2006-11-19-Adjustment, Your Grand Being

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Topic: Adjustment - Your Grand Being

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teachers: Monjoronson, Elyon, & Nebadonia

TR's: Sheila & Jonathan



Monjoronson (Sheila TR): I will now take this podium; I am your friend and your brother Monjoronson. My dear ones, I would say to you that, even in your perceived most sorrowful and loneliest little moment, that you in reality have not taken one step backwards. This indeed has been an adjustment period, and I do assure you that this family that you are have received quite adequately yet another circuit. We do enjoy your stories, but most of all it is in this moment here and now when we see you share and giggle and make light -- literally make light -- in this moment. This is once again where this group excels in your ability to receive and adjust. Indeed there is a weave that binds you. Indeed you have all been prepared, but I will say to you that there is no possibility that this entire group will fall back on this great mountain that you climb.

You not only have the weave between you and the will and the desire that you all bring to this round table, but there is backup of many, many realms who hold tight, who literally guard and protect what is being developed within this group. You are not advancing for just your own good; you advancement is for your entire planet and your people, which effects the entire universe of universes. Everyone, everyone wants you to succeed in this amazing and beautiful journey you have well established. I cannot express to you enough that there will be only victory in the many agendas that you are actively participating in outside of your physical world. It is safe to say to yourself when you feel these moments, "Ah, I must be adjusting" and immediately hold up your flag of victory. These circuits that are coming to you and your world are coming quickly; they are not always noticed as prominent as this one, but I say to you, your ability to adjust has been recorded. It is because of your ability to receive and adjust that these come at a quick pace.

There will be plenty of time later to understand and label these circuits, but for now, being the faith creatures that you are, we advise only to continue your adjustment, your sharing, and most of all the love and laughter that binds this family so well. Being associated with the co-creation of your dear Light is what determined the particular circuits.

Again, this ability to receive and adjust is what anchors these particular circuits to your world which in time will assist in the adjustment being made, assistance in the transformation and ascension of your world. These circuits are definitely attached to be received and anchored in the heart area. This is where your center holds the vibrational pattern and where the adjustment takes place.

This is why the thought process feels so opposite. It has no place. Adjustment is a natural process. Your thoughts of it are not the natural process. Your goodness, your love, your joy, your natural state of spirit is the adjuster. Your thoughts can be interference. Your sharing moments like this moment have the ability to lock in this adjustment. Great ones, I stand with you, I observe you, and I embrace you. Thank you.

Elyon (Jonathan): I also greet you, I am Elyon. I have an astronomical comment, not one grand and glorious, but one regarding stars, planets, and moons. Picture yourself above a solar system that I may illustrate a few comments.

The sun is your centered self and each planet an aspect of your being. When you focus as a planet, an aspect of yourself, and view the other planets surrounding your central self, you witness relative motion. While all these aspects proceed in their course according to the physics of stability and motion, it appears at times that some elements are in retrograde, are falling backwards, when in reality it is the relativity of the motion of your various elements. If you re-center in the sun of your being you then rightly see that all is progressing normally.

Again I stress the value of stillness. While we are in this orientation, may I further comment?

Close in, the near planets may be called faith, creativity, and around the planet of faith circles the moon of assurance and of comfort. Around the planet of creativity circles the moon of imagination and adventure.

But around the planet of fear circles the moon of doubt and discouragement. Those planets are far, far out in the cold dark regions of your self- space. Even your own central power has very little gravitational hold. These negative elements can break free and drift off into open space and be with you no longer. To be centered in your sun-self gives the proper perspective of your composite elements.

Now I will expand one more step. This sun also circles a galactic center, your divine Father Fragment. Around this galactic center are the many suns of your grand being: your family sun, your working sun, your church-going sun. When you reside on one of those suns you also witness the possibility of the relative motion of retrograde appearance. Your church-going sun may see a working sun which is slipping, when in reality that system and its planets are progressing according to plan. Again, I stress the importance of stillness, residing in the galactic center, wherein you may perceive the symmetry, balance, and harmony of your grand being. Thank you for allowing me to illustrate this nature of yourself in this way.

Evelyn: That was beautiful. The various meteors that fly by, comets, rarely hit anything.

Elyon: You prompt me to further comment. This meeting of ours we call a classroom, though we may also liken it to the merging of solar systems into one another in the commingling, sharing, of gravitational forces of spiritual love and of joy. There is a sonic resonance to your coming together: the power of your own orbits, multifaceted as they are, repercussing upon one another, strengthening and uplifting. I thank you.

Mark T: As a poet attempting to work with words to find the poetry in living and set it down on paper or in song, Elyon, you are a grand, grand inspiration. Thank you.

Elyon: I warmly receive your appreciation and I affirm our kinship. I was introduced to you all as one good with words. I am now familiar more with the language you currently use. It is the talent of the poet to expand the meaning by the use of inventive and creative orientation with new words and old words to bring illumination to create a broadened perspective.

Nebadonia: I am Mother Spirit. I wish to give you all the embrace that only your divine Parent can give. You know that when you pick up a young infant to hold it in your arms, to rest it over your shoulder, that there are times when it will giggle and smile. But there are other times when it will squirm and cry. All you seek to do is give love and comfort. My children, when you squirm and cry know that I am giving you love and comfort.