2002-12-01-The Value of Spiritual Names

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Topic: The Value of Spiritual Names

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia, Jesus

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Prayer: (Mathew) Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master Teacher, we come to you with happy hearts, fully expecting the bounty that is promised, not in a material way, but in a real way that includes heaven on earth. We appreciate all that you have set before us, as a feast before our Father. All we have to do is to be courageous enough to go to the table to partake, and to allow ourselves and those that we know and love and share the planet with, the opportunities for mistakes and learning and to become the complete beings that you made us to be.

We ask for the teachers that you send to us today, to send the message that you intend for us to hear and that we have the ears, or the subconscious, to comprehend. And for all else that you know to be true and necessary, within our hearts and minds, we pray now and always. Amen.

TOMAS: I am Tomas.

Good afternoon, my dear friends and mortal family members, those of you present and those of you far off, who, none-the-less, and even so, are a part the priceless children of God who I regard as my younger siblings. What a joy it is to be your relative, for the safety and security to be found in the Spirit is strengthening and freeing.


The realm of reality which emits from the growing Supreme Being, of which you are a part, is the dimension of reality which is becoming the conduit for the Great and Original Universal Father. You are conscious of Sonship. Today we pause to give thanks to Father for Sonship.

And from that Source of acknowledgment of our being it is very easy, then, to formulate the descending steps of reality, for which we are thankful, even including the dimension of the material, which is your dwelling place. We are honored to be a part of your Uplifting and would speak to your appreciation of the civility of social harmony. And how this atmosphere of love-saturated-souls, coming together in worship and in joy, adds a dimension to your socialization that establishes in your midst a recognition of the consciousness of Divinity in your lives -- and between you -- thus representing not only our civility but your fraternity in the Spirit Family of God.

The very acknowledgment of God lends a New Consciousness to Socialization. And the more personal the relationship with God, the more personal is your social intercourse.

I call you together now as a Family, Sons and Daughters of the God of Eternity, and lend a hand in your stalwart efforts now to carry your consciousness into your arena and light the spark of Truth in the soul of those, your brethren, who are not courageous in the Spirit, but who hover together in the comfort of completely worldly realities while anticipating and expecting the world to continue to revolve around their will. What we know, students, is that in and through the Divine Will are we found, are we made perfect, are we lifted up, are we rendered blameless.

Let me ask you now, if you recall in your text a reference to the Last Supper when Jesus turned to Judas and said, in essence, in effect, 'if you're going to do it, do it now.' How did he know he was being betrayed?

Any responses?


Matthew: He knew everything. That may be a childish response, but…

Elena: I think if … unless you love somebody -- If you're going away from somebody, you can tell the direction --. I think that unless you are feeling love from certain people, in certain ways, that probably each one of us could tell that.

Linda: But he would certainly be better able to do that we could. I'm sure Jesus read the signs too.

TOMAS: Anyone else?

Esmarelda: But he even knows what we think and what we like to do or what we do.

TOMAS: They have sent me to teach you what he knows, as it is within your capacity to be as effective as he was when he was here.

I don't say this to discourage you, or chide you, but … By exalting Jesus as the Son of God and giving him credit for his Divine Dimensions, you seem to exclude yourself from having the same capacities, as a human being, that he had.

Esmarelda: I think we do. Some people are just more perceptive than others who don't sense things as much.

TOMAS: This is very true.

Esmarelda: I think you can read from expressions and from actions.

TOMAS: This is my point. This is also follow-up to the series of lessons from cherubim Bob, about the Adjutant Mind Spirits.

Student: …the Spirit of Intuition…?

TOMAS: The Spirit of Intuition might serve to trigger you if you are open to being triggered. It is as easy to shut down your mind and refuse these impulses as it is to courageously assay these intuitive glimpses at the reality at which you work.

This places a responsibility on you all. You who are conscious of consciousness, you who are superconscious, are able to discern, through the Spirit of Truth, those factors which go into allowing the Spirit of Truth to have its way. As long as you reject or resist the gift of the Adjutant Mind Spirits, you are asking to be held and protected from life's vicissitudes. If you are protected such, from life's vicissitudes, you will be ineffectual in your work in the realm.

This is my way of underscoring the relative importance of understanding the human condition. For while you enjoy the supreme experience of Sonship, in company of others of like mind, you are a minority. "The harvest is great but the workers are few."

Let me appeal to my co-teacher, Anatolia, for her refreshing presence.

Linda: Can I ask a question first?

TOMAS: Very well.

Linda: When you said that Jesus said, "Go and do it now. If you're going to do it, go and do it now." And then you asked 'how did he know?' I think he could tell because Judas had been doing things up to that point that probably left clues -- meeting with people, and so on, isn't that true? I mean, you wouldn't have to be a great mind-reader to know that Judas was up to something.

TOMAS: He only had to be aware, and conscious, not only of himself but those who were near him.

Linda: …and he knew them all so well, having spent so much time with them, and they were very close to him…

TOMAS: …and being fearless in his understanding of their capacities as a result of their ability to respond to the Spirit.

The primary disadvantage of the original Apostles was that the Spirit of Truth had not yet been poured out upon all flesh, and the absence of Thought Adjusters in general made for a fairly material reality, without Light. Elena: And the other disciples couldn't tell that Judas was going to do that either, could they?

TOMAS: As is common in those who are un-awake, all of life's reality revolves around themselves and they are disinclined to invest the time observing and taking these curiosities in prayer to the ultimate authority, as you are invited to do in this Teaching Mission, in accessing Stillness with your concerns. And not only your concerns for yourself but your concerns for your fellows. This kind of "golden rule" behavior, will involve you with humanity and sure enough, "the sure pathway to trouble".

Thoroah: So Jesus didn't 'know' just because he was Jesus. He knew because he knew how to find out?

TOMAS: Precisely. And I want you all to grasp this truth because as children you have such a penchant for allowing God to have all the answers and you as being Godless, or without God-likeness, which, of course, entails perception, consciousness, awareness. One thing God is, is aware of himself and all of his kingdom. The farther away from Paradise you go the denser it gets and you are of a dense origin, but you are in the Light.

And today, as I see you gathered around in celebration of the Light, it comes to me to remind you again of how valuable this gathering can be in fortifying you in your reality for your efforts in the field. You have to have faith, of course, but you will be upheld by the Spirit of Truth, the magnanimity of Michael, but it behooves you to have done your homework and to have learned all you can about your arena. Just as we are teaching you now, in this Melchizedek University, the efforts of morontia-izing your life experience to better your universe.

Janet: Well, as the old cliché goes, Life is a Learning Experience, and it's up to us to open our minds and our hearts so all of this just sort of soaks right in.

TOMAS: Well said, Little Sponge. (loud group laughter)

Janet: That is the first time I have ever been called that! (more laughter)

TOMAS: You are, however, open to the Living Water and how glad I am that you open yourself to the Spirit in which we all find ourselves and in which we delight to share each other's company.

Anatolia, I believe the path is open.

ANATOLIA: I am with you this afternoon, again, on this wonderful day in New Mexico. You are to be encouraged and also deliberate in your efforts to appreciate that which is around you. You have been graced with an atmosphere, and surroundings, which are admirable and pleasant to behold and to experience and, in addition, with regularity, that most of the nation, if not world, are unable to appreciate.

There are other places that are considered, perhaps, even more desirable, because of their exotic or more bountiful blessings with foliage, the mountains and the ocean - nevertheless your surroundings are pristine in their origin and your intentions to aid it by being conscious of the delightful surroundings, will help bless it for yourselves and for future generations.

I say this only to have you be aware of your surroundings, as is the lesson for the day, and in that, you can easily blend that which you encounter on our daily sojourn through your reality as you know it, so that you can have an experience of experiencing "heaven on earth."

It is not to be expected, however, that 'heaven on earth' will be trial-less or error-free or exempt from the vicissitudes, as referred to earlier, but rather that your attitude and your adaptability to adjust to those variations, will be 'heaven-like,' that is, as the Master had taught. It is your relationship with your Heavenly Father that is yours to establish and to control.

Knowing that it exists is taking advantage of a ride from a neighbor without ever repaying the offer. Not doing your part is mooching, if you will. The Universe does not provide free rides for long, for there is always a price of admission. However, this price of admission, as has been illustrated through many lessons, many Biblical readings, and the like, is simply your faith. Faith is your admission to the Eternal Dream, the Eternal Relationship where peace and justice flow like a river, where that which you expect is provided, that which is necessary is bequeathed, that which is all in all will be sufficient.

So I bring you tidings of good cheer and encourage you to appreciate your surroundings, wherever they may be. Particularly, where you are is an enviable position from almost any point on the planet. There are those who are, again, in more "more desirable" locations, but yours offers altitude as well opportunity for attitude adaptation.

I leave you in good company and good celebration for the thanks that you give is ours as well. We are grateful for your time, your attention and most of all, your adaptability to spiritual schooling and opportunities for our growth as well. For there is not a teacher around who would not inform you that they are constant learners as well.

Peace be with you and be at one in heart and mind, always. Amen.

Group thank you(s)

TOMAS: Again, I'm Tomas, are there questions this afternoon?

Linda: I've been wanting, for the longest time, to ask my spiritual name, and have never gotten around to it. If you have access to that.

TOMAS: The name formulating before me would appear to be a variation on the French automobile, the Renault. (Can you spell it?) Closest representative spelling: R-E-N-A-U-L-T

Linda/Renault: Does it come with a meaning?

TOMAS: No. It comes with a quality, and it's quality is made more as you become more, in your perfecting process.

"Quality" is difficult to define, but you know it when you see it and when you feel it. When you encounter quality (you material creatures will understand this), you admire it, you would touch it, perhaps. Some may covet your quality, have jealousy because you have a quality they want and haven't yet found their own.

But quality is such, genuine quality is such, that it stands on its own. There is no comparison. It simply is quality. And you, Renault, are that kind of quality.

'Renault' sounds hard. Ren-no is more accurate in pronunciation, but spelled with the "t" for translation purposes. Is this helpful?

Linda/Renault: Yes. Thank you!

Janet: Does everyone in our group have a spiritual name, 'cause if so, I'd like to have one, too.

TOMAS: We have many terms of endearment. (group laughter - 'sponge was really good! - more laughter)

I admit it slipped out one day when I wasn't minding my tongue. "Paula" is how you are recognized. (some group discussion and chatter about the name)

Janet: Does Carl have one, too?


Carl: What is it?

TOMAS: Let me try to access it. (long pause)

Your Native American aspects afford you a name which incorporates the flavor of the Red Race, thus it is a more Indian sounding name than some, but it comprises three (3) distinct syllables and if I were to pronounce it I would say men-o-pah. M-E-N - O - P-A-H. Men-o-pah'.

Men-o-pah is a journey into mythicism and nobility at once. Many of you have a perception that mythical, like mystical, is effervescent and unreal, as if it were a lesser reality. However it is an essential part of the quality of humanity that has become your legacy as you have evolved. The barbarous, barbaric specimens of evolving man, lack such a quality. They lack imagination. The quality, therefor, of the mythical and mystical is an advancement and a quality of life that those of you who are remnants of the Blue Race are inclined to disdain as being irrelevant.

Not only have we here a man who is mythogorical, mythological, what is the word...? The ability fly, to soar, to encroach, to listen, to become at one with the Great Spirit, is a quality NOT to be ignored but to be exalted. And this quality is found not to be extraneous or effeminate, perhaps because of the noble nature of the beast, who, like the horse, like the snake, like the buffalo, is purposive and stalwart. These are qualities in this man, Men-o-pah.

My Spirit greets your Spirit. (profound moment as their Spirits greet)

Carl/Menopah: I'm grateful to ya, Tomas. (group chatter about Carl's spiritual name)

Esmarelda: But, Tomas, you didn't tell Janet about the name 'Paula" and I'll bet she'd like to know.

TOMAS: Let me discuss, then, the nomenclature that surrounds this Empress. Here we have a fiery power, altogether capable of discerning the circumstances surrounding the situation at hand. "Paula" is woman who knows how to "count the cost" and ascertain the merits of advancing or retreating. It is no wonder that a woman like "Paula" would find the companionship of a man like Men-o-pah to her advantage.

'Paula' is also a tribal member of the Christian sect, having carried in her being the reality of its namesake, even while largely shedding the accouterments of the religion which counter-point Paul was able to create. Because, frankly, he had many of the same qualities as our good Paula. Both you and Paul have traveled far and wide, promoting that which you believe in. And while you have not necessarily been a preacher, or even a teacher, (even though you have done both of those), you have been a demonstrator of the qualities of reality that you hold up as being worthy of every man. This is no little woman. This is a warrior.

Janet: You give me a lot to live up to.

TOMAS: I will convey to you -- Weell, no, let me move over because Jesus would like to say a word or two.

JESUS: Welcome me into your campground. I have been here, of course, all the time. I have great anticipation for your gatherings, you have given me many happy reminders of my own conferences with the original apostles. And so now I take great delight in these, you, my modern day, apostles, who keep my reality alive.

Let me say then, Paula, that I am certain you are capable of living up to that which you are being created for and to do, for you are becoming yourself. Nothing is required of you that is not a part of you inherently, and I have great faith in you that you will yearn and aspire yourself into fullness, in the fullness of time.

You are indeed fortunate here. I have often thought this village, this environment, resembled my home when I lived here in the flesh. It is wonderful to be able to rather readily move away from the hustle-bustle of the marketplace and find silence, as you do here. Drawing away from the industry of existence allows me to come to you, gives me space in your soul-place, to be there for you when you reach for me.

We are able to work together in the embrace of our missions of upholding our Father and revealing him to his children who have not yet realized how loving he is. How sad that so many of my children have no understanding of how loving our Father is. And how loving I am. And how loving you are. It is at campfire gatherings, such as this, that we are able to stoke the fire of the Spirit that lives within us, each and all, and that allows our steadily glowing embers of light to warm those who are chilled, and to light the path of those in darkness.

I believe in each of you and in your capacity. I go with you into your arena, and so, be of good cheer as we work for the furtherance of Our Father.

Peace be upon you.


TOMAS: Tomas, your host, signing off for the afternoon. I see no point in further discourse about the reality that is so clearly a part of us. Rejoice and be glad. Amen and farewell.

Group: many thank you(s) and deep breaths and sighs of appreciation.