2004-08-08-Stillness, Devotion, Belonging

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Topic: Stillness, Devotion, Belonging

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra, Jessona

TR: Jonathan



Malvantra (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Malvantra. I welcome you again into this melchizedek classroom. I wish merely to encourage you to spend time this coming week refreshing the soul through stillness and energizing yourselves by seeking company that is uplifting. Always are we encouraging of your engagement in service, to be alert to where you may be of spirit benefit to another. There are times, however, when you are the one in need. It is in these intervals when you benefit others through retreat, through solitude, through taking in energy divine through worship with spirit.

Others are with me today, and I step back.

Elyon: Hello, friends, this is Elyon. Today I wish to give you reassurance of our acceptance of your dedication and application to this outreach program. It is your devotion that we recognize and value. It is your devotion that qualifies you as a member in this mission. It is your devotion that fuels your cycles of learning.


Devotion, Steadfastness

Devotion carries with it the quality of steadfastness, the ability to remain firm, unfaltering, when buffeted about by conflict, by confusion. This ability brings upon you the recognition of one able to receive assignment and to pursue the goal regardless of circumstances and to pursue with success in view and to pursue even if failure is the outcome of a given project. Devotion stretches beyond success and failure, for while it contains the quality of steadfastness. It also discerns that which is temporal and that which is eternal and is willing to reorganize self to, to reorient self to, improve ability; to refine technique that goals of everlasting value may be reached even while approaches in the temporal realm may change.

Devotion to God is steadfast. Devotion to cause will always adjust that the high goal may be realized through the fluctuations of time and position.

These are my comments this morning. Thank you.


Jessona: I am here also, this is Jessona. As one who works closely with associates of my own order and also with quite an array of differing individuals, I am keenly aware of not only the camaraderie to be found in association with others, but I recognize as well the difficulties of personality interaction, and I know also the sense of isolation felt by the human beings who inhabit this world. Some recognize the isolation and pursue spirit contact. Others only feel the sense and as yet have not understood that this feeling is a sense of separation from divine presence, and then pursue fulfillment in meaningless directions. It is my desire to instill in you the unceasing sense of belonging, foster this sensitivity in quiet time, grasping the significance of the presence of Father and reflecting upon the proximity of many angels, of many teachers, of many midwayers. You relish the fellowship of one another, your human friends. Cultivate likewise the awareness of the high beings around you. Expect not to discern any physical signal, for you are in a dimension different, but in mind and in soul you are closer to your celestial associates. It is here that you sense presence, and through this kinship you foster your ability to work alone, to work when the world appears spiritless.


Spirit, Fear

Ginny: There are people who are very much afraid of spirits. Is there a way to encourage people who feel isolated?

Jessona: It is unfortunate that due to the Caligastia betrayal of Michael's plan for Urantia that the human race has come to believe in spirit beings with evil intentions. This having been born from the real events of political conflict on this world in the planetary administration has been distorted by your legends into grotesque forms of malevolence, of willful terror, of wanton desire to destroy the human soul. This is an exaggeration of this unfortunate episode of millennia past. Today it is you and your spirit friends who are the only reflection of the trust that is available through association with benevolent spirit beings. Another will slowly release the grip of historic legend of evil spirit only through perceiving your trust. The aura of your presence will dispel the fear, not unlike how Jesus could calm the restless soul who came to him for counsel.

One day Urantia will understand in context the meaning of the disruption of the normal governance of this planet. The power of God will be fully understood to prevail over all insignificant, small, skirmishes throughout the universe. Encourage another to seek the Father, to seek the Father for divine . .. request for divine protection, and to do so believing that God is most powerful, that God truly loves His children and will let no child be exposed to danger. Secondly, begin the slow process of altering the mental construct that evil forces are spending time seeking to destroy the human soul to undermine spirit progress within.

I hope this helps.

Ginny: Yes, thank you.


Elyon: This is Elyon, and I will draw a close by saying Michael loves you and loves me; Mother Spirit loves you and loves me. I love you; I recognize your love for me. This is beauty of the spirit. Farewell.