2005-09-19-Urantia Experiencing Rampant Emotionalism

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Topic: Urantia Experiencing Rampant Emotionalism

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher:Abraham, Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am feeling revived by your relaxed group attitude this evening. When we can all gather together we can remember why we serve. We can refocus on the business at hand. Life and living it to the fullest potential is our business. We do what we can to make it better for those up and coming.


Urantia at this time seems to be caught up in such rampant emotionalism. I am beginning to understand that this time is really the direct result of rampant emotionalism. Man’s wishful thinking, sometimes selfish desires or simply personal faithful causes, will lead man to act in a manner that brings results. Sometimes the actions are without integrity. We are now the sum total of our thoughts. This is evolution. This is a springboard into change. The world’s occurrences are a reflection of what it has valued. The pendulum is in mid swing. We are at the beginning of a new breath. We are rising above the chaos to find the truly valued aspects of this mortal life.

I am MARY and once again, happy here to be among you. Abraham’s words tonight lead me to remember the crucifixion of our Master. People were literally forced to take sides. They were made to think about where they stood in their belief system. There are always Father’s children who are not as experienced as others. There are always those who live in a fearful state or a protective shell. There will always be those individuals who live to look righteous, but I well believe that for the most part at this time on the planet, that the common man is capable of rising above selfish desire toward finding real purpose.

Love comes not with a price tag. Truth comes not without some pain. Beauty is that occurrence that touches the soul, something that continues to live on in the minds of those who had the experience. The Master’s cruel treatment and devastating manner of death caused each person to make life decisions, decisions hopefully that would be in effort toward an ultimate good. After the Master was gone from us we were left with those truths He gave us. We were left on our own to use what He had taught us. The individuals, who knew Jesus and worked for the cause, were more dedicated than ever. After His death, after the emotion had died down, purpose came to mind. Courage became a part of us that we had not known before.

This world is new every day. A few individuals make a difference every day. We have the choice to be self-serving or to serve, to be spiritual or animal. Man is not a prisoner of his own habitual thinking. We can always rise above to reach for new and better things. The world is simply a direct result of its collective thought--not good or bad, just evolving. This week let us make effort toward putting our energy to good use. Remember those things that are true, beautiful and good and that love is a sustaining energy. This week I will answer questions. Abraham stands by. Have you questions?


SIMON: I will take an assessment how to be a better servant, tune in better and keep faith.

MARY: Simon, I see that you do well. There does appear to be a great deal of creative energy that you have within, but many times have not confidence to follow it, instead you are seemingly more trusting of others ideas and inclinations. You have a bright outlook on life and can do a great deal with your own inner spiritual inclinations. That is all. (Thank you.) You’re welcome.

CALVIN: Abraham, I heard you and Mary talk about how a few will affect the whole in time. I can see how the Master’s life affected so many in a short time and such a small exposure, yet in these 10 years of this Teaching Mission we haven’t seen massive numbers by no means to hear these lessons, to me is most fascinating of any reading material we could have. It makes me wonder why we don’t have so many people in ten years, no churches built up. What would be your assessment?

ABRAHAM: It’s not important. It’s not the purpose of the Master to reel in the numbers. Permanent change takes a great deal of time and planning. Mankind always has free will choice. What we call our cause, our movement, is not important. What is our focus is to reach those listening individuals who dare to move forward without temptation to take credit. If one mother is better to her child, then we have done our job. If one man has become a better husband, father, brother, friend, we have done our job. If one county official has voted to forego some luxury in favor of keeping jobs, that is what our Mission is about. We will not be organized, nor contained. We will not exactly be so efficient, but certainly sufficient. The Teaching Mission is a drop in an ocean of students. We are not looking to separate. We are hoping to unify. Take the Urantia Book, for example, some can hardly read one page without confusion. Some are so driven by it they become imbalanced. Some simply use it for a guideline. Still it is a tool to enlighten. It is not a savior. It is a tool to come to understand the Savior, but it is not contained, it is not limited, it is not owned--such is our Mission and the Correcting Time and evolution is slow and I am thankful we have eternity. Are you understanding? (Yes. You shed some great light on the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission. Thank you.) Wonderful. Good question. Thank you.

DIANA. Abraham, I would like to thank you, Mary and all those teachers who I have come into contact here in this area, including others and friends here in this room. I’ve learned so much being here and I can finally say I am truly grateful for all that I have learned. I just want to take a moment and honor you for being such a close friend and wonderful teacher to me. I want to ask if you have any words for me as I make this move, change, particularly those tasks I might find helpful in the coming weeks to keep me moving forward. It just occurred to me that perhaps my friend, Emulan, will no longer be traveling with me and I need to know if I should be saying good-bye to him.

ABRAHAM: No, there will be no good-byes, of course not. Diana, we are thankful of all your efforts in this Mission and think not that it ends here, no. We are each with admiration for your courage to move on from the so-called normal to the unknown. That is faith. That is trust. I will visit you often, as will Emulan. Do not worry. You are quite capable of serving in this Mission with your enthusiasm and brilliant organizational skills. Remember that Father, Michael and the rest of us want for you to have happiness and your heart's desire. We see you not as a child so much, but as an adult in the spirit. Have not fear in the changes ahead. Know that my love goes with you. I leave you to Mary.

Diana, my friend, I am also fond of you and wish to have continuing conversations with you. Continue to find time to have stillness and meditation. Be aware that those that are with more years does not mean they know more. Be careful who you listen to. You are fully qualified to be guided by the spirit within. This should be a freeing and joyous time for you. Run with it and Godspeed. (Thank you) You’re welcome. Are there anymore pressing questions?

SARAUNA: (Inaudible.) I need focus.

ABRAHAM: Sarauna, my one recommendation would be to slow down a bit. Have not worry about time that is not filled with busyness. Be watchful of activities that might look good on the outside because they are seeming to bring purpose, while after some research you find that some things were not what they appeared to be. You are an ambitious child. You have dreams that you have not thought about acting upon. It is acceptable to test your skills. Do some experiments. Remember who is in charge or in whom it is you serve. He longs to guide you every step of the way, as He does with all of you. I must stop there.


Know that Mary and I are ever standing by for each one of you should you have need. Let us go forth into the week with truth, beauty and goodness leading the way. Until next time, shalom.