2004-05-31-Elation Upon Discovering God

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Topic: Elation Upon Discovering God

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. The discussion of your ideas always creates expansion in mind and spirit. I am honored to be included in your thoughts and ideas. Many times I have great desire to sit with you each face to face and have open discussion, but there will be time for that later. Now we have this method of communication and indeed it works.


Create a clean heart within me O God. This was indeed a historical prayer/words that worked then and still do today. As you each mature in mind and spirit you have true compassion for your fellows. You know the struggles of human existence and can relate to all that applies thereto. Over these many years you have attempted to be true to the spiritual path. You know that the ego will always demand to be out in front. Again we pray, Create in me a clean heart O God. Renew my spirit. Restore to me the joy of my salvation.

Those of you that have experienced being born of the spirit understand that beginning stage of elation. The sheer discovery of God being real brings you forth from your material body to embracing those things which are unseen. In the beginning of your spiritual journey you are seemingly filled with the power of an awesome presence. Your enthusiasm is seen on your face and certainly in your actions. At the first authentic realization that God is, you truly desire to serve Him.

Many mortals are surprised that real life continues, struggles are still present and there are still lessons to be learned. As the stage of discovery and elation seem to pass, the reality of a harsh and seemingly Godless world sets in. Of course your faith is challenged. You are wondering about the awesome power of God. You are made to work for your spiritual growth in faith and truth. The spiritual mortal life is always a struggle to maintain balance. To have that prayer upon your lips is to have re-centering. Create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me.

Again, our subject of last week, John Mark, was dutiful and still had great interest in learning all he could. He had not the ego temptations an adult comes to know. He did have a clear heart. I understand that John Mark was so blessed as to have the Master before his eyes, where you are made to move forward with faith. You each are well aware of the animal needs of the mortal. Experience and maturity are excellent tools to help you have mastery over them. It all begins with intentions, willingness to be open to change and a clean heart.

Many of you can hold fast to resentments that have occurred throughout your life. You are understood and validated, but I say the resentments create an unclean heart. Is the past the past and can you let go of it? We are not saying to merely cast your pain along the wayside, no. We are saying to have a look through the eyes of our Master at any given circumstance and see if you still can hold resentment. This is creating a clean heart. This is balance between the mortal and divine. This is being filled on a daily basis with that joy you first discovered at the realization of God’s presence in your lives.

Is it enough to wish for a clean heart and renewed spirit? What is your responsibility to be open to that? Definitely you must on a conscious level ask your divine Caretakers for assistance. You must be willing to face certain resentments and receive the full understanding, receive healing. Past pain does not need to rule your personal feelings, emotions or actions. Certainly God is more powerful than that.

Create in me a clean heart, renew my spirit and refresh my soul. When I was weak—you were strong. When I was in despair—you held me up. When I was imbalanced—you pulled me closer to you. When I felt lost—you knew where I was all along—therefore I ask, create in me a clean heart, renew my spirit, refresh my soul, and restore my spiritual joy. Allow me to serve you with the enthusiasm of youth and bestow upon me the wisdom of the experienced.


That is all. Know that with each of our passing moments together I am always grateful for knowing you and being among you as one of you. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom