2005-05-16-Urantia Census by Adjuster Status

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Topic: Urantia Census by Adjuster Status

Group: At Large


Teacher: Urantia, Planetary Supreme

TR: Matthew Barrett, Oregon



The following population census of Urantia was broadcast(shown below) from the Planetary Supreme through the T/R’s Thought Adjuster. At least that is how we understand the process took place at this time. We are told that the liaison is much more complex than that, but understanding will have to wait because it involves concepts not yet revealed. The census given is a snapshot since every minute there are deaths and births that will vary the total numbers at any given time. The exact time the message was received is recorded below.

Briefly, this is also a revelation of a heretofore unrevealed Deity of the Supreme, the Planetary Supreme. In other contacts, this entity has indicated Her role on Urantia and revealed that every inhabited evolutionary planet in the superuniverses has its own Planetary Supreme. We have not yet received any information how the interlocking presences of the Supreme, the Creative Spirit, other Deity, and Supreme Acting Thought Adjusters are related and what may be their function in addition to being the high overcontrol of Trinity (of) Supremacy.

With regard to the categories the census is reported through, and before the reader brings forth the quotes from the Urantia Book about fused mortals being removed from Urantia in "chariots of fire", there is some indication to believe that the "fused mortal" status given below does not refer to present day mortals, but to a special status of mortals taking origin on the planet during the Material Sons and Daughters brief reign before the default occurred. Little more should be said at this point until more information becomes available about the "fused mortal category". ]

Census Roll Call of Urantia's Mortals Adjuster Status

[As of 16 May, 2005 reported 13:04-13:07 CMDST:]

Category: Fused mortals on Urantia



Mortals with full conscious communication/communion with their Thought Adjusters



Mortals with partial/full communcation with morontial/spirit beings


Category: All others moving Godward, sooner or later


Category: Total Living Mortals on Urantia


End of broadcast.