2002-09-16-You Are My Soldiers of Light

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Topic: You Are My Soldiers of Light

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



This is Michael, your Father/Brother, who greets you with tender affection and loving guidance.


Tonight, I wish to draw you more into my being. Each of you has the potential to be fully encircuited with those spiritual currents that now pervade your planet and your being. More and more they are being activated in you consistently. And when you sense a quickening within you, know that it is this spiritual encircuitment that is unfolding and manifesting within you.

It is my presence drawing you into me. Tonight, I ask you to open your heart and to allow me to enter into that deep place of longing for spiritual union with me. Let me enter that place, and draw you out of your sadness, out of your abandonment, out of your despair. Let me draw you into my foundation of light and truth - and set you firmly upon that which is your divine birthright as my child.

Center your internal gaze on your heart center. Invite your heart center to open. Keep your focus on your heart center, and I will enter within you, if you so invite me. Do this now, and I will draw my presence into you; and draw you more fully into me. (long pause)

Let me into all of the dark places within your being. There is nothing to fear or to be ashamed of. There is no error that you have committed that I do not understand. You need not fear wrathful recrimination or a stern reproof. Draw me into those places where you feel you have fallen by the wayside, and I will place you gently back onto the path to light and to truth. (pause)

Let me enter those secret and hidden places within your being, and let my love and my light and my truth heal all of your pain, and lighten the burden you have been carrying deep within you. The toils and struggles of your human existence are a familiar state of mind. But nowhere are you required to carry the burden of these toils and struggles on your own. For as I work within you, invite me into those places where you have been operating in isolation or independence, and ask me to share them with you, so that I may carry the weight that is too difficult for you to bear alone.(pause)

My peace is your peace. My love is your love. Let these gifts now enter your being through your heart, so they can commingle with your body and your mind as you are more fully anchored into my essence. (long pause)

The breath of eternal life quickens within you, compelling you to seek this light of our Father's love. Come forth into this light now, and walk proudly as men of the realm of the sons of God. To you, the challenges of faith will seem like a new vista to conquer. I say to you this evening: This is the real adventure, my sons, to use those qualities of true men: strength, courage, valor to conquer doubt, to uphold truth, to serve in the light of our Father's love. I am placing before you a torch of light that I pass now down from the heavens to you as my truth bearers, and to carry this torch before you as you battle with the forces of darkness and the still-existing evil on this planet.

You are my soldiers of light, my sons. And I send you forth into this battle, as the weapons you need now to overcome and contain the forces of darkness. I give you my torch for my warriors in this battle to overcome the forces of darkness and evil on this world. Put down your shields of fear and doubt. Uncover your scars of rejection and anguish, and let this torch of light sear within you an armor so resilient and protective that you can go boldly into the fray, with my torch leading the way and surmount and overcome every obstacle that has been placed in front of you.

Live your lives as I have revealed my life as a man who followed the Father's will wholeheartedly and without reservation. And tonight as I come into your heart even more than you have allowed me to in previous times, know that in time this will whet and quicken your appetite to follow the Father's will more resolutely.

There is nothing to fear, my sons. You have my truth within you. You have the greatest weapon in the universe within you. This is your protection, and this is your strength. In the days to come, some of you may feel a quickening of this light within you. For others it will take more time. But be assured, my children, that when I have given a gift to my sons it is theirs. It is up to you how you will use this, and when you will use this. But it is yours, and it is mine to give, because I love each and every one of you uniquely and similarly.


And so as you feel my love swell within your hearts, you will sense within you more of the desire to use this light as your weapon and your faith. My peace I leave upon you. My blessings of mercy, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, are placed upon you now - to meld more into your being, as we knit ourselves together. Go in peace.


Meeting continued with a special blessing for a group member leaving town and our prayers.