be quiet and watch what scenery we find. If it's nothing more than being able to entertain the 5-year old with promises of moo-cows and other scenery, do what you need to, to put the 5 year old to rest so that your mind can relax and find that placid place within that you know to be that vibratory location where you and your Maker and your Creator can placidly find yourselves as one.

This is the place that you will be when you are at peace with yourself. This is a place that is a springboard within your stillness practice, that is a place that you can practice in your conscious everyday moments of being. You can carry on the greatest debate and the most convincing of arguments or the most saleable of sales presentations in this state of being because it is in this state of being that is your true consciousness and your true presence of being. It is your spirit being that is unguarded and beyond the limits of what your ego mind would prevent from its placement within your consciousness.

So I more than urge. I invite you. I tease you into tasting this place with your Creator and with your Maker, to know that it is a place of holiness and it is a place of wonder and delight, much as the garden that was spoken of earlier. So I wish to allow you to cherish all of the scents and all of the smells and all of the peace that prevails in such a placid place within.

It will be a part of my continued discussion with you, in terms of how and where to find this particular location, but again, I believe, for most of you it is not a difficult journey whatsoever. It begins again by telling the 5- year old to relax and to sit back and enjoy the ride.

If there are any questions about this I would be happy to entertain those questions as we proceed. In the meantime I return the floor to Tomas. I appreciate your attention and hopefully the little bit of a ride that we did take and any of the scenery you enjoyed along the way was well worth the trip. So peace be with you and until we meet again, I am always your friend and always within your reach. Peace be with you.

TOMAS: Thank you Anatolia. And now we are eager to engage with you in relationship development. How does your garden grow?


Esmarelda: I hope mine is growing very well this year, Tomas. I was thinking from last Sunday about how, in communion with the Father, one tends to talk to him as we talked to our own fathers when we were small children. And I was thinking back about that and my earthly father and I did not talk very much at all. In fact, I used to try to begin a conversation with Daddy and he was always in a hurry and told me he didn't have time to answer but he'd explain it and I wouldn't know any more when he got through explaining it than I did before he took the time. And there just wasn't much conversation. Maybe sometimes that's why I find it difficult to communicate.

But my literal garden, Tomas, is faring pretty well this year.

TOMAS: Indeed, it is, but my focus will be on this figurative garden we introduced: the communication between you and your Father as compared to the communication between you and your Dad. The example you site is an brilliant example of how times have changed in a very short time frame. When you were a toddler, perhaps 6 or 7 decades ago, the stratagem was such that men were not participants in child-rearing -- certainly not with the little ones.

Esmarelda: Tomas, with the discipline they were.

TOMAS: Yes, father is quite naturally regarded as a disciplinarian and one to be feared, but the times are, in part, changing, and today men have an active role in fathering. They are encouraged to be a participant in parenting, even to relating to the child when it is still in the womb. Many husbands are taking maternity leave and experiencing morning sickness along with their spouses. This is a natural result of the women's liberation movement. That also provided new liberation for men, and will immeasurably impact on the development of the new generation.

You speak of indigo children. These children are being parented by two loving parties in a community of devotion to each other, and that will naturally advance the precociousness of any individual. However, given the constraints of those by-gone eras, it is a marvelous testimony to the workings of the indwelling Adjuster that it has prevailed in you to the extent that you have come to know and realize the Fatherhood of God and a Loving reality and not so much the fearful depiction as is our legacy.

Those of you who have been brought up to regard life's vicissitudes in one way are often reluctant to let go of the mental constriction in order for the easier, softer way to come into being. You will realize this by recognizing the sagas told to you about how it was when your parents were young. Such as, "when I was young I had to walk a mile in the snow to catch the bus," and now kids have their own car to drive to class.

It's difficult for hardy old flowers like yourself to regard these up-start dandelions with much appreciation. However, they are beneficiaries of a new potential as well as a new luxury. Fact is, they will have their own row to hoe, as it were, and one of the rows they will learn to hoe is that the flowers who have grown in their garden for a long time, and who provide stability and beauty year after year, are the voice of experience, -- which, in time, will be like the chord that holds down the tune while the other youthful hand plays trippingly on the keys to create the melody. Again this is a request … and invitation for those of you who have perspective, who have vision, and who have experience … to understand how the young will, in time, reach that point of awareness and maturity that allows the farther view. The way that parents lovingly look upon their immature children and allow them to make their experiential mistakes as they learn how to become older and wiser.

You didn't expect a full-fledged lecture on such a small remark, Esmarelda, But I and other teachers lay in wait for a flicker.

Esmarelda: Thank you, Tomas. And I've been most fortunate with my two, who never were really dandelions, but have flowered for many a year and matured in their lives. Thank you Tomas. Elena: Yeah, but you mentioned a 'chord' there, Tomas, and it was well appreciated - that underlying harmony and substantial chord is well appreciated and recognized and loved.

JOYce: That was great encouragement to me. I can't put it into words, just …. That I could be a 'chord', -- that I'm adequate,… That's -- I'm so happy I can't even explain. It makes the whole trip worth it [Editor's note: the Brentons were travelling through NM on an extended road trip] because when you have children and grandchildren, sometimes you're unaware,…. And I just took that off into my spirit. Thank you Tomas. That was so powerful.

TOMAS: You are a rose indeed, shorn of thorns. What a precious gift you are to our group! Both of you! It is like coming home, is it not, when you find yourself in a place such as Anatolia referenced where your faith is safe? We recognize how fragile your young souls are, and how terribly difficult it has been for you to protect your tender growth from the assault of inclement weather. And yet we desire to encourage you to see how hardy is that will to live and that devotion to discernment and divine light that gives you your fiber, that provides you the substance that is the gift of experience. Our Father has seen to it that He experiences life with you, and so you have much to bring to life and offer, as your life itself is a sanctuary to life as you found it and lived it, and can now express it as a viable reality, as a vibrant bloom, worth of statement. You mustn't think you've gone from us when you continue your sojourn. You are one with us. And we are one with you. And our combined energy, our fidelity and harmonics combine to create the music of the spheres.

And how we have enjoyed the orchestration of the afternoon. What a privilege it is to be a part of this cultivating garden. What therapy it is for those of us who work with you to be one with you in your effort to realize yourselves in your own statesmanship. Are there questions or commentary, otherwise?

Elena: I wanted to comment on one thing that Anatolia said earlier. I guess I had done my stillness time feeling fortunate if I could kinda maintain that stillness and looking at the 'moo-cows' for 5 minutes at a time. And then she was saying that it was possible to make a salesmanship presentation or basically do anything -- perform normal functions of our daily lives -- and remain in the stillness state. Well, I've got a little ways to go there but I'm at least expanding my vision of what that might be. It helps a little bit because of the potential, I guess. I was not looking at-- I think in my idea of what I thought stillness was, was a very compact period of time set aside for me personally without any outside influences. So that kinda changed my view point about that, so I'll kinda try to expand that. That helped.

TOMAS: Anatolia would you like to respond?

ANATOLIA: I'm glad that it was helpful to you. The main aim to what I wish to present to you in this topic area, is that it is on-going and progressive. It's immediately a two-fold answer. One is that I wish to remove the mystique or the foreboding obstacle that stillness, as it is perceived, has presented to you. To a large extent I believe that it is … in many points of view … a supreme discipline to suggest that one enter stillness. It is as if one is saying, "Okay, it is time for you to go stand in the closet and remain in the dark." I wish to remove the taboo, or the impression that somehow this is an austere, disciplinary practice that we are inviting you to undertake. Contrare! As I've tried to illustrate, that it is not just a momentary state of being or an escape from the normal wave length interpretation of reality, but rather it is a place of your heart and mind that is placid and real and can be experienced on an everyday basis. It is that state of mind that is essentially the developed consciousness that becomes more aligned with your spirit essence and your spirit vibration that is what you're aligning yourself to. Does this help any?

Elena: Yes.

ANATOLIA: Is there anything else along this line while we're on the topic?

Know then that, in my comments as we proceed, I wish to remove the taboo, if you will, and simply invite you to grow in your own conscious awareness of who you are and, after all, this is what we're all about. Each of us, in our own states of being, in a progressive state of natural progression until we are at one with the Father in all glory. We are all in a progressive state of conscious awareness. So with that I leave you in good tidings and return to Tomas' chairing of the committee.

TOMAS: The picture of the Father's lap is in my mind and Esmarelda as a 3-year old sitting on Father's lap. The practice now is to allow yourself to be that little child. Accept your tender souls, your fledgling reality and place it in the trust of Father that you would idealize your father to be; the one who did not merely discipline you but who did have time -- not to explain things perhaps, but to listen to you explain things to him.

Can you conceive of yourself spending time with Father to tell him about the bug you discovered in the yard and how it went across the sidewalk? or the problem you had getting your shoe tied? If you can give yourself to Father and open yourself to him and appreciate the sanctity of the association, there will develop the kinship of spirit that gives you sense of security and being able to appear to him as you are. And he accepts you as you are and loves you as you are because you are his child and you are precious to him.

In due course, of course, it is natural for you to grow, and your problems become more complex, but always -- as the child -- they are the problems you bring to him to hear his feedback, if any. Sometimes there won't be feedback, only a sense of love. And in that case you have a new perspective on your problem, but many times you will be given counsel, your mind will reflect divine wisdom. Don't be impatient with yourself as you learn how to develop this relationship with Father. Create in your mind's eye the divine father that you would want God to be for you. And invite yourself to partake of His Greatness, His Kindness, His Humor, His Affection and His Strength.

Whatever it is you need from God, He has it in abundance. And since He is your creator, He will reflect Himself in you and you will become more like your Father because you have spent time understanding how He loves you. And eventually he will send you forth into the world to take with you that revelation of sonship such that the security you enjoy is reflected to those as you pass-by. As it is said, 'it is a process,' an enjoyable process, and not an instance of fear of punishment or an angry god or a jealous god, but the loving god that Jesus taught when he was here.

With such a handle on our Universal Father or our Creator Father/brother, we develop into sons of God, daughters of God. And that makes you superhuman not merely humans you have recognized and worked with all these many years awaiting the reconnection of your circuitry with the divine universe.


Well, children, flowers that you are, we reluctantly relinquish our hold on you in order for you to now go and practice and enjoy those realizations that have been given to you in this garden of companionship wherein the rain and sun of heaven has shined upon us and washed away our tears. Be of good cheer. Until we speak again, farewell.

Group: Thank you. Farewell.