2004-02-15-Humans Love to Be Afraid

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Topic: Humans Love To Be Afraid

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Willie



PRAYER: Matthew: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master Teacher, We come to you today, this fifteenth day of February, 2004. As for myself, I didn’t think quite this far ahead, when I was younger, to think that I would be alive for a year such as 2004, but here we are and for as long as we continue to be here, time has relevance and significance, but in reality, there is not time but the semblance of it.

We place our trust in you, which is timeless and endless and our role in eternity is assured, provided we truly believe and are willing to serve without reservation and without a sense of selfishness, but rather selflessness which, I believe, was one of your key messages. In this we place our trust … and you have our faith and our love and we accept and look forward to all that is promised, both here and in the eternal message.

For the Teachers that are made known to us today we are grateful, for their time and their effort, and especially their dedication to helping us, your servants, be as mindful and dedicated as they appear to be to bring us to that level and beyond with them. For they are not infallible, but they are steps ahead of us in understanding and growth, for which we will all be able to reunite with our Heavenly Parents. For this and all else you know to be true and in need of addressing within our hearts and our minds, we are forever grateful.


TOMAS: Greetings. This is Tomas, your Teacher. I am coming into your environment in awareness of my entry into a dimension of time and space, accentuated here today by the audible testimony through the many clocks marking time in the material universe. Matthew’s prayer, making reference also to time, tells me that our follow-up lesson on prayer may not be the most auspicious time for this lesson, for this configuration is missing a major contingent. And so we will defer the lesson on prayer until next week and opt today instead today to delve into dimension.



The idea and concept of dimension is one which has dominated your dialog today in terms of your cats being able to see spirit presence, and other indications of haunting or spirits lingering in the atmosphere, and while we are some of those of which you speak, we are not all of which you speak, for much of what you know about other dimensions is based on superstition, conjecture and fear.

The purpose of my conversation today – I will not even call it a lesson – is to refresh your memory that we are all party to universal design and order. There are no remnant/residue evil spirits afloat in the atmosphere. At one time there were, because of the mischief of Lucifer. He was able to influence minor spirits, specifically midwayers, who for many years went about performing tricks on humans ~ which now we attempt to rectify, for that mischief-making was able to play into “fear of the Devil and the unknown” so thoroughly as to completely defile the mortal attitude toward the idea of good spirits. Only angels were granted divinity status in the collective consciousness. All else fell under the design of evil spirits, ghosts, entities who had lost their way in the underworld, and so forth.

There are certainly myriad mysteries in the unfolding worlds of time and space, but it is my appreciation that the designers of the universes are not inclined to build in quirky tricks for your amusement or for you to stumble over in your path to find what might embellish your reach for belief in the unknown and the unseen. Therefore, this is another realm in which much work must be done in order to set the record straight and elevate mortal consciousness from its fear base to a faith base.

And this will be difficult because no matter how evolved you may become as religionists, it is still your plight to be part of the human element that delights in the mysteries, myth, mythical creatures, and things that go bump in the night. The fact is, many mortals love to be afraid. They set out to find ways in which they can enjoy the delicious feeling of fear, even retaining residue of that delight into their enlightened state, where they can engage in creating yet more fears to feed their own desire for excitement.

We have also a dimension of perception involving not fearful creatures, but strange creatures from other worlds, other planets, and other dimensions that may or may not have roots in truth, but are in search of truth, relative to your positioning in the universe. And there is much speculation, through the creative range of possibility, that feeds your interest, and thereby you are given permission, through your association with like minds, to embellish your speculations, even to including descriptions of their civilizations, habits, practices, belief systems, mores, patterns and all as a comparison to your own, as if to enable you to set up a comparative analysis to other life in the universe such that you will not feel alone -- as a bridge, as it were, to other worlds of time and space.

All of these are natural longings that are a part of the evolving consciousness of the aspiring sons of God. If this were an academic study, I would suggest that you write a list and name them off to me so that I could tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no’ these are real or these are products of your imagination or your fear, but this is not the nature of this Teacher nor this Teaching Mission. I am not interested in telling you what to believe or what to believe in, only that you pursue your investigations so that they become known to you through your own experiential application. Therefore, unless and until you have actual experience with any of these proposed dimensions, they are all merely thought amalgamations, including myself.

However, the fact of relationship enters in, and this is the crux of my lesson for you today in this context. The more you invest in a perception, the more potential it has for influencing you and for then your impression to influence others. And this is not to be feared but to be noted, for there are many who have great faith in their own imagination, or the convictions of others, such that they are willing to follow the convictions of others where their own mind cannot take them. This calls for discernment in your own mind and underscores again the need for your own critical thinking and your own ability to become a deep thinker.

This is one of the side-effects of entering into the phase of evolutionary growth you are in, having attained a certain plateau of material accomplishment and now entering into the realm of the mind. This realm of the mind, the “new frontier” of the mind, will occupy you for many hundreds of years. Obviously, I am speaking to you as a group of people and not as individuals, but even individually you will be investigating, for many years, perhaps even hundreds, the mind arena, for this mind arena is where you choose, and it is certainly the area where I am most busy in my dealings with you, for unless and until it happens within your own mind, and you make it a part of your consciousness, such that you begin to actualize these precepts, all of us are whistling in the dark.

Only as it has become a reality for you, such that you are able to discern for yourself that which is real, that which is unreal; that which is helpful, that which is a deterrent; that which contributes to your soul’s advancement and the advancement of the civilization in which you participate, or destroys same, are you counted/ are they counted. There is so much unreality (from our perspective) at the level of existence where you live, that must be filtered through, gleaned, in order for the Spirit of Truth to call you forth.

The other point I wanted to make, in reference to the fact of the dimension of your lives and your influence therein, is how closely associated you are – all of you – kinetically and electrochemically, with your physical environment. It would be foolish to try to step too far outside your own realm of perception to seek to find ways to get people to relate to your concepts, for that which is too far removed from the material world in which you live, is also going to be too far removed from their “truth bells” to make much of an impact.

You who have been on this path for some time, have developed enough faith and courage to go beyond the obvious into the ethereal realms for comfort and inspiration, but those who have not yet begun the journey are disinclined, have not yet developed the adventurous spirit necessary, to launch upon a comprehension of things unseen as something friendly and associative.

The example you are all able to recognize, even at this moment as we conjoin here, is the fact of the clocks ticking. The ticking of the clocks influences every consciousness in the room, including my own, because it is audibly measuring your conscious, material, reality. There is not one who would come into this environment without a full recognition and appreciation of the material fact of your existence. Therefore, any subject relating to Time is going to find a welcome place in this room, for time is a dominant theme.

Enter into any material environment and you will find -- you who are astute, you who are looking for hints and clues as to how to bring the spirit reality into the material realm -- that it is going to have its own dominant themes and influences. These are the keys, the tools, for you to utilize, to further augment the truth of God and spirit reality for your peers. Draw, therefore, from the environment itself. Those facts, figures and foibles which will be a direct frame of reference from which to garner your inspiration, to address as an influence on those who surround you, in order for you to bring the spirit into their conscious awareness.

Experiment with that this week. Don’t forget when we close down here today what we have discussed. But carry this assignment with you on one of your outings this week – at least one. Examine the environment you attend. Find its dominant theme. And apply your own sense of association with that dominant theme to your peers there in relationship to spirit reality. Thus you will have found a way to bridge the gap between the human and the divine, the mortal and the infinite, the material and the spiritual, right there on the spot in the life of those material brothers and sisters who have not found the key to open the door to spirit reality.

I would also suggest that when you are investigating ways to open up avenues of spirit exchange between you and your brethren, that you restrain yourself from reaching into areas of the imagination or speculation, but rather, going right to the heart of the matter in living faith in Deity, and in our Creator, as all of the speculations of lesser life in the universe, even including spirits, goblins, fairies, midwayers, angels, seraphim, ghosts and teachers, are going to detract from that key which will open the door to the spirit.

This is our focus. All the rest is window dressing. Wrapping paper. Scaffolding. Let them find their own scaffolding from their own investigations. Offer them real value.

It is amusing, entertaining, even somewhat edifying to investigate all these other perceptions of reality which constitute, in many ways, your social arena; however, as a Teacher in the Teacher Corps, I am responsible to convey to you the real issue of bringing man to God and allowing that door to open such that the Father can flood their consciousness, introducing Himself, then, to the open child ~ that will therewith embrace his or her own dimension of reality ~ in terms of the cosmic citizenship which we all enjoy ~ as sons of God ~ in the highest.

I will conclude my remarks then for this topic and allow a moment interval to transpire between my words and those of Matthew’s contribution, and then we will have our question and answer period, which may or may not recall some of these ideas. Thank you.

ANATOLIA:This is a fine day in which to greet you, this day after Valentine’s Day, my friends and family members who are present. As Tomas had said, there is a contingent not present today so that we are not fully engaged in giving and in depth presentation that one cannot live without. In other words, we will re-constitute once there is a return to a full cast, per se.

In the meantime, I would like to add my opinion or two cents worth or whatever the term should be, in terms of added consciousness conveyance, relative to the metaphysical, which is in addition to the physical. This is a proven fact, now, that non-matter energy is discernible and detectable, both with the seen and unseen eye of measuring equipment that is energy sensitive. This is a way in which one can seemingly prove that the life beyond the known world and physical existence comes into play.

I wish to merely add to that in light of Tomas’ presentation that much to do or fanfare, even chicanery, can be attributed to this belief, for to date there is not someone other than our Master (to my recollection) who has gone to the world beyond and returned in full measure and observable nature to give a report. His was not a life dedicated to mystery or unraveling mysteries, but rather it was his intent to give the light and life inside full weight and importance for one’s development to pursue that which is the most important, and that is ones relationship with their heavenly parents and presence within. This too is our concern, as Tomas had conveyed.

Now, this is not to throw cold water or to eliminate that which exists within imagination, creativity and just plain curiosity, for my telling you that to dispense with this type of investigation is mindless and not worth your while. My intent is to let you know that the real perspective is on light and energy as the vehicle of conveying that which is real and true, that for us to enable belief in other spheres, realms, or depths that have traditionally been painted in darkness, it is my desire to bring you to the light for which we have few pristine examples of such light-bearing and life-giving-ness as our Master himself.

Thus, to pursue or investigate that which indicates life beyond your physical nature as you know it, recommit yourself to that which is an example which has true and lasting value, for the key to life and its continuation is in your present state of being, for if spirit has value, it is currently existing within your hearts and your minds and your beings as it will after your physical nature has subsided.

For you, or anyone, to be fearful -- or concentrating on life after you know this one -- is to really miss the point of living now to your fullest as a life giver and life bearer as the essential message. For one could talk about observing a concert and be so preoccupied with the manner that the notes went together and the nature in which the instruments were played, with such precision and artful expression, that one can miss the very point of the concert itself. So do not miss the obvious which is presently playing in your local theater.

Do not waste your time with overlooking the obvious, for you are essentially portraying the eternal message here and now. You are evidence of there being life before and after this life because you are living in the present. You are experiential and demonstrable evidence of there being a grand plan and eternal scheme of existence. So smile and be glad that your inquiries will be proven as you prove to yourself that life is worth living and passes its expression beyond the physical limits.

I leave you in good stead with all of the evidence that we need to know that your lives are meaningful and successful as expressions of the eternal flame. Peace be with you, and may we enjoy each other’s company again next week.

Peace be with you.

TOMAS:Thank you, Anatolia. Returning again to your forum, we have time to investigate your minds and concerns. Have you concerns, questions, or topics of interest to bring to the attention of your need to know and the consciousness of others?

Before you begin, I would like to say we have been reminded by our supervisors in the customary briefings we receive, to remind you again of the delights of the process of transmitting receiving the messages that you can receive yourselves by and through opening your circuits to the broadcasts from those avenues of energy and awareness that hail from intelligent life in the universe.

If and when you are wanting to embark upon a course of study for yourselves to learn the process and the refinements that are inherent in being a participant in the process, do let it be known so that another format can be offered that will allow this to take place.

This is an element of the delivery that we enjoy, that is available as an option, to anyone who wants to participate – as well as are those various fields of healing. This, therefore, can be construed as yet another invitation to extend yourself and expand your capacities in association with the dimension from which I come and the dimension which you seek to draw from when you have a mind to be of service in the spiritual and metaphysical ways and means possible to you all.

That perhaps will open the floor to yet another dimension of inquiry. But at any rate, I and we are at your service and seek to assist you now in whatever manner you present.

The floor is open.


Transmitting, Journaling

Maria:I hadn’t thought to bring that up so soon, but since you’ve invited me to, I’ve always wanted to learn how to go about doing this.

TOMAS:This is a process, this transmitting/receiving experience. It is developmental born of your desire to serve, an act of faith, as a conduit of the morontial realities that are ready to be bestowed on the mortals of time and space.

If we are to take up the practice as a group, it would need to have a group consensus. Perhaps the group might to think in terms of a monthly meeting being devoted to the process of what you might call T/R practice, so that everyone might have an opportunity to connect to those communication circuits that will help enhance the connection and so that you can share those energies and the experience with others.

Those of you who would like to begin on your own, it is our common practice to recommend you begin to prepare yourself, and all of you are thus advised, that daily stillness practice can be utilized to make yourself ready to do such a thing as T/R or act as a conduit also of healing energy. Begin with daily stillness. Do it religiously. Become mindful of the mechanism in which you are housed – not only the physical vehicle but the mental mechanism. In this way you will be able to master it sufficiently that it – your material existence can be set aside, put to rest, held in abeyance sufficiently that your pure connection (as pure as possible, given your relative condition) is made.

Await a nod from On High to begin to exercise yourself toward the goal you have in mind, and this advice goes not only to learning the technique of healing or T/Ring, but to any practice you should want to undertake whether it be a matter of self-mastery, going into business, being of service in some undertaking or whatever. Stillness is the key. And the Father will guide and direct you in the process, clarifying and purifying your motives and delivering unto you that energy and purposiveness which you will need to fully carry out His design. This returns me to the lesson on prayer, which we will get to next week; however, the same principle applies.

Returning, however, to your question and the topic of T/R’ing or healing, we encourage you to then begin a practice of journaling, following the practice of stillness. Allow yourself a specified amount of time for this process in order to develop the habit, to strengthen your muscle, your spiritual muscle, to commit yourself to the process. And the journaling will eventually lead you into and through the second phase – that of winnowing out that which rises to the surface, setting that aside, and allowing the light of truth to come forth, in response to your yearning. And once you begin to feel the sense of clarity and discern the otherness of existence (other than self-perception), and having given your intent to God and received His blessing, you will then soon find yourself in a position to begin being a conduit.

There are some who have been trained in their unconscious mind to perform this act. Many perform it unwittingly, or so naturally they are not even aware they are transmitting. There are others, though, who have discerned its value and decide consciously to undertake to learn how, such as you have, Maria, and to those I offer these words of guidance.

Therefore, those of you who have a natural propensity will not take as long to prepare yourselves or to become conscious of your potential, whereas those of you who grapple with concepts and argue with yourself insufferably, will have to learn how to master that proclivity such that your mind is clear, for you to be a clear channel, for the one who would avail themselves to you.

There are many teachers who are awaiting assignment, many who have volunteered to offer themselves to the first opportunity for practice, inasmuch as it is just as much a process for us to learn as it is for you to learn. Thus, when you do finally find yourself involved in a communication with an invisible entity, it will be a process of “getting to know you” just as any relationship is. You don’t immediately begin by knowing everything about each other. You only know that which is in your core reality, that pure essence that stems from your initial I AM association with the Source. That is the fairway of our embarkation of communication. Is that helpful?

Maria:Yes, very. Thank you.

TOMAS:With these words of counsel, I will wait now until it brought up to me again before we commence the next issuance of instruction. It is a good time for me, however, to make note that learning the process that we engage in with you will indeed alter your perspective on how you go about your life. You cannot engage in such a practice without being affected by it. To deny that you are affected by your relationships is foolish, in any case. Why should it be any different if it is with an unseen friend?

I or your teacher will become more familiar and intimate with you through the association and you will become more familiar and intimate with your teacher associate, but as Gerdean will be quick to tell you, you will benefit most from seeing the world through the perspective of one having the farther view. Thus, your consciousness will be enlarged accordingly, and the restraints that are imposed upon the process are for a reason. There were many years prior to the re-encircuitment and the inauguration of the Correcting Time, which involves this type of communication, to make certain that the mortal would not become disassociated from human necessity, and fall into fanaticism of any kind or any unnatural aberration of the natural state. Thus, if anyone were to attempt to undertake this process without full preparation, it would be either instantly refused or quickly rejected as unstable and therefore unsanctioned from On High. This is for your protection as well as for the benefit of those you would influence, for this is a very real undertaking, very serious and important for Urantia. In the long run, even for the universe, and so have no doubt that if you seek to serve, your motives are going to be questioned every step of the way. You can only grow from such a program.

What else? Anything else? (Meow from the cat.) Tell me, is everything all right in the animal realm?

Paula: (Speaking for her cat) She’s having a great time.

TOMAS: We sense the harmonics of the atmosphere that are no threat to the animal kingdom here. This is a docile and placid configuration, very calm and conscious of the security of their place in the universe. The harmony of the ticking clocks gives rise to the sense of security that the material world longs for. This is in direct contrast to the shrill shriek of the din of confusion that prevails in the system at large in this critical time of change and so many new undertakings.

In this way you will see how it is that we who are locked onto a dimension of spirit reality which provides such peace and serenity, are an anchor not only to your cat and to yourselves, but to those you influence. This is how Machiventa is able to carry on his emergency mission in this time of tumultuous change through his Teacher Corps and those who follow the curriculum that is provided from On High. The stability that you provide is truly an anchor in the maelstrom that surrounds you. You have mastered the moment of being the consciousness that resides at the calm in the eye of the hurricane.

This place is available to you in and through the clear channel devoted to the relationship between the Universal Father in and through his Sons and Daughters of the worlds of time and space. This citadel of the spirit is available to those of you who seek to find it, within the kingdom of your own soul. Rest in peace therein, and return to this place, this sacred sanctuary, when you feel the need to reconnect with the sanity that is assumed to be here in the heart of God.


In the interim, go about your business in confidence of His overcare and the watchful eye of those of us who aspire to be about the Father’s business in the universes of time and space. Anatolia and I embrace you and send you forth. Peace be upon you, farewell.