2003-11-10-Where We Are In This Mission

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Topic: Where We Are In This Mission

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. From week to week I am always amazed by your willingness to be open to receiving. You are each made to see with the eyes of the spirit and your willingness to be open enables you to see more. Your courage to step out in faith is commendable. I am honored to be your friend.

This evening I am exceedingly grateful, for the fruits of our labor are beginning to blossom. We are reaching a new increase in the number of believers and the mind circuits are fully operational. When we first learned of Michael’s plan for correction we each had our doubts concerning the world’s people’s receptivity. We fully believed in Michael and His perfect plan, and yet many of us had mortal experience and knew that the gift of free will was somewhat of a limitation and a liberator, meaning that as evolution progressed man was free to revise the spiritual traditions or even break away for new up-to-date living revelation. Needless to say, Michael and His plan has exceeded our expectations. We are this evening with a grateful heart and a new abiding hope, for Michael has called and many of you have answered.


Where are we at in your eyes concerning the progress of the Correcting Time? How effective has the Teaching Mission been in your personal lives? How have you put the Correcting Time into action? I realize that in getting down to the meat of our purpose we have to cut through the fat. You Mission participants have done a great deal to free yourselves from that mystical thinking that stands in your way of the realness. These years together have been an exercise in forging through personal wish fulfillment to spiritual reality.

In the days of old when our Master wore the flesh He was never fully able to free the people’s minds from their inner heartfelt desire for a coming Messiah. He did a great deal to bring spirituality into everyday living, and yet many still could not fully comprehend that the Kingdom of Heaven is about living a mortal life divinely. Many could not grasp the fact that this mortal life is a gift, a prerequisite to the morontia life. Many mortals spend their lives in a state of wanting, while what they have is of so much more value.

My children, you each have been given a gift, a pen, so to speak, to help write a chapter in the story of the Supreme Being. You should feel that joy of one who has been freed. Father is who you serve and the opinions of others have no affect on you. The traditions handed down over the generations are real to those who are not courageous enough to be free thinkers, but you my friends are with the priceless gift of living revelation, and understanding a personal relationship with our First Source and Center.

This week also take time to ponder over those menial things which still bind you. Take time to think about the importance of a mind that is free from the fetters of religion, culture and society. A few questions?


DIANNA: Abraham, I have been working on developing a closer relationship with Jesus, as well as Michael. It seems like through my religious training that Michael is easier to build a relationship with because of all the connotations (inaudible). I have been asking for assistance and wonder if you have any words on that for me?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. This is the beauty of our spiritual freedom. Many can relate to the human Jesus, for the history shows Him to be just like those who study about Him. He was a common man, and yet He was able to live a perfected life. He did a great deal to enhance the minds of that day and age. The records written about His life are acceptable for those who can handle very little. Over all the Jesus that we know is seemingly closer to the common man. Michael on the other hand is greatly related to Spirit—to be more specific the Spirit of Truth, which is a new and updated personality. You are entirely welcome to go with what feels most comfortable to you at this time in your spiritual growth. Jesus set a beautiful example of living a mortal life and Michael is now a live connection. Either way you can learn from His life, His example. As you progress in the spirit you will refer fondly to the stories of the life of Jesus and learn therefrom, but for immediate communication the Spirit of Truth is ever up-to-date and a living confidant. Is this helping? (So if I am understanding you correctly—the only living circuit connection we have is to the Spirit of Truth and not to—is there no energy in this relationship to Jesus except for just as a historical reference?) In the way of learning from His life, an example—yes, and yet on the other hand you can feel comforted by the fact that Jesus and Michael in all reality are one in the same. Who He was then in part is who He is now. To understand His life long ago is to learn of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. To learn of who He is now is open to a great deal of spiritual possibilities—new and living revelation. Yes. Yes, you are correct. Good question, Dianna. Another question?

MIRIAM: Well Abraham, it seems like you are really happy tonight and its great. I am just wondering is your perspective of feeling full of hope based on all the light around Urantia coming up in general or is it because of the seeds of the Teaching Mission are planting?

ABRAHAM: Yes, more along the lines of the light coming from the planet as a result of opened minds and hearts. The masses are swaying toward light even though you much of the time cannot see it. I do like to share that good news which encourages participants to continue in their efforts to expand the Kingdom and share the good news of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. (Are you celebrating somewhat amongst yourselves?) Somewhat, yes. Good choice of words.

TR asking question for LUKE: One moment. Luke, you are quite able to receive our words. You do have teachers available to you, but no one as of yet specifically assigned. As you work with them you will be best suited to one in who you relate best with. You do well, my son. I know that you are feeling like a fish out of water. Have not worry. There are other fishes. Continue in practicing your transmitting abilities. Know that I am still close to you and you are my friend and student. Carry on. One more question.

CALVIN: Abraham, some think that the Mission is stagnant and not getting out there very far. I am glad to hear your upbeat perspective of the Mission and Correcting Time. I see it as a worldwide thing as getting better. It is good to hear. I have a hundred things I would like to ask, but would you have anything to say to be helpful for me? It has been a while since I have talked to you.

ABRAHAM: Calvin, my son, you are indeed softening around the edges. Your maturing spirit leads me to say you are indeed a delight. I enjoy your audacity to go forward with what you believe to be correct. Know you have been given tasks and for the most part are living up to completing them. You do well. Have not worry for the days ahead. You know quite well that Father is in all the details. Trust yourself, trust your inner Father, continue to move forward and enjoy your life. You are indeed a light to many. Be not overcome with worry or fear. Know that you are quite capable of spirit reception. Use it wisely. You do well.


With that I shall take my leave. Know that in all that you do Father is at hand and you are each capable of hearing Him. Know that my love is ever growing for you each. Until next time, shalom.