2002-10-13-Perception in Reflection

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Topic: Perception in Reflection

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Prayer: (Matthew) Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

"Master Teacher, We place ourselves before you with gratitude and appreciation for all that we see and all that we know. Even though we do not see all that we know, we are fully appreciative of each and all opportunities to continue to learn, to grow, and to become the activated love that we are. And therein lies the opportunity for challenge, growth and to become. What a grateful attitude we have toward today, for the perfect day it’s developed into. Even if it had been gray and cold, it would have been perfect for that purpose as well. But for this purpose we are very grateful. We seek and welcome the opportunities for teaching from your teachers and welcome their input for our edification and advancement along the way for all of us. We follow in your wake, that which you have cut through to make it possible for us to follow. We are forever grateful to you and to our heavenly Father for all that is and always will be. Forever. Amen."

TOMAS: This is Tomas, good afternoon. I’m here with my peers -- a lot of them this afternoon! -- as we have found great joy in your open arena and the beauty that prevails in your fellowship and in the environment. This is an occasion for a celebration, simply being surrounded by such beauty.


Look around you. Open your eyes and your souls to the visions that are presented. The plethora of parables/allegories possible are many, but perhaps uppermost is the obvious evidence of the beauty of reflection.

The wonder of this demonstration of reflection is the illusion of the upper life soulfully recreated on the surface of the water, mirroring, in its own fashion, the brilliance of that which is "real." And yet, how would it look if the reflection were not there? A whole dimension of perception would be lost because you would not benefit from the fullness of the picture that the reflection provides. Such is the way of the life you live. This material life in the flesh, is the shadow, the illusion, and the reflection of the greater reality -- each is a realm in and to itself. And yet, look at the bounty of the blend of the two together. Each is enhanced. Each is made more because of how they are interwoven in your sight and in God’s sight. It is a different environment, yes. And one which would seem to be a distraction from your studies, but, inasmuch as our classroom is largely in the mind, these studies can be performed and absorbed anywhere.

We have a new personality presence today, in your midst. I’d like to make my acquaintance with the woman who is called Rita. You are a most welcomed guest and family member. We are glad of your arrival. I spoke last week to my family here about their parenting attitudes and that, with their cultural maturity, they have a range of gifts to bestow upon their children. And you are a child -- a faith child, indeed, to come into this environment and partake of these suppositions and energies, and to make yours what resonates to your soul and to your imagination. And so much of what we convey reflects in the deepness of you, in your deep mind, and not so much on the surface, as you see the reflection of the universe mirrored on the waters. You have greater dimension and you have a lasting value. Your reality will live long beyond these mountains, these lakes. Your faith will prevail long after these lily pads have disintegrated into time. Thus we begin to embrace the greater reality, that which we are a reflection of, and whose beauty we enhance as we reflect the reality that is prevalent above in the color dynamic of the Son.

Let us hear from another. Anatolia.

ANATOLIA: This afternoon, my friends, I, Anatolia, welcome you to a feast of excitement in the atmosphere in which you preside -- a feast of excitement because the day that you behold is filled with anticipation, and yet, all of the fulfillment of past -- with the beauty and the openness and the clear-mindedness and clear-channeled opportunity for appreciating the moment at hand, as well as the opportunity and the expectation that a day such as this will surely prevail into that which you expect in the long term future. This is something that you can expect and something that you can realize in your current, here-today consciousness, and to adopt the attitude and the frame of mind that, that which you are experiencing, both in terms of inner peace and outer comradely and surrounding in total beauty, is what you can expect for your future and on-going presence of mind, body and spirit. I say this with the expectation that anything that you can present before you -- in terms of a challenge, a problem, a disability, a disfigurement -- whatever it may be, is temporary in nature. Because surely -- as the virtually perfect day that you see before you -- you have all known days that have been dark, dreary, cold, if not miserable, both in terms of the weather and also the conditions in your lives at those particular moments of time. You know as well that those cold, miserable days did eventually pass, that interwove with days such as this, which brings you to a day such as this, which will bring you to a new day of opportunity, for when you more fully realize the depth, the height, the width, and full dimensions of your character, personality and divine nature, you are extolled to bring yourself to the awareness of who you are as a created entity of our ever-living, ever-trusting and always praiseworthy heavenly Father. It is through this dimension of your becoming aware of who you are that you will become more fully aware of the Christedness of your being. In your full awareness of who you are, you will be Christed at that point. You stand with all of the saints, for all time, in that body of Christ. I welcome you as brothers and sisters along the way, to that vast, glorious and wonderful day when you, too, will be among the Christed ones. It is my pleasure to welcome you as a sister and brother in Christ. And this is what is truly meant by saying you are a brother or sister in Christ. I wish you the peace of all everlastingness, the gratitude of all graciousness, and the glory that is yours and mine because we are aware and loving beings in the body of Christ. Peace be with you. Rejoice and be glad, for today you are among the consciously aware body of Christ. Peace be with you.

TOMAS: Tomas, again. I will not take all day. I will let you run and play. But I cannot forgo an opportunity to take questions as they arise, bubbling up from your soul to reveal itself as a hunger for knowing.


Matthew: I have one that pertains to world politics, etc., that Tomas has spoken about in the past several weeks. I’m not looking for a crystal ball gazing, but can you give us any assurance that current events aren’t going to turn into World War Three?

TOMAS: No. I cannot. I cannot interfere with free will. Nor can Christ Michael, himself. The future of your world is in your hands. Indeed, the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men. And so, even while the potential for war exists, it need not be an overwhelming horror to your consciousness, as it need not be a fatal set-back to your planetary growth. Remember the adage that peace will not come until such time as humanity has attained a point where it no longer needs, or wants, war to be the method by which conflicts are resolved because the reality of war has penetrated the collective consciousness such that you choose peace, you all choose peace.

Even advanced civilizations are often troubled by petty problems that tend to flair up in certain pockets, just as in your very gracious natures, you have areas of conflict which arise and trouble your mind until such time as it is resolved. If this is a part of what Urantia must endure in order to learn these lessons, then that is how these lessons will be learned. Those of you who have recognized the peace which passes all understanding, weep when you see such distraction from the divine way, but look now at the life you live, the world you live in. Look again at the view, and behold the passing of old trees, the stagnant corners. Death and life are part of the process of creation. Resurrection is close on the heels of death. You who have been reborn have no need to fear the turmoil of the uncivilized or the trouble-makers. Indeed, your responsibility is to uphold the value which you have found, which transcends the conflicts of the material life and renders them trivial and temporary episodes in the evolutionary growth of perfection. The beauty of the panorama of the reflection of perfection is more than enough to compensate for the fact of natural destruction. Pull yourselves together and remember the flawless kingdom of which you are a vital part. Reflect the divine in your waters, on your surface, and give off a mirror image of the divine, while in the remote backwaters of stagnant pools, decay and death evolve the mulch and bacteria that will give life to greater growth and newer beauty in the course of time.

How is it that the text describes what I am attempting to say? To those who are sure of the reality of God, it matters not whether these material kingdoms fall. It is all a part of the template of perfection attainment. As long as you are in league with the Light of Truth, you will serve and uphold that which you have so arduously won through centuries of advancing. You will not be abandoned by our Lord. Nor will you be forgotten. And so, fear not. As I indicated before, as you can let your beliefs, opinions, your stance, be known. If you are steadfast in your faith, a bulwark of sanity, you will help balance the cycle of nature and the on-going episodes of truth, beauty, and goodness which lead you to days such as today, wherein you may rejoice in the knowing of our destiny -- not just in Havona and in light and life, but in your immediate arena which is your contribution to the Supreme. That great reality is unerasable and as you are a part of that reality, which is even a part of this material world, you are safe, you are whole and you are eternal. There is no need for me to tell you to not be mindful of what your global circumstances are. You need to be aware, as human beings. It behooves you to be up to date on all these matters that effect your human existence -- the economy, quality of life, future, sovereignty, and so forth. But as you know, I will always bring you around to that greater reality which will hold you up and give you greater strength, more far-reaching vision and more far-seeing compassion than you can have by what you have inherited from your mortal predecessors. This is the value of revelation. This is the necessity for revelation, that it can help you rise above the evolutionary process, even while evolution must always stand side by side with revelation. Hold out your hand, you who are a living revelation. Hold out your hand to evolving life and help it up when it asks for help. And if it chooses to remain in chaos, let it be. Only you can decide how to serve, in your way, in your time, in your milieu, your arena. No one can counsel you as to how to deal with these affairs.

Matthew: That helps tremendously. Thank you. That was a full-bodied answer. I’m appreciative.

Janet: I’m just hoping that they can figure out a way to avoid war and come to some kind of meeting of the mind. I’m particularly, and personally, concerned about it because I have four grandsons, all in the age bracket that they could be taken – or they could volunteer – and they are all just starting on their careers in their particular fields and doing well and all of a sudden they could be called and next thing they’d never come back. And that worries me.

TOMAS: The barbarism of war is a gross inconvenience, indeed. It is, of course, more than inconvenient, but it is inconvenient, at least. Especially to those of you who realize that peace can be had and compromises can be made toward group betterment. But again, as the adage says, ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.’ If one does not thirst for the living water but thirsts for blood, then turn your back, and say "I know you not," and get on with the business of loving that which you can, and as you can. It is difficult because this planet is at a stage of unfinished growth and you, therefor, are very vulnerable. I can only reiterate how important it is that you stand firm in your faith and confidence of the eventual, and appropriate, reign of truth, beauty, and goodness in the hearts of all. But that cannot be forced, it cannot be pushed, it cannot be ready before its time.

Janet: Too bad there are so many stubborn heads.

TOMAS: Indeed. Prayer is helpful.

Janet: I don’t think they pray. Or if they do it’s to some crazy demon instead of God.

TOMAS: It is helpful for you to pray, for it gives you a sense of doing something. If they are not praying, at least you can pray on behalf of that which you find noble, true and good. You can pray for their enlightenment. You can pray for their peace of mind. You can pray for their psychic choice that is more sublime than the choice to be one with darkness. You can contribute to that which you know to be truthful, beautiful and great.

Let us be about the Father’s business and let the dead bury the dead knowing that, like the phoenix, life will resurrect from that which has ended. Lift up your countenance, raise your voice in praise of the loving Creator who has no respect for persons, in that, he is eager to know and love all his children, seeks association with his creations. Give your burdens to the Master. Let the Most Highs rule and give your support to those who can see with the greater perspective. To the extent you feel you must have something to do, pray -- or get politically involved. But my message to you will always be the same: follow the way of the Wayshower and let him show you how to reveal the Father in your life as he revealed the Father in his. That is all.

Look once more at the beauty that lies before you. Remember the composition of the pattern of paradise perfection and return to this pattern of perfection again and again, in its myriad ways, its many designs, assured of its all beingness, all knowingness, all encompassing love, that which is. Well, let’s not worry about war this afternoon. Let’s rejoice in the fact of our association. Let’s rejoice in the presence of Michael, Jesus, the Christ, who companions us and each of us in our daily walk, who embraces us with his living love, as you allow his arms to enfold you and reflect through you, his glorious colors, in the divine.


See you next week. Amen and farewell.