2002-10-23-Temporal Means & Eternal End

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Topic: Temporal Means & Eternal End

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Tomas: My friend, how happy I am that you give me this opportunity and yourself this joy. I appreciate your reluctance and understand your hesitation operating as it does with your desire, your desire to be of service. Let us proceed.


You have raised a question, a good one, well worth exploring, this parsing of means and ends, the many tasks given in this moment and the one purpose to reveal the love of our Father. You have already been advised concerning the tendency of persons, mortals such as yourself who may find themselves engaged by us on high, the tendency to feel chosen. You know of course this applies with regard to a task at hand, a task sought by those of us who would expand the revelation of God. The task could involve any number of things depending on the logistics of the moment, and yes, there are others who can fill these functions, others should one defer or decline, there are countless others. So yes, the task will be done, but what of the purpose, singular in nature, the purpose of revealing the love of our Father; and how is this revealed within the context of friendship, personality relations and the exchanges between us; is it not in and through our shared experience that his love is made manifest? One is a means which has an objective in mind, yes a temporal target, the other is the end towards which we strive in all of our tasks. Every means available serves this one end, the desire of our Father to show his love, to share his love with his children.

You know the problems which arise when any would elevate the means as an end in itself. Yes, there is a tendency which shows in many ways to reduce then the value of the personalities involved, to empty this light that is within them, to forget the value of the person in whose presence you may chance to stand. For in every encounter there is the presence of God, and it is the practice of his presence which we pursue in every moment, in every lesson, in every exchange, in every task. Mortals sometimes, even often, to the extent they are governed by fear, would forget the presence of God in pursuit of the means to this end.

The end is always before us and within us, and none are alone, none exist in isolation, all exist in relation embedded as we are in his infinite personality. Yes, the viewpoint of time and eternity are different. They are however, being blended as one in and through each of your actions, each of the lives of your fellows given to do the will of our Father, sharing their lives, our lives with each other in him.

I hope this has helped. It is nonetheless my joy to be with you, to share in this exchange.


Do you have any questions, comments?

Tiahuan: Tomas, I doubt myself, my question is of myself; I question my capacity.

Tomas: As you should, and as you do you discover the capacity of the one who dwells within you. Be gentle with yourself and with others. We are gentle with you. Yes, we seek through this channel and others the means of reaching our fellows, our mortal siblings. This does not mean we regard you simply as a tool for we are all tools in his hand, but we are more, we are his beloved children, and so yes, the tasks of time serve the purpose of eternity. The children of God are his treasure as he is ours. We do not use him for our purpose, our temporal objectives; he does use us to show his eternal purpose, to share his love, and as this becomes our purpose in time we become increasingly like him.


Let us proceed now and share this that we are together, as you are able. The opportunities abound. To use the words of your friend, be of good cheer.

Good day my friend.

Tiahuan: Good bye Tomas.