2003-12-15-Spirit Poisons

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Topic: Spirit Poisons

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am always refreshed in spirit each time we meet. I appreciate the particular energy that flows from this group. You each are well intentioned and here to learn, give and receive. I find it quite renewing in spirit to be among you and dip my cup into the living well. Each of us is a source of energy and together we can create change for the better. Last week we spoke of the pain and frustration that comes from the need to control everything. I would say a few words on the emotional aspects of disappointment and frustration.


Spirit poisons lead us to search for fulfillment. An emptiness within caused from rampant emotionalism leads us to search for relief. You can study, pray, do stillness to find fulfillment, and yet your mortal self is impatient for immediate results. Look at the world and it’s appetites. You can see that mortal appetite craves material fulfillment. It is what the eyes can see, ears can hear, mouth can taste and so on. This can indeed bring temporary fulfillment or gratification, but without that soul comfort the satisfaction is fleeting.

As we set out upon our journey for personal correction we have done a great deal of work on overcoming our weaknesses or animal nature. The world is hanging in the balance now, so to speak, where spirituality is becoming tangible, but the material is right there in front of mortal eyes. As we seek fulfillment, or relief from disappointment and frustration, we would do well to be aware of the mortal senses. While they are a part of you, they are stemming from animal instinct, which is of the material world.

Those who make honest effort in living a spirit-led life will indeed discover new morontia senses that are from the divine realm, which is away from ego, away from the material world and the road to lasting eternal fulfillment. When you see yourselves or your fellows in the midst of weakness or possibly chasing after some temporary material fulfillment, know that this is not the time for harsh judgment, but a time for compassion and to be observant of divine law.

What has been meaningful in your lives? What has brought love and fulfillment? What are the souls desires for fulfillment and how does this affect the mortal mind and body? Think about your so-called obsessions, and will these feed the soul, or temporarily satisfy the ego. Where is your energy spent? And again, be aware of your levels of unhappiness and disappointment—where is the balance. Time spent with Father is a priceless insurance that can answer all of these questions. It is well and good to find mortal fulfillment, but know that spiritual fulfillment is food for the soul, lasting and strengthening for those difficult times ahead.


No questions this evening. As you set out upon your week ahead remember that your personal happiness directly affects the attitudes of others. This is a season for goodwill—let us make that a reality. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.