2003-06-22-Merely the Footings

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Topic: Merely the Footings

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Sandy Montee



Machiventa: "Good morning, Sandy. This is your friend and teacher, Machiventa.

"I am also sending greetings today from the group of midwayers that came to visit with you of late. As you know, we have sent Char [see note below] to be with you, and she will greatly respect you for your inquiring about her knowledge in her area of extraordinary expertise.


"Today I would like to talk about living up to your potentials. As most people on this planet think about doing as much as possible, to be as much as they can be, they portray in their minds a life of a rather hectic pace, and getting as many things done as they possible can get done. I would like to speak today about the very opposite.

"I observe life on Urantia to be far too busy, and I know that many folks would benefit from slowing down, and with a clear realization of the aspects of their lives that are most important to them, and whereby they can more successfully live up to their greatest potential.

"As we slow ourselves down, we can more sincerely contemplate our values, our hopes and dreams. And we will often find it may not be a situation of us doing more, but instead a case of doing a little less. For many this is true during their entire lives - their having difficulties relaxing and 'staying in the one spot' for long enough to think something through.

"We profess that your relationship with God, your time set aside for God, is the most important event to take place in your day, for you to go into Stillness, for you to pray, and to then listen for the 'word of God'.

"To do this Stillness each day is of the utmost importance for your being able to separate out the most worthy tasks of endeavor, such as enhancing your spiritual advancement. To simply relax and ask God to be with you is very important as you sort through your values, which include building character at the soul level.

"To spend this time in communication with your Creator, reflects your appreciation for His creation, His 'rightness' in giving you life, and helping you at each turn in the road as you progress to the utmost understanding of your true purpose in life.

"Your lifetimes on Urantia, indeed, cover little more than a blink of the eye of time, compared to the ages you will spend in ascension toward Paradise. The purpose of your lives here merely represents the preparation of the footings for the foundations of your eternal careers, and it must be done with much care, measurement, and with forethought about how you will pour the 'foundations' and build the 'bastions' of your eternal futures.

"I would like for you to consider this process of slowing down, and becoming more aware of why you are blessed with this life as you know it. As you contemplate slowing down, and begin to act upon our recommendation of regular Stillness, you will begin to live up to your potentials as spiritual beings, and many other aspects of living will then naturally fall into place.

"Your God is the Creator, the Father of all there is, and also your inner voice and your Helpmate upon this path you have chosen. He will show you your purpose as you become aware of a journey filled with meaningful enlightenment.


"I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I wish you a good day."

Note: "Char" (919, or 9:19) is only a recent midwayer arrival - not a native of this planet. Char's much appreciated expertise is in the area of health, diet, medicine, and day-to-day organization. The term "charwoman" comes to mind. Blessings. Sandy.