2003-12-25-We Need To Persist Together

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Topic: We Need To Persist Together

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Tomas

TR: Gerdean



JESUS: Yes, I am your elder brother and creator, Michael. My presence has prevailed on Urantia today and I bask in the acknowledgment of my birth, but I weep for those who know not what they celebrate, who have yet to lift their face to meet mine in communal understanding of our sonship in this Family of divine inheritance, in which we are all such a vital part.


You are truly my apostles. You are my friends in whom I am well pleased. Each of you are unshakable in your faith, un-doubting in your principles. On men and women like you we depend to reveal the soul of truth, the rapture of goodness, and the spectacle of beauty which beholds the eye of the believer. Beautiful dreamers made men, made whole, by your faith. What work awaits. We have come far. Since I have been here millennia ago, much has come to pass, much advancement has been made in terms of the evolution of the races, cultures have flourished. The planet has been mastered, travel is not difficult.

Now the modern age is upon you and technology has made your lives one of ease and convenience. Manners and mannerisms have become the norm, and in many ways civilizing the animal propensity.

In the face of the understanding that you have, by knowing me, by spending time with Our Father, you realize that as much as we have come together thus far, we will need to persist, for there is ahead many more efforts required.

I have asked you to follow me and you have complied willingly. Rest with me here then on this day of celebration for your Lord’s birth, and while we wait, let us pause to reflect upon the potential inherent in the sleeping souls of those who wait awakening in their own consciousness to the reality of their divine kinship with me and with you, thus opening the floodgates of a certainty to the caroling and rejoicing that is ours in simply recognizing our reality in this wondrous realm, this divine dimension.

In this prayer for their awakening, come now and take comfort in the moment, knowing that in the Father’s time all will be revealed, all will come to pass. In this moment of peace, let us give thanks that we rejoice in knowing him, that he has put our fears to rest, that he has taken upon Him even those sorrows and burdens which we have born. All of them. Relinquished to His care and keeping. In all things there is a purpose. Even in the seeming evil ways. Herein are the lessons, the often brutal lessons that become not so loathsome as remarkable, for their ability to turn reality inside out, leaving instead apposite reality - from darkness to light, from death to life.

It is, I know, difficult for you to appreciate how it is that I can suggest that we conjoin in fellowship and conviviality even while there suffering ongoing and horrible things in the lives of my children coming to pass. I have not overlooked my sons and daughters. I am with every one of them. The Father is in them. The angels watch over them. The Mother Spirit ministers to them. And they are brought home to rest in the end as even you have been brought home to Me, to find strength and courage in My nature.

Yes, I do weep, but I also rejoice. I rejoice in the work we have done, how far we have come. I can see the dawning of the new age. I hear the voices rising in song and salutation. I am witness to the light of the spiritual dawn that is rising on the horizon of this new dispensation. The tumult is a part of the time in which you live. It contributes to the drama and the unfolding of that which you are witness to. Ever and anon, in one form or another you will find your life in the spirit vibrant and renewed. It is not a reality which will become stale, like Christmas cookies, or broken, like new toys. The path, the Way before you is always new and created explicitly for that moment by orchestrators beyond even my creative abilities. This incredible universe of which we are a part is where I rest my weary head as well as you, and I too perceive the starry, starry night at the peak of which resides the glory of the Universal Father, the Everlasting God.

The treasure of knowing God is wanting to be with him always. When you cannot bear to be away from his presence, when you are bereft unless he is embracing you, entirely. You have no need to stray. You have no fear that when you are at work in the field he will be removed from you, no. You need him in the field, working with you, bringing his light, providing his strength, offering his courage, yielding his nature to you for your use, in his interest, and in the interest of his advancing creation.

You are indeed on the outer edges of the universe, but it is a far brighter light in the cosmos than it was even 2000 years ago, as I have been there. I have given it my all. And you have picked up that burden, that challenge, that desire to be and do that which will advance the cause of this heavenly kingdom, this state of reality that we know as living love. You are supermortal workers. We could not do this were it not for Our Father. We could not do this without his eternal aid, infinite mercy, and long-lasting understanding.

It is the dawn of another day. It is the beginning of another year in the lives of those who assess my life by the Gregorian calendar. The question is, is this new day one in which I will take a personal part? Am I invited into their lives to share with them the experience of living? Or am I an icon to go into the box and wait another year to be brought out as a reminder of a reality that was once held in high esteem before it became a part of the culture, a part of the sociology. I am more than this. The Father is more than this! Sometimes I want to shake my children and tell them "Awaken! You have no right not to."

(Long pause)

Would you speak to me? Are there questions?


(Long pause)

Marty: It is overwhelming to be with you, Father.

JESUS: You are born to it. You are born to know me and to know the Father, and we have made the way easy for you. You are experiencing reverence. Reverence is not overwhelming, my son, it is uplifting and exalting. It takes you from a lump of clay and lifts you up into the air, expansive and elegant. Breathe deeply of the recognition of your own soul and allow it to extend itself into the universe, to be at one with all that is, and find its place therein. Be not overwhelmed but appreciate the reverence you hold for that which you adore.

In time you will become accustomed to these things. You will learn to sit at the feet of the Christed all around you. Those who have given themselves to the process of living in the spirit, who have died the old ways and been reborn in ways of the spirit that ennobles you and frees you to be of good cheer, to know deep within you the truth of all things, that doesn’t even need to think about what way to act because it is inherent within you; it is the Father that is prevailing within you because you have willed it so, and it is such a reward in itself. But it is not overwhelming. It is perhaps thrilling. Let us rejoice.

Is it not wondrous to know that in all there is, He is all-seeing, all-knowing, all-purposive, all goodness. We have nothing to fear. We are His, just as you are mine. Have I not brought you through the troubles of the day? And have you not followed me to this spot where we can commune together and give thanks?

Marty: It is so, Father.

Jesus: It is so.

Phillip: Michael? This is Phillip.

JESUS: Yes, my son.

Phillip: I have several brothers and sisters who are in desperate need of your healing touch and I would appeal to your compassion on their behalf. Do you have any counsel for me about this matter?

JESUS: Yes. Comfort the sick. Care for those who are wounded, with tenderness. Speak softly to those who hurt. Be gentle with those who are broken. Their mending will be in God’s time. Hold the soul in your heart. That which is real and eternal cannot be made weak. Strengthen that pure light. Give your energy to that which will carry them through. I am with them. The Father is with them. They are not alone, only as they perceive they are alone; therefore, hold their perception in your heart. Help carry them through the tribulation.

Phillip: Thank you.

JESUS: Fear not.

That which God has revealed is in accordance with the unfolding of destiny. Allow yourself and your fellows to be part of the unfolding destiny and fear not. All will be right in the end, and in the end is the beginning. I am the Alpha and the Omega. Trust me. And fear not. Everything you experience has the gem of wisdom within. Find the light within, that which glistens, and relinquish that which clouds the picture, which scars and mars the surface. This too shall pass. Peace be upon you.

I leave you now. Only in terms of this communication device we have had arranged for us. I am not apart from you. I pervade my universe. I am with you. Not merely as a dream or a vision, an ideal or a nebulous thing. I am that which you long for. Seek me and I will come to you and strengthen you and together we will find our way back to Our Father in Paradise. Let us be on our way.

TOMAS: Good evening, my friends. This is Tomas, your host, entering into the sanctity of this environment, this holy place that is made holy by your reflection of the wonders of Our Master Son in and through your very lives. Yes, it is stunning, but also comforting.

I am called to attend to you for the balance of our time together in respect for your human comportment. It is easier for you to adapt to the realities of the material world, having stepped down somewhat from the hilltop of his living presence. Not that I am necessary in any real way, but inasmuch as I am your friend, I am eager to serve. May I help? Are there questions? Is anyone still here?

Marty: Who else is there with you, Teacher Tomas?

TOMAS: I have an audience of many, but I am not privy to the number, nor am I conscious of the nature of their beings. That is to say I do not know if they are spiritual, morontial, or spiritual but I know I am being heard. If there is no need for me to hold on here, I can venture into the architectural spheres of my own order and carry on in my customary fashion, as you no doubt are able to do in yours.

Robin: Tomas?


Robin: Do you have family or connections that are like family for you that you go visit at special times?

TOMAS: You mean, besides yourself, my dear?

Robin: Yes. Yes, I mean spiritual beings.

TOMAS: Yes, I have a great many entities in this family that are very near and dear to me, even special, as you might consider close family members, but they are not based on mortal genetics. They have long since risen to encompass a level of enjoyment that seeks more to associate in the range of interests that we share, even though they may be varied. It is as if there are times when I long to experience my Great Aunt who sings grand opera; I visit her. But I wouldn’t want to live there night and day. I have other relatives who have other interests, that you could probably compare to relatives of your own, that I particularly enjoy and yet I wouldn’t necessarily want to spend eternity with them, night and day. Such is the Family of God, and such is the gift of variety throughout the universe.

I have seen my mortal spouse of that mortal existence I once enjoyed since she has been here in this dimension. In fact, we have met up with each other more than once and have shared and enjoyed our advanced career on several occasions and I am sure we are open to again meeting up with each other and comparing notes, as it were, on our individual growth and assignments. I will always regard her as special because she was my partner in the mortal experience and the mother of my/our sons. No one can take that experience and exchange it for another, for another is its own unique experience. My experiences do not complete with each other for favorite places. They have become like children, all falling in line as a part and parcel of the perfecting process -- a problem, a challenge, a solution, a success, a memory.

Robin: Will you partner up again in the future? As parents?

TOMAS: In many ways I am partnered up right now, you see, with this transmitter/ receiver. I also have partnered up with other Teachers in the Teacher Corps, but if you are asking, Shall I find a sweetheart?--

Robin: Yes.

TOMAS: No, I shall not. For I have too many opportunities at every turn to love another. I am not restricted in my affections in the spirit as humans can be, and this is a dimension I have no expectation that you would comprehend, but you simply must appreciate that I have no lack for romance, for loyalty, or for fidelity, for that matter.

Robin. Hmmm.

TOMAS: I have simply found what I’m looking for, and I have to admit that I have had that experience many times over, and so just like Jesus said, it is not an experience that becomes boring or dull. There is no repetition and sameness in this existence. You need not ever worry about eternal life becoming boring and dull. The universe is much too big for that and God is much too varied.

Robin: Well, thank you, Tomas. It is different than where I – expect --


Robin: -- but I appreciate what you have explained, and I can understand that.

TOMAS: I am glad.

Robin: I believe in –


Robin: -- men and women end up together in Paradise with Our Father.

TOMAS: Well, we certainly will be there. Even though we meander often in our individual assignments.

Robin: Oh, I see. Okay. Well, that’s quite possible.

Marty: Before you leave, Teacher, I would like to say that this Christmas seems to have produced a palpable planetary feeling of hope that I just really felt the world was wrapped in hope and good will and it’s my prayer that we can hold onto that and live in it as a race of mortals.

TOMAS: It is interesting you should say so, making the observation on the record that you perceive a greater sense of spirit consciousness hovering in the hearts of humanity and revealing it as a sense of hope for tomorrow, for this too is what the Master discussed in his session with you, how much he himself could see had advanced the light of truth and it seemed to me he rather credited you with somehow being part of that upstepping.

This is what is required, you see. This is the result of these efforts that we have been engaged in, the efforts of augmenting the traditional and conventional understanding of Jesus’ love to that of the next dimension, the dimension which filters down into the hearts of every individual on the planet. Not just the Christians, and not just Americans, but Poles, Armenians, Afrikaans, Czechoslovakians, Hawaiians, Maori, Russians, Alaskans – little people big people, men and women, rich and poor, free and bond. This is the hope, the wellspring of the eternal that is being sought, and we are here to assure its distance, its continued passage into the next era of light and life. This is a part of the effort that we are embarked upon, the stabilization of spirit reality, even as it is up-stepped and marches into a new tomorrow or planetary awareness.

Keep up the faith. Continue to believe, and to put forth that you believe. And then act as if you believe what you say you believe, that you have a living relationship with the spirit, that it speaks to you, that it tells you not just how much you are loved and appreciated and needed to advance the cause of the kingdom, but that they, too, are a part of this divine way of life, this unending adventure of unfolding the God we hold deep within us, and thus becoming that which we can only be because it has been ordained by God On High, that we are perfect on our realm as he is on his.

And thus perfection is revealed, and it is acknowledged by others. It is seen as a relative perfection. It is seen as a white light on a gray background. And as these white lights continue, the background itself emerges from the darkness and one day, in time, it will truly be a white background with perhaps an occasional dark spot thereupon. But this is the work we have undertaken – turning on the light, letting the light shine.


Dear, dear friends. Once again we have come full cycle on our moment in time together. It has been a bounty for me to experience today and to witness the Master’s words to you on this, the day of which his mortal children acknowledge his mortal birth. I have learned a lot about Christmas today by listening to him and by watching the children of Urantia being responsive to the yearning within, the stirring within that leads them onward, that will lead them into the need to know God so much that they will gladly lay down their life for His to rise up in them, making them ever so much more than they would have been had they remained alone in the dark. Amen. Farewell.