2002-10-29-New Way of Thinking

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Topic: New Way of Thinking

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Sandy Montee



Machiventa: "Much more can be accomplished in this, the Correcting Time, when we allow our minds to open, and we freely let new information in.

"Your dedicated and loving Teachers have taught you a multitude of core subjects, and indeed, these are truly worthy of being studied, time and time again.

"These past lessons taught are the basic teachings on which we build with new revelation, and in the trust that this will not be skipped over by our many mortal students, or that it may be deemed to be too outlandish to be acceptable, requiring too much thought to be comprehended, needing a superhuman stretch of the imagination, and therefore soon forgotten.

"Your Teachers and Guides have their hands firmly tied when faced with minds that are closed to what is new, an unrealized desire to remain stagnant, a mental reference to what is old and therefore acceptable, unwisely barring all that is new.

"You are capable of advancing each moment in time, to leave behind the many wasted days, even years, that are spent in defending your personal opinions, "mindsets of granite-like hardness", that will resist taking in the new.

"Our universes are growing, pulsating entities of their very own, forever pushing forward to allow for new ways of thinking and doing. And within our immediate realm there are many occupied planets so very much advanced over Urantia.

"Even now, compared to the vast majority in the local universe, your globe is still barbaric in nature with its wars of brother against brother raging on - mankind offering to destroy itself in this fight of nation against nation. "Your Creator gave you the gift of an alert and discerning mind to constantly press into new intellectual territory of understanding, which is your prerogative, even duty, to explore.

"To continue to live each day in the mindset of old is to deprive yourself of advancement. Take time to absorb the lessons you are given and allow a new mindset to occupy its place - a new way of thinking and doing in response to "the little voice in your head".

"Think about it. Get ready for the new.


"This is Machiventa, and I send my love to all who will hear my words."

Sandy: "Welcome to our new home, Machiventa. We love you."