2003-02-16-Release, Release

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Topic: Release, Release

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion

TR: S. Butterfield



TR: Father-Mother, help us to find the way when we are lost. Strengthen our faith. Embrace us with your love when we struggle with fear and doubt. Be with each one of us. Help us to understand and to know that you are there. Comfort us when we feel bereft. I thank you for all the love you have given to us. I surrender this time to your will, good will. I welcome your teachers. I am grateful for the guidance they have given. I open my heart and my mind to receive your guidance today. Thank you.

Alana: Yes, this is Alana.


David: Welcome, Alana. We appreciate the sound of your voice today, through our beloved transmitter.

Alana: Each of you is hungry for Alana, today, yes? (D: Yes.) So, beloved Sandy…

Sandy: Yes, dear heart. Thank you for being here.

Alana: Yes. Strengthen your heart. Release. Release those "ties that bind," those belief systems that encapsulate you in a beautiful brass box, polished, with beautiful filigree. My beloved, release the stricture against loving your self. Allow us to open that box, and to fill you with love. For beloved, you are so loved. Yes?

Sandy: Yes, Alana. Yes, I know that…I’ve just felt so overwhelmed lately by a lot of pain, lately. Old things. But a lot of it is new, too.

Alana: Yes. Release the pain into Alana. Come now, let us create the heart room. Open your minds. Open your hearts. Allow. Allow the love to enter. Allow. Receive our love. Allow me, Alana, to love you. Allow Alana to take the pain. Step into the heart room with me now, my beloved. I embrace you. Release that pain. Watch the mind unravel. Yes? As the heart opens to my love.

So, my beloved, what is it you wish from me today? Speak to me now. You rest in my arms. I hold you, safe in the pool of love and forgiveness. Safe in the heart room. What is there to fear? What is there to doubt?

Sandy: Your’re right. There is nothing. I’ve just felt like I’ve had my finger in a dyke. I don’t know why.

Alana: Holding it. Holding it. Holding it at bay. Yes? Open your heart. Open your mind. Give me your pain. Release the dyke. Allow the flood. Feel it overwhelm you. Allow it to tumble your mind, your restricted heart. Let that flood bring you into me. You are overwhelmed by what, my beloved?

Sandy: I don’t know.

Alana: An illusion of something greater than the power of love. Yes? (Yes.) See yourself now, standing in the center of the heart room. Each one of your beloved friends blowing love upon you. Alana caressing you. Legion strengthening your heart, strengthening your spine. Lift your heart now. Lift your mind. Open to the love pouring down upon you. Allow the light and love of our Father’s our Mother’s love to flood you. One flood meeting another.

Sandy: I think I was really rocked by my nephew’s troubles. I felt his fear, and I lost it.

Alana: What is this "it" that you lost.

Sandy: My faith…oh I was sending him love, and all this energy, and I called on your help and I know that you helped him, and I thank you for your help...I guess I just kept focusing on his pain (unclear)..it really resonated in me...he felt the world was coming to an end and it was all his fault…(unclear)…it sounded so familiar.

Alana: Yes, you would so truly erase the pain for those you love. Yes? You would take that pain like Alana, yes? My beloved, if that is as you would do, then would you agree it might be wise to give that pain to Alana? Yes? All that pain you carry?

Sandy: That’s what I forgot..(laugh)..that’s the part I forgot..(laugh)

Alana: Ohhh. "Please Alana, go help him. Forget about me. I can keep on."

Sandy: Well, I certainly have missed those weekly reminders, when we were in a group together…thank you very much for being here.

David: Well, you certainly have created a different look on this sweetheart’s face right now, Alana, I must say, reporting from this side of the veil.

Sandy: (laughter) Well, a little laughter helps…(unclear)

Alana: And you, my friend, what do you carry today?

David: What burdens do I carry? Well, let me see….

Alana: Such a long list…(laughter)

Sandy: I think we’ve all been carrying a lot..

David: I’m working on my heartbreak journal. I’m in the seventh episode. I would have to say that where my heart is today…I feel my friends Chris and Sonja going through some pain in their relationship…and I feel their pain…but I’ve also practiced last night and this morning giving that up to you…so I feel pretty free. And Chris was over this morning and I had a wonderful time…just an open hearted and open minded sharing with one another. Actually I have no complaints.

Alana: Yes, my beloved, you are learning to accept heartbreak as an opening to understanding. You are beginning to leave behind you the long list of ways in which you have been expected, conditioned, prepared, and believed that you could save the world from peril, rescue the lost ones, redeem the blind, and set everything straight. You are letting go of your list of ways in which you can be wounded.

As you pass through this stage of your learning, you will begin to discover the structure in your mind that was constructed for good will, but is blinded by the imprints of a set of plans that were incorrect, or had fault lines, built-in errors of understanding. As you peel off the pages of the faulty plans, the ancient scripture (t/r sees old parchment paper), and reveal the understanding that can only flow from within, you are discovering compassion.

Compassion is the ability to feel another’s pain, without carrying it as a burden. Compassion does not "save," but has the passion of understanding that brings comfort and companionship while allowing and accepting pain.

I have said to you, my beloved, love brings pain. Yes? (Yes, you have.) This you resisted. You believed that love brings only joy, and so you resist the pain. But you live in a world of confusion, and the way is often long, and sometimes slow, to the full understanding of the joy that resides within you, the love that is yours within. Once this love is allowed to bloom, it also allows for growth and change. Your mind may object to the pain of growth, the cruelty of confusion, but as you gain understanding, you will, from within, allow the old foliage to fall, still having faith that new blossoms will arrive.

You have no complaints today, but your mind, I can tell you, will yet retrieve a few. (t/r sees old parchment papers. How difficult it is to understand that God’s love is within. The old words no longer serve. "Believe and rejoice" is not to say that a hand from the sky will lift you up and eliminate the suffering of life. The joy, the love I bring, resides within you, to be with you in the difficulties of the human struggle to live life kindly, co-operatively, and in creative love. Your compassion is not just for others, but for yourself, each day.

Legion: This is Legion.

David: Welcome, Legion.

Legion: So my friends, do you stand tall today? The human emotions often bear down upon your spine, so flood your being that the spine gets spongy, yes?

Sandy: This feels like the big hand from the sky trick. I love you, Legion. Thank you for coming. (Unclear)…there’s too much pain…(unclear)...we’re not up to it...(unclear).

Legion: Well, my beloved, at this moment you have Legion’s love pouring down upon you. And so I say, it is a trick of the mind saying to you, "We’re just not up to it, Legion, old boy! Give us some relief!’

My beloved, it is not really a matter of "are you up to it." You are learning to allow and to accept, in order to see clearly, and to choose to love. You are learning to strengthen your bodies, and your minds, and your hearts. Yes? This is to say, that whether or not you are "up to it" is a choice: to love.

The choice to love: place before your mind the choice to be "up to it," or not, vs, the choice to love. The first provides you with many opportunities for discussion, yes? many opportunities for the mind to struggle with this and that. But if you have entered into this curriculum, the discipline of love is the discipline of joy, then you know it is the second, the choice to love, that must reign in your hearts and minds.

With the choice to love comes the discipline of love: strengthening the mind to choose love, strengthening the body to choose love, strengthening the heart to choose love. Strengthening the mind to know the heart, to know the love that dwells within you: the Spirit that is within your body, the Spirit that knows the body’s pain, the Spirit that knows the heart’s heartbreak, the Spirit that knows the mind’s confusion.

Have faith in the path of love. Allow Father-Mother to give birth within you a faith that love will show you the way, will strengthen you, will give you what you need to welcome change with love. Thank you.

As you nurture your nephew, blowing love upon his many mental confusions, do the same, my beloved, for your self. Yes? Nurture your selves.

Sandy: Obviously I got off track for awhile. I am so grateful for your loving presence today. (Unclear)….fear….

Legion: Old fears sometimes look exactly like the new ones. Yes? When you turn within to nurture yourself as our Mother-Father would nurture each child of their love, you will begin to discover that you are not alone. Their true love, real love, resides within you, waiting only for you to say, yes. "Yes, I will Your will to be my will, which is good will toward myself and toward others; which is to love myself as I am loved, as one who is loved, and to love others as I am loved."

I surely have no desire to trick you, my beloved, into thinking this love will erase all pain. The discipline of love is the discipline of joy. The path of love is not a pastel Hallmark card, yes? It is strengthening the mind, strengthening the heart, strengthening the body, to allow this beautiful being, you, and you, and you, and you, and even you…my beloveds…to have the faith and the courage and the will to join hands in the work of revealing love on this planet…to join hands with the love within you, that you may continue to grow without fear, without doubt, and with your faith sustaining you throughout all difficulties, with certainty that as you stand tall for love, so it shall be revealed.


(At this point, the t/r is fatigued. She sees a human being walking, climbing, struggling up a mountain…first this way, then that…each step providing the foundation for reaching the summit…for what will be revealed as the pathway toward love.)