2004-11-16-The Divinity of Mankind

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Topic: The Divinity of Mankind

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Helen Whitworth



Monjoronson: "I Am You, and You Are Me, and it pleases me to be able to greet you all as such. In the fullness of time you will more clearly understand the connection between us all, the way we dance and weave together throughout our realities, but know that I have worked with you forever. You are not individual contributors in this, for we all work together.


"The fundamental attributes of living and of life do not change wherever you are on the spiritual spectrum. There is always place for more learning, and there is always place for assisting those who have not yet approached the lessons you have learnt yourselves.

"There is no ‘better than’, and there is no ‘worse than’. Each fulfils perfectly their place within the societies of all spirit and all being. By leaving such judgments aside you open the way for more communication and you stop worrying of whom it is with which you talk, or whether it becomes your own imagination, for then you are able to purely see Truth, and as All is All, such Truth of One is the Truth of All.

"This is not to say that you do not maintain a particular perspective. Each mortal is seated within a particular place within their sphere, which gives them a unique perspective upon the world and upon the Universes. By knowing that All are All, then you may come to trust the knowledge within you more fully.

"It is true that each human contains the seeds of all knowledge, so why doubt? When you receive wisdom from other it becomes more important? Why is this? This is not the way. Of all wisdom that you receive, that from within you is the most powerful, because it is the most in-tune with your unique perspective, which no other entity within the universe is privy to, and to the complete extent that you are.

"Others may indeed have learnt lessons, which you are just starting to learn, and may be able to assist you in guidance, but their knowledge is not complete, for even if they read every moment of your life, and saw the scans of every emotion which you perceived, they would still not have experienced those moments as you.

"So work primarily on accessing your own knowledge. There are always assistants around you who can help you within this task, but their assistance is there purely to assist you in assisting yourself by realisation of your full God-self. Do not abdicate this to any other being.

"Christ Michael himself is not in as good a position to help you as you are yourself. Part of these learnings is to become aware of your full divinity and in this He is able to assist. By talking to Michael as if to your mother, or best friend, you will receive in return the Love of the Divine and the Love you are a part of.

"Learn by example, and learn by Truth. And in this manner you may come to know fully All that you Are.


"I shall remain nameless for this moment, but know that I speak with authority and that authority is also yours."


We do not understand why the Magisterial Son did not simply say he was Monjoronson, but we know he has "played" that one before. In this instance, another 11:11 receiver was notified it would be him coming through to either one of two receivers, including Helen, and days before he actually did come through.