2003-03-30-Anticipation of Joy

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Topic: Anticipation of Joy

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Devina, Hakim, Legion

TR: S. Butterfield



Alana: So!

Sandy: that was quick.

Alana: Yes, I have been waiting.

Sandy/David: Yeah. We have been a little slow.


Alana: I have anticipated. And always with patience, yes? Nevertheless, even in patience, there is excitement, the excitement of anticipation of joy. The excitement in patience makes no demand, does not push or shove, but anticipates with calmness and peace of mind, allowing the excitement of anticipated joy to be an experience in itself, worthy of you tasting every morsel of time. And so, in your patience, you enjoy. No need for impatience, criticism, intolerance. No need for irritation. For you, in the stillness of the heart room waiting patiently, enjoy each moment of anticipation. Thus your waiting becomes an experience of learning, of practicing the Presence of Love in your heart, in your mind. You do not emmanate disturbing signals, or vibrations. And so, that for which you wait may then come forth with equal joy of anticipation for the fulfillment you have envisioned by patience. Thank you.

So, shall we create the heart room? Yes? Yes.

Breathe in my love. Allow my love to enter into you, clearing out the mind, emptying out the heart, of all those troublesome ideas of disaster and emotions of fear and doubt. Breathe in my love. Allow my love to fill you and spill forth from you across to the one before you. Allowing love now, to fill you and pour forth from you. Sharing this love. Allowing this love to create the heart room. Feel the love exchange from either side of you with the ones next to you. Feel the love connecting your hearts to the one across from you, connecting your hearts to the ones on either side of you. Breathe. Breathe in my love. Hold my love, then allow it to pour forth from you.

So, open your hearts, open your minds, blow love upon those you love. Blow love upon your family. Blow love upon the Family of God.

Yes, you would have it be different. “No pain, Alana, please.” Alana says, “No fear, my beloveds. No doubt.”

Surrender your fears; toss them into the pool of love and forgiveness. Surrender your doubts; let them fall into the pool of love and forgiveness. Allow Alana to love you, to enter into you. To fill you with love. To connect you, one to the other. To connect you with our Father, our Mother. Open your hearts. Open your minds. Allow love. Allow love to enter, to saturate your mind, to permeate your heart. Thank you.

So, welcome, our beloved little one. (N: Thank you.) Yes, Alana is very pleased. (Thank you.) Irivina recognizes. Legion applauds. One step at a time, yes, my beloved? You will have the strength you need.

And you, our beloved Sandy, as well. (S: I’ve been praying for strength. Thank you, Alana.) Pray with faith, my beloved. Faith that all will be well.

It is not easy, my friends, to peel off those old habits of mind, one by one. They are like the many scales on the fish: you may scrape and scrape and scrape, and then, smoothing your hands over it, you find another over here, and one over there. This is not to be taken as weakness. No shame. No blame. But rather, my beloveds, you scrape again. And smooth over to find one more little one there, one more little one over there. And you breathe in my love, and with patience, anticipate the joy. Some day that habit, too, will be gone, as the many scales that make the habit are removed, carefully, patiently, anticipating joy. Is this helpful? (S: Yes.) Patience with yourself, my beloved.

So, Mr. Boisterous! Welcome, my beloved. (D: Thank you. Welcome to you, my beloved.) So you have been awaiting Alana! (D: Yes.) For a word with her, yes?


D: I’m not so sure about the word with you…I’ve just been anticipating your presence in this particular fashion, where you are speaking to us in this way, through our transmitter. I look forward to this

Alana: Yes. And the word is love.

David: Yes. Yes. I was talking to the t/r this week about how I think she is able to transmit not only the language of love that you speak, but the actual love that emmanates from you seems to come through you in these sessions.

Alana: Yes. She, almost unbeknownst to herself, has accepted and allowed and chosen great faith in the heart room. She has always sought to experience the lightness of love that is the heart room. She steps in easily, and allows Alana a great deal of freedom to speak. Yes?

So, we will open your hearts now to your…how do you say it…your significant beloved? Yes? Your partner in learning to love one another? Sandy and Roger. Susan and David. Nena and Kenny.

See your partner before you. Open your hearts now. Open your minds. Allow your partner to be before you in love. Embraced in love. Standing in the heart room before you in Alana’s love. Having faith, allow your partner to step into your heart now. Into your mind. Let his/her heart open, his/her mind open, inside you.

Alana blows love upon you now. Alana blows love into the two of you, into your hearts, into your minds. Breathe Alana’s love now. Breathe it in.

Allow now. Allow your beloved partner to turn and step back out of your heart, out of your mind, into the heart room with Alana. Breathe the love. Breathe Alana’s love.

See your partner in Alana’s embrace. I carry your partner now, into the pool of love and forgiveness. See the living waters of love flowing through your partner, around your partner, washing your partner, cleansing your partner, envigorating your partner.

We await you, now. Our arms are wide open. Step into the pool of love and forgiveness, now. Take your partner’s hand. We dip you, now, into the pool of love and forgiveness.

Standing together now, holding your partner’s hand, lift up your heads and allow, allow the light of our Father’s, our Mother’s, love to fill you. To fill your partner. To surround you. See the lines of light winding about you and your partner in a figure 8, infinitely embracing you with love. Turn to your partner and look into your partner’s eyes. Allow the love to pass between you, into your eyes, into your hearts, into your minds, into your bellies. Thank you.

Practice this welcoming of your beloved into the heart room, into your heart and mind. Surrender your doubts. Surrender your fear. Allow. Allow love’s patience. Allow. Allow love’s strength. Allow. Allow love. Thank you.

Is there anyone who would speak to me, or to Legion, at this time?

David: When you spoke of the heart room, the thought occurred to me that there is the possibility that the heart room is the inner light that you speak of that we contain. I noticed in a recent transmission that there were innumerable references to our inner life. I don’t know exactly how to form a question about this…would you like to say something about our inner life?

Alana: The heart room is the love within you, is the light within you, given life. It is the power of the will to choose to do God’s will, which is good will. Good will, ever and always, reflects the love and light of God, our Father, our Mother. Because you are human beings in a physical body,with density, and measurements of time, space, weight, you first picture the heart room in the imagination’s will to love. You first understand the light as coming from beyond you, or above you, or outside of you. When you first emerge into the imagination of love, the imagination’s will to love, you must shake that density which has conditioned you to look within and see only darkness, the thckness of the body of material weight and composition. As you exercise the imagination’s will to love, opening your hearts and your minds, you discover the lightness of being, the permeability of the body by light and love, the saturation of the body by the living waters of love, until you experience the body in the pool of love and forgiveness floating, becoming lighter, becoming more saturated, more permeable. And soon, you discover you are the light within, you are that love that fills you, lifts you, raises you to joy.

Is that a helpful answer to your question?

David: Yes, and I look forward to reading it.

Alana: Thank you. So! each of you is welcoming change with love. Yes? (Yes.) And when there is that, “I don’t want to, Alana!” You surrender. Yes? To Alana’s love. I bring you my love that you may use it when your own heart falters. Yes? Legion brings you his strength that you may use it when you are uncomfortable in the idea of your weakness. Yes? Legion and Alana only appear to have more love and strength and forgiveness than you when your conditioning of fear and doubt is leading you by the nose, so to speak.

So, continue to practice entering the stillness, stepping into the heart room, turning to love, whenever you fear, see fear and doubt creeping across your field.

David: I want to thank you, Alana. Yesterday I experienced disappointment, momentarily. Somehow in that moment I turned to you and I suddenly felt all of your love within me, God’s love within me, my love within me, as you’ve been talking about…anyway, I felt your love inside of me and I got right over my disappointment, in this experience of experiencing your love and accepting the change and accepting the disappointment. It was a wonderful experience. It carried me across the gap in such a wonderful way. Faster than I’ve gone before. It was fast. I’m very happy with that.

Alana: Yes. So, many of your disappointments, my beloved…and this I say not just to you, but to anyone who is listening upon your planet, and to each of your beloveds, here…so many of your disappointments, my beloved, are indeed very small, and only great in the mind of fear and doubt, only great in hearts shaped and conditioned by fear and doubt. You turn to Alana. You turn to Legion. You turn to Michael, Jesus, our Mother, our Father. You surrender your fear and doubt to discover how small, how quick, are disappointments taken away as you allow and you accept and you welcome our love so fully to enter into you. You experience our disappointment-proof energy of love and strength. And you allow yourselves to take one more step toward knowing that you, too, are aimed directly at that opening to love that is our Father’s, our Mother’s, love for you.

So! I am delighted, my friend, that this you did so well. In the heart room, all is quick, for it is timeless love that we bring to you. Yes?

Now we would work with you to allow yourselves to welcome change within you with love, that you may drop your disappointments into the pool of love and forgiveness, and allow yourselves to become more of who you really are, which is the stillness within, the heart room within, the love within, the knowing, the knowing the power of love to heal, to forgive, and to give love away, which is the joy.

Breathe my love in. So my beloveds, is there anything more you would say to me? Beloved Sandy, we pour love upon you like honeyed rain, that all those frets and frowns and worries will stick to our love and fall away. You struggle now. Give that struggle to me, and to Legion. We will stretch you now, like salt water taffy. Allow the salted tears to fall away, and only the sweetness be yours. Taste the sweetness now, my beloved. You are loved. You are loveable. We bolster up your faith with love. Remember the sweetness whenever fear and doubt return with their bitterness. Reach deep within with the tongue of your imagination willing to love and taste the sweetness again.

Our little one: Irivina continues to structure your thoughts with her diamond crystal bringing light into what has become a palace of joy. (N: I know. I feel her. I don’t feel more myself alone.) Yes. Yes, my beloved. We are in joy with you. Yes? (N: Yes.) Good work, my beloved. (N: Thank you. Thank you for your lessons.)

And you, my beloved Sir David, have no doubt. What you are learning will become a gift to many others as you learn to trust in your word, and in trusting your word, you grow in space to give the power of love in your word to others, many others, my beloved. Legion by your side. Song in your heart. And Alana embracing your mind.

Is there any thing else you would say to me today before we leave this heart room?

Sandy: Just my thanks, Alana.

Alana: Yes, my beloved, we thank you. Even in your forgetfulness, we know your love, better than you, yes?

Sandy: I think so.

David: Thank you for your faithfulness, Alana. (Yes.) Your constant availability. (Yes.) It’s wonderful.

Alana: Yes. I give my faith to you. Use it. There is plenty more where it came from, yes?

David: Seems like it.


Alana: I love you, my beloveds. I wrap you in my love, now. I lift you up now. Allow my love to lift you. Allow Father’s grace to come into you. All is well. All will be well. Lift your hearts into the light. Rejoice in the love.

Devina: Imagine your minds and all those thoughts, and see them like a long bar of music, and Davina with her silver strings attached to every note, and she is playing the music as she dances above you in the light. I love you.

Hakim (with Legion at his side): You will discover the fairness of love inside and out, but as a human being, this does take work, determination, intention, imagination. The discipline of love is the discipline of joy. Enjoy discipline with love. Love yourselves, my beloveds. Allow that love to grow and pour forth. Thank you.

(Group thanks.)

Sandy: Legion, thank you for being here. (Legion: Yes.) I’ve been trying to..(unclear) (Legion: Yes.)

Legion: I have been thankful that you have lowered the shade, so to speak, that I might peek within. You are quite beautiful, my friend. Legion is comforted and happy to work with you. (Sandy weeping.) And, one of these days, in one of those great long stretches of the mind, and the heart, and the body, you shall laugh with Legion in delight. (Weeping.) Yes. (Weeping.) I love you.

Breathe in my love. Know my strength. My strength will change you. My strength will feed you. Hold to my strength. Do not fear to tug too hard, to cling too long. I want you to know my strength is thoroughly infused with our Father’s, our Mother’s, Michael’s love and their strength, the power of love. Thank you.