2005-09-11-This World Is Your Starting Place

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Topic: This World Is Your Starting Place

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Merium

TR: Gerdean



  • MUSIC: Elena on Piano
(1) "Abide With Me" with Chopin’s Etude Opus 10 #3; and
(2) "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" with Mozart’s Alleluia,
from Exultation Jubilate (Music Arrangements by Marilyn Ham)

PRAYER: (Elena)

Dear Heavenly Father and Mother and all of the spiritual beings who grace us with your presence and your help in our lives. We greet you and welcome you to this place, this afternoon of beauty, the sky and the clouds and the good weather and the wonderful friends around us. We gather together to hear what you have to say to us. We seek to do your will in all things and we seek the guidance that we need to do that better. We are here in gratitude for one another and for you all, so thank you for your being and help each one of us to prepare our hearts, our minds and our ears to what you have for us today. Thank you. Amen.

Group: Amen. MERIUM: Alleluia! I have died and gone to heaven! Group: (Laughter)

MERIUM: This is your friend, Merium, a teacher and baby sitter of some repute. You may not know me well here but I have garnered myself somewhat of a reputation in my experiential trek by the attitude I have bestowed upon those I meet as a result of my mortal conditioning.


You may recall the story in the Urantia Papers that depicts the two friends, one of whom came from a background which was not an effective means for him to learn those qualities of character which would render him dependable as an adult; and his friend, who was by contrast, a product of an environment which was supportive and encouraging and of such an emotional character as to render this child of nature able to readily assume those effects of such causes and be responsible, dependable, reliable, loyal and cheerful … inherently, almost.

I was fortunate to have come from a world much like that. This early enculturation into a world, which was virtually settled in light and life, is such a contrast to those of you who come from Urantia, which is noted as being a trouble spot - but certainly not a blight on the neighborhood; we just recognize that those of you who will emerge from this realm of reality into the morontia worlds (the mansion worlds) will bring with you certain characteristics as naturally as an immigrant brings his culture or her culture to the new world.

For some time you will bear the mark of the Urantian, simply because it is your home base, your starting point. You will develop an odd fraternity in eternity from having been alumni of this sphere of education.

I don’t want to impart the idea that those of you who come from a world such as this are poor candidates for future service or that when you ascend you will be regarded automatically as deficient or retarded in the same sense that you understand deficiency and retardation in your common culture, for yours is based on evolved ways and means rather than real enlightenment, and real enlightenment is that which we have had – we who have come to teach you, to hold your hand and assure you of your place in the universe. No matter what cosmic neighborhood you come from, you are one of God’s own, as you have chosen to be one with him, and we thus are thrust together as siblings in this happy, far-flung family of His great grand children.

Any of you are able to rise above your environment sufficiently to serve, and in faith of your appointment as ambassadors of the divine light of truth, beauty and goodness to your world, you will always be blessed to have those opportunities to serve and to praise, to bring peace into troubled waters, to bring fresh air into the stultifying effects of rigidity and structure, to bring laughter and silliness to situations which need to experience the antidote.

Come one, come all, let us play. We cannot be pompous in our business of representing divine reality. Let us be done with the religions of authority, which will presume to tell you how to believe, think and worship. Behold the Child of God who lifts his and her voice to sing praises of life itself and rejoice in this life through fellowship with other siblings in this family, be they immediate, surrogate, extended or potential.

It is all a fairyland of love and delight, even as it is occasionally a vale of tears. Let’s lift off, then, from the vale of tears for a lark in the realm of light and life. Let us feel the peace that passes all understanding. Let us laugh in the knowledge of our smallness, in the face of the greatness surrounding us. Let this cool, refreshing breeze on your faces remind you of the atmosphere we enjoy in faith of our family, that is brought to us by and through our Eternal Parents and the many agents that serve throughout the many worlds of time and space, as I serve in this new age of opening our windows to the universe and letting the love pour in upon us, refreshing us and our atmosphere.

We have here in this T/R’s filing cabinet a piece of litter, lying on the top, that calls my attention to Leonard Skynard’s song about "… that smell. The smell of death surrounds you." This is all too true. The smell of death is all around you, but you are blessed today to be able to step outside that truth to learn to grow in the other dimension, the other realm, the one in which the resurrection, the rebirth, the re-encircuitment, the recharging of your spiritual batteries, the remodeling of your construct, the refashioning of your style of operation as a teacher, as a mentor, as a babysitter of the many children who have no idea who their parents are or what "home" must be like

We know what it’s like to be home, don’t we kids? We are at home now.

We are at home in this morontia world, which we have created here in this atmosphere of acceptance, in our willingness to allow peace to prevail and love to rule in our hearts.

It delights me to be of the ilk that is allowed to befriend you from my perspective, and allowed to always return to my original perspective, and there will come a day when you too will be able to regard your early experience on this world as something truly priceless. Even though it has been difficult, even though it may seem you have been ostracized or alienated in this period of disconnection, you have not lost in this struggle. You have gained so much, for in time you will have your perspective as well as that which you learn in your advancement, whereas I will only be able to know of your experience by and through observation, since it is not a part of my experience to have known such hardships as you have here. All the more reason we should have a party and rejoice in the reality we have attained. No matter what route it took for us to get here, we are truly "at home" in Him.

I want you to be advised that today we have with us another multitude of celestial personalities who are hovering around you and rejoicing in your lights, which are well lit, and as they combine together into one great light, the beacon goes far and wide, helping to open the floodgates of divine affection and allowing for greater passage of the spiritual pressures to fall like rain on the just and the unjust in order to bring a resurgence of the living water into the world in which you live.

This, indeed, is heaven on earth. Our goal is to allow this state of being to prevail, to cover the globe like a yellow blanket of grace, bringing comfort and security of the spirit to you and all you know. Thank you for your prayer, Elena. Thank you for your presence, each of you. Let’s wiggle a little in our chairs, then, shall we? And feel our feet on the ground that we might touch base with the realm in which you live and which is the arena where you do the work. How are things in your life?


Reneau: I got my new job! So I have changed my arena, definitely. Out of the hospital and into the streets! So to speak.

Elena: What do you mean "into the street"?

Reneau: Going into people’s homes. I’ll be driving around from house to house and visiting people in their homes and nursing rather than the craziness of the hospital. Yea! So we’re all being like shook and sifted up into our new places. My other girlfriend Debra has settled into Blue Hill, Maine, with her mom and her sister and brother-in-law are going to be too, up in Blue Hill, Maine. They love it.

MERIUM: Well, let’s get back to your new job.

Reneau: Yes.

MERIUM: You are going from institutional living to free lance?

Reneau: From taking care of hospital patients, institutional, yes, to visiting them in their homes. They want a registered nurses that follows up on their care at home for whether its medicines or wounds or hospice or….

MERIUM: So you are going out to play.

Reneau: Yes. Less stress.

MERIUM: Less structure.

Reneau: Yes.

MERIUM: How good of God to open the windows so that the fresh air can come into your room. You now have personal ministry instead of public ministry.

Reneau: Right. "Ask and ye shall receive!" "Knock and the door shall be opened unto you." I have put on the apron of service in a whole new way, and thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Yes, God-made in heaven, it is.

MERIUM: Alleluia!

Reneau: Absolutely. It's wonderful.

MERIUM: Sing those songs of praise. You will have more intimacy. You will have an opportunity to be of tremendous personal service.

Reneau: Yes. In a far less stressful situation.

MERIUM: For you, perhaps.

Reneau: Yes. For me.

MERIUM: For them, however, they may be even more vulnerable to the real fears that face those who need someone to come to them to help them.

Reneau: Well, that's my assignment.

MERIUM: I know you will do it justice.

Reneau: I'm sure I will have help along the way, too. And thank you in advance for that.

MERIUM: Always invite your entourage to come with you. Not only to help you find a parking place, but to lead you to those assignments that will best serve and bring the most satisfaction to all concerned. Having a good time is not just being irresponsible; it is finding that which pleases you most and, in my eyes, it is service.

Reneau: Um-hum. Yes.

Paula: Service has so many different colors, because I remember years ago that the doctor I was with for so many years was a leading surgeon, an ophthalmology surgeon. Nobody could top him, but he didn't know how to talk to people. He just didn't; he just clamed up. He couldn't think of what to say, and he said, "That's what I've got you for." And so I knew who was married to who and how many children they had and who was expecting and all this, and I kept him so busy talking about their families, they forgot to be scared of what they were facing. And it worked out just fine all those years, and those people stayed friends of mine long after I stopped working there.

MERIUM: That would be because you had a genuine interest in those people and you were not merely doing the job to supply the boss with the product he was buying in you, but your genuine interest in their lives provided a personal ministry and this, indeed, is where you all are the eyes and ears, the arms and legs, the vessels and vehicles of service into the material world. There are some who think that being a social butterfly is a shallow service to provide but where would we be without the flitting insects and birds and bees that grace the mouths of honeysuckle, corn and other of Mother's mysteries.

Elena: You know, Merium, you mentioned the importance of having a genuine interest in the people you are serving. I, like Reneau, have recently had a change in position, one that is much more to my liking, and yet it is really, horribly difficult. I'm very interested in the wellbeing of those I supervise, and yet there is a real rough road to, I believe, to travel before we get to an even playing field. I know that you haven't had much time to observe us, but any comments that you have that would be helpful, I'd be just all over it.

MERIUM: I'm going to stop in my desire to respond to your bigger question, in order to advise you, or tell you, or share with you, or explain to you, or express to you that I am not inexperienced as a teacher, and so while I may be new with you, I have been on the job long enough to have worked with others, and so I have some experience.

But to answer your question, or to respond to your situation, I have to tell you, express, explain, that your situation is a professional one where the structure is such that you are a supervisor to these people and in the capacity of supervisor, you will never have that kind of personal relationship that will permit social exchanges of the nature that Paula discussed. As an assistant, her constraints were not the same as yours. You are not an assistant, you are the boss. And these people need to know who's the boss but, even there, you are still able to develop such a sensitivity to one another's work ethic (and so forth) that you will know each other and work very personally, even though it is not the same kind of "personal" as knowing about their babies or their husbands' work or their bosses peccadilloes. You see the difference?

Elena: Um-hum.

MERIUM: Your job may take longer. It may be that your assignment is to inject spirit reality into the professional world, at least in that paradigm, as compared to the social paradigm you live in "after hours" but since that is the one you brought to me, I have to say you will never have that kind of freedom that is inherent in even Reneau's situation of patient and nurse, for that kind of doctor-patient relationship has its own intimacy factor that is appropriate for their relationship. You can only ask about their family on a cursory level unless they bring it up. And you must not allow them to become too familiar with you, as you must maintain your professional stance in order for them to respect your professional authority.

Reneau: Um-hum.

MERIUM: So don't feel put upon to become chums. You won't. You shouldn't. You needn't. Your level of intimacy with them will be of a working nature. And this is exciting in its own right. It is a viable level of ministry. It is a babysitting job, too, in that you are able to help mold these individuals, not only to do the job that needs done, but to work effectively as a part of a team, which, in the farther view, is a family.

Elena: That helped, Merium. Merium, let me ask you one other thing, too, because my first comment about the observation deal? I didn't mean it in a disrespectful way. But it stems from the fact that, at first I figured that every one of the spiritual beings that we got to listen to … at first I thought they knew everything about us, just because they were in the spirit world? And then I realized, by picking up from some things, "Well, maybe they don't hear or know everything about us," so my comment there was just toward … I hadn't had an opportunity to get to know you very well, was what I kind of meant.

MERIUM: You are absolutely right. Yes.

Elena: So I didn't mean it disrespectfully.

MERIUM: I didn't assume it was; and I hope my response was not offensive.

Elena: No.

MERIUM: I did want to interject that I had some experience, perhaps as an opportunity for you to say, "Oh, really, Merium! Where do you come from? What is your experience on Urantia?" (Group laughter)

Elena: Oh, excuse me. We missed a cue there. Sorry. (Laughter) Do we get a second opportunity? Okay, all right, backing up. Take two, eh? Actually, I did kind of wonder about the part where you were saying: "enlightened." I don't know. Maybe now isn't the time, but in the next week or the next time we get together, because you said … I'm curious about what you meant by those of us who had been enlightened, and I'd be interested in hearing more about that at a later time, if not now.

MERIUM: I would rather show you what enlightenment is than try to tell you what it is because I get bogged down in words when I try to explain things. Because you are looking for answers and your cerebral mind puts forth the question that you think will satisfy your curiosity but it only creates more questions,…

Elena: Oh, okay.

MERIUM: … and therefore you throw in the towel and say, "Oh, forget it!"

Thoroah: We do. We do that. (Laughter)

Elena: That's true! We say, "oh, gee, it's boggling my mind. I don't get it!"

Thoroah: But showing us is perfect. Show us.

MERIUM: If you can see enlightenment, you will have it as a frame of reference inherently. And already you do. I know you do. I know you have had many experiences in enlightenment as you are an inherently enlightened woman! You are intelligent, for starters, and it doesn't take much more than consciousness to experience enlightenment.

If you get up in the morning and see the sun shining through the blinds and the dust is dancing on the air currents, you are enlightened. Just by being able to see, you are enlightened. The fact that you can see is an aspect of enlightenment. And to the particles of dust in the air, in the light, add the mountains, add the dimension of sunshine, feel the dimension of the breeze, listen to the dimension of tonal qualities, touch the dimension of your tactile senses, taste the dimension of the light in refreshment and pleasure. It is enlightenment that makes life life.

That's where you begin. You begin with enlightenment, and then be wary of those who would try to strip your enlightenment away from you, who would take your natural vision of perfection, your own eye for truth, beauty and goodness away from you, who would try to conform your perspective to suit their needs or purposes, who would seek to take away from you that which you are, a child of God, a daughter of divinity.

This is along the lines of the popular saying that you are a spiritual being having a material experience, and if you can assume that reality without assuming any pretensions about your importance in the universe, it is this consciousness of consciousness that affords you superconsciousness, which is enlightenment. It is the joy of living, before anyone comes along and piles on you political correctness or socially acceptable behaviors -- mores. It is you. In this understanding of you, say, "I am." I am. Just to say "I am" is being in a state of enlightenment. "I am!" Then, when you begin to add to it, I am this, I am that, I am cold, I am tired, I am hungry, I am pink (laughter), you are adding dimensions to yourself that take away from the inherent "I am."

Elena: Are you pink?

MERIUM: I am every color, and I am no color. But, you being who you are, I am blonde, I am pink, I have a ponytail. In fact I used to date the Fonz. (Laughter) If that helps you ….

Elena: Are you serious?

MERIUM: Of course not! Have you no imagination?

Elena: Well, yeah, but an imagination and belief that you could have done it!

Thoroah: She looks kind of like Olivia Newton John, is what she's saying.

Group: Ooh! How about that!

MERIUM: I look like you. I am the same as you.

Elena: Well, Merium, I've been looking forward to your being here and looking forward to this afternoon with you.

MERIUM: I did, too. I love meeting with my pupils, but I also enjoy hanging out with the kids.

Reneau: Um-hum. "The kids."

MERIUM: I see you as my children. Not mine personally! I'll let Nebadonia keep them. I'll just be your Aunt Merium.

Group: Yep.

MERIUM: So if I am 18, I will tell you what I see in you, if you'd like to hear my play. This one here, to my left, that you know as many things, many names: Men-O-Pah, Wayawahili, Carl Stafford -- is an oak tree. His roots go deep into the earth. His arms are massive branches. He is old and yet there is so much more life for him to live. He is in no danger of toppling. I see no decay in him. He is healthy, robust.

Paula: Super!

MERIUM: You like him, too, I see.

Paula: (Giggling) More than a little!

MERIUM: You are the nest of bluebirds in his hair. Not just one bluebird … (Laughter) … but a flock of warbling, twittering bluebirds. You fly out from him, flitting, gathering, dropping your seed, and his, and returning to the security of the nest he provides. You are a wonderful team. I cannot say I baby-sit the two of you, but I rest under you and I enjoy you, and in this way I am not responsible for you nor are you responsible for me, but we are able to appreciate each other

I will be the pretty girl in the swing. And that fellow over there, with the curly locks, I'd like for him to be the boy who pushes me. (Group laughter; much delight) I told you, Gerdean, you would like this fellow.

Thoroah: Long before, huh?

MERIUM: I suggested they consider celebrating their nuptials in Vancouver, BC, at the what you call "IC99" thereby planting in their consciousness and removing from their subconscious, the idea of becoming partners in the matrimonial union.

Thoroah: Yeah, you started it.

MERIUM: I did.

Reneau: Merium did?

MERIUM: I did. I admit it.

Reneau: A matchmaker, huh?

MERIUM: I confess. And I have been the brunt of Gerdean's fury more than once.

Group: (Laughter)

Thoroah: Is that a reflection on me!?! (Laughter)

Paula: Well, these men don't really have a chance, you know, once we decide that's what we want.

Thoroah: You're right.

Men-O-Pah: Careful. Careful.

MERIUM: I have no such experience. Not because it isn't true, Paula, but because I have never had a spouse. I was transported from my world when I was 18, you see. I was never in a position to take courtship seriously or to follow up with a mature partnership. I never had my own children. However, I have never wanted for parental experience, and I have not been without most constant and most charming male companionship. It's just that it would be hard for me to assume certain things about the marriage state from a mortal's perspective since I haven't got that experience.

Thoroah: Well, whatever you might assume probably would be wrong. You can't take anything for granted in marriage.

Men-O-Pah: Truer words were never spoken.

Reneau: Especially about what the other person wants.

Paula: Tell me about it! I had two that were terrible. I just keep going around marrying them until I hit the jackpot.

MERIUM: Trial and error, eh? Well, what other choice is there?

Thoroah: That's true.

MERIUM: Until you learn, you practice. And even then, after you learn, you practice. It is sometimes referred to as "chop wood, tote water."

Men-O-Pah: Fish or cut bait.

MERIUM: And this is true in any relationship. It is not limited to the matrimonial kind. It is true, however, that the intimacy factor of marriage, or the same could be said for roommates, there are certain aspects of that kind of intimacy that is not be found in occasional occurrences, as if having lunch with your lady friend were to provide the same kinds of intimate contexts as you would find at home in such close contact with someone in the same environment and breathing the same air, in particular when the windows are not opened. And yet, occasional or periodic relationships, such as having lunch, have their own kind of intimacy, just as Elena's intimacy with her employees will be definite, but based on a part-time situation; it's not one she lives with night and day.

That's another thing that is different about my experience from yours. I cannot recall my nuclear family. I have barely any remembrance of my parents. I remember, however, being the eldest.

Elena: Is that just because it's been so long ago that you forget?

MERIUM: I had little contact with my initial and original parents.

Elena: Oh.

MERIUM: Along the lines of "it takes a village," I was raised by the village. My parents were not there after I was nurtured. I was a part of the community at a very early age, and being very gregarious and knowing I was in a very safe environment, I naturally gravitated to where I could, where I was always accepted, and thus I grew up with many parents, many aunts and uncles, many cousins. Nuclear families on my world of nativity were much more open than the structured, even cloistered, family units that you have here, or that you feel is the ideal.

Reneau: It's too bad our children can't go out and play anymore, or go from house to house. Or stay where they feel more comfortable.

MERIUM: It's not that they can't do that anymore! They haven't been able to do that yet!

Elena: Good point.

Reneau: Yeah.

MERIUM: You are not fallen from grace. That is a mental paradigm that stems from evolutionary understanding; it is not from enlightenment. [Silence] I hope you don't feel I chided you.

Group: No!

MERIUM: I have to be careful. Some of you are so sensitive!

Group: (Laughter) Not us!

Elena: Well, partly, it's curiosity, too. I mean, wanting to know more about you and in being curious about what it was like for you.

MERIUM: You really want to know how it is that you are limited. This is wonderful. This is, indeed, a socializing process. To find out how other people live, relieves you of the isolation of self. You can live vicariously in and through the lives of others. At least for a little while, you can escape yourself. Getting outside of yourself and your constant frame of reference is opening the windows and letting in the fresh air. Unless, of course, Leonard Skynard is singing his song!

Elena: Yeah, that was an uplifting thing, wasn't it?!?!?

Gerdean: (Cracking up.)

Elena: The smell of death! Oh, yeah, well, great! (Laughter)

Gerdean: (Laughing) Excuse me.

Thoroah: She said that was litter that was hanging around the T/R's desktop, so…

Gerdean: Throw that away, Merium.

MERIUM: Well, it was me who went into her little pile, wasn't it? I have only myself to blame. And you can hold me responsible.

Men-O-Pah: Well, that's the only way you can find out which is litter and which isn't, is to get in the litter pile.

MERIUM: Indeed, and much litter has value or it wouldn't still be hanging around. It would be in the trash already.

Men-O-Pah: Yeah, you can compost it.

MERIUM: I have taught in the Butler group and in the Pittsburgh group. I have taught at … I put quotes around the word "taught." How can I teach you anything? I can only share what I know and if you learn from me, fine, but I am not a teacher in the same way Tomas was a teacher. There is nothing cerebral or scholastic or academic about me particularly. If so, it's something I have learned by osmosis and not something inherent. I am not a student type. Where was I? Oh yes. I have been around. I have taught at conferences, and I am a part of the Teacher Corps. I am friends with Lester, the hedonist who I know . ..

Reneau: (Chuckle) The party animal.

MERIUM: … and you know as well, yes, the party animal who was allowed to be a part of the Teacher Corps in order to illustrate that even pleasure-seekers are accepted into the mansion worlds, that your hedonistic nature is not sufficient to shut you out of the kingdom, neither is your gender preference. Just thought I'd add that.

Elena: That's a good one, too. But Merium, you stopped … I mean, I think you stopped on Paula how you see us.

MERIUM: Oh, yes, of course! Let me focus on you, then. You!

Elena: No, no! You were to Reneau.

MERIUM: This is the little red-haired girl who is so cute, so mischievous, so irritating, so bright, so independent and so difficult to corral. You know what they say about redheads. That's our little darling here, Reneau.

Reneau: It's dyed.

MERIUM: You think? You didn't know your name was Reneau, either, until someone told you. (Group chuckles)

Reneau: Pollyanna Clueless is my alias.

MERIUM: Who gave you such an alias?

Elena: Yes, who?

Reneau: I did.

MERIUM: That is …

Reneau: Pollyanna is definitely my middle name.

MERIUM: … I can't find the words in this filing cabinet. (Don't worry Gerdean, you won't lose points in Vocabulary.) I will find out what the phrase is. But it's somehow putting yourself down. It is good-naturedly intended to…

Thoroah: Self-deprecating?

MERIUM: Self-deprecating. That's the word, yes. Thank you, my prince.

Paula: You prince. Oh, bless his heart.

MERIUM: That is a self-deprecating title that you must abandon.

Reneau: The Pollyanna?

MERIUM: Pollyanna and Clueless. You are hopeful and optimistic! You have "undying hope"! You appreciate the mysteries of life, and assume not to control your own Mystery Monitor. Of course you are clueless, because you are open to the adventure of the eternal existence. You must be happy within yourself and not feel you need to make excuses for yourself. Think of yourself as the little red-haired girl. In truth, everyone wants you, but you can't be had! And so just enjoy that, and be unique and original. You will have many friends along the way. As you do! And there will always be those -- in particular the little boys…

Reneau: Where?

MERIUM: … who will sulk and pout because you will always be your own person. They will never be able to have one over on you. That's why you don't have one. You don't want one! If you did, you would lure one in within fifteen minutes.

Reneau: (Laughter) And then they wander off again.

MERIUM: Well, it's not like you want them under foot anyway.

Reneau: Really. (Chortle, chortle)

MERIUM: It is so good to hear your laughter. Gentle laughter is like the summer breeze. Then we have Elena.

Elena, you are in your pubescent years. You are perhaps 11. You have so many aspirations. You are so well intended. You are so bright, so sincere, earnest and yet so terribly serious. You seem to carry with you, in your psyche at least, a great responsibility, as if you were Atlas. Your appreciation for play is not daunted by that aspect of your inherent nature, fortunately, for without your ability to laugh and enjoy that which you love, life would indeed be a burden of existence.

And thus your enlightenment, darling girl, is in your love for your dog, your cat, your home, your garden, your things, your mother, your world, as you must create it. You have created your world. You do not allow your world to create you. And so you have, oh, … perhaps what they might call "an old soul" … but you are truly just a pubescent girl who has all the mysteries of your life ahead of you. And it gives me great joy to be your elder sister in this passage for you from childhood into adulthood.

I love your music! It is in your music that the depth of you and the depth of your expression are allowed to come out. Not just your capacity, your strength and your power, but your joy and your … what's that word? It's French.

Paula: Joie de vivre!

MERIUM: That's it.

Thoroah: That's the one.

Reneau: The joy of life.

Thoroah: My mouth won't go that way.

Paula: Four years of French.

Elena: Well, I'm glad you are going to be there with me to make this transition because I appreciate that. Thank you.

MERIUM: You would. You're a good girl. You really do love to please your elders. You love approval. You like to be liked. Your girlishness in this is not unlike the others here, even Gerdean.

Elena: Thank you, Merium. Very much.

Paula: This was great.

MERIUM: Yes, well, I've come up to Gerdean and I might find this a bit of a challenge for her to transmit my impressions of her. Gerdean is not too difficult. She is a lot like you, Elena. She has a seriousness, and yet she loves nothing more than being a silly child. To play is her delight. Taking life seriously all the time is such a bore. But hardly anyone enjoys the depths of emotional experience more than Gerdean. She loves her emotions and uses them as her instruments in being her own one-man band. (Laughter)

I see no reason to focus more on her than that. I am sure you all have your own appreciation for our fellow-sojourner here. She is well loved and is loveable, as are you all. It is my preference to think about how loveable you are as compared to other views I could take. In the jargon of the Urantia text I could say that when necessary I can go to the Ancients of Days and ask to have your character reflected to me, that I might see all of you, but I am not always granted permission for that. I tell you that because I could suggest you might want to learn from your elders that you can keep the godly perspective…

(Let me back up. Delete that word "godly." It's too big for you. It's too big for me, right now. Let's stick with "cheerful.")

… the cheerful approach to your fellows -- that almost naïve appreciation for their vulnerability and sensitivity that has no doubt been buffeted in their existence, inasmuch as how could it not have on such a planet as Urantia? But unless and until I need to know about those things, that would garner me a deeper look or a necessary perspective for my work as a teacher, as a mentor, would I go get that information. And you can too, but only as it is deemed necessary for you to have it. And truly, whether you are mature enough to handle that information, will it be given to you.

The envelope I just sketched is sometimes stretched, but it will never be stretched so far as to let me see you naked -- as you are seen by the Ancients of Days and their reflectors. I cannot judge you; I can only judge certain perceived qualities, and in that, it behooves me to know why those qualities are evident before I rule out anything, and so that I can keep my affirmative approach to our relationship, which is born of our fraternity in God, otherwise it would not exist.

It would seem Barney [Elena's dog] wants to play. (Laughter)

Thoroah: See? He's enlightened!


MERIUM: Perhaps we should all go play also, and I mean outdoors in the fresh air as children. Don't fall out of the tree. And stay out from under that bluebird of happiness. (Laughter) It has been a pleasure, a joy and a delight. I'll see you next time. Bye-bye.

Group: Thank you. Bye, Merium.