2007-05-21-Abraham & Mary

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Topic: Tradition and Freedom, Spirit Circuits

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teachers: Abraham & Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am so grateful we can be here together to regenerate in mind and spirit. This group you have here is a well of health, truth and life, with which you can dip your cup and prepare for the week ahead. In our ministry we sometimes get to the point where we are always in a mode of giving. Sometimes the origins of this mode go back to traditional church beliefs. To be giving and self-sacrificing is holy, taught the church. Today we are more with the belief that giving is more of an exchange of energy, an ever-flowing river of truth, beauty and goodness.

As we minister to others we need to also look upon what is given to us. We are still students and in need of ministry too. At this point in time we can see individuals stepping out of the church boundaries to really think for themselves. This swaying pendulum of insight will help us in taking a leap toward Light and Life. Individuals are finding more freedom and less fear to question their lattice of belief.


I am MARY, again grateful to be with you this evening. As I get to know your personalities, I grow more in love with you. I am always in anticipation to meet with you. You could say I was always a free thinker. Mostly I was just a rebel toward tradition. I disliked those people who appeared to have, because I was always seeing myself as having not. Growing up mostly as a lonely child, I had gained quite a bit of mistrust toward adults. Those caring adults who tried to give me kind words, I saw them as people who were trying to get me to conform. To me that meant I was not as good just as I was, so therefore I was suspicious of kind words.

I remember having a bit of a crush on a young man named Jeremiah. He was kind and thoughtful. He knew well what topics to not discuss with me. Religion was certainly one of them. Little did I know then that he was a good friend of John, the Baptist and was a witness to the beginning changes. He would speak of this so-called prophet and although I could see the enthusiasm in his eyes and total faith, I still felt I could not trust. Jeremiah was from a good, hard-working family, one of seven children. He was well familiar with balance in life, to give and receive, to love and be loved, to teach and to learn--simply to prioritize life with the eyes of the spirit.

I believe had I been ready for such an individual, I could have certainly spent my life with him. He was a good teacher. Many times he had told me the truth about myself and I thought he was simply being judgmental and this was always an argument for us. My mistrust eventually sabotaged the relationship and we went our separate ways. I will always remember the light in his eyes as he spoke his true beliefs. It wasn’t until he had been away from my life for some time that I began to truly appreciate having known him. I had not regret because I had learned so much about myself and I know Jeremiah went on to marry a wonderful woman and raise well-balanced children. We had always remained friends and had that connection that was on a level of spirit.

It was knowing people like Jeremiah that helped me to find myself, to figure out my place in the world. I realized my rebellious nature was not for loss, but for being open for the new that was to come. It was my choice to embrace what I felt to be true. Knowing the Master, this was exactly what He taught. Our closest connection with Father begins from within. As promised, I will keep the lesson short to receive any questions you may have. Abraham also stands by. Proceed.


MIRIAM: Thank you for the lovely lesson and I would like to welcome my dear friend, Laurie.

TEACHER: Greetings, Laurie. Please make yourself at home.

LAURIE: Greetings and thank you. I am feeling a little awkward. I am new at this and very delighted to be part of this group and have this experience with you. I would like to know if I have a spirit name.

TEACHER: Certainly. It is wonderful to get to know you. You have a beautiful spirit light about you. In the closest possible pronunciation using the English language, your name sounds like Amanda. We look forward to having a long friendship with you. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, it has been quite a few years ago as students of Ham. Two questions, one is that we understand now there was transmission error, yet Ham’s presence was pretty real to us. I have often thought did we misunderstand and it was Abraham, we just got Ham and rode with it? He does feel like a different personality from yourself. I talked to Rebecca over the week-end and wonder if you have any words for her regarding Ham as a teacher?

ABRAHAM: I was there in the beginning days and Ham was my student. Our names may appear to be close, but mistake not, he is definitely his own entity. You can ask anyone who sat there for hours listening to him. They grew to love his unique personality. Ham is indeed a brave individual who dared to be one of the first to participate in the Correcting Time. Rebecca knows she can begin with Ham at any time. We all know by now that these lessons are informal. I say to her to worry not. All is moving as it should. Just remember to maintain personal closeness with Father. Have not worry about others spiritual distance. Thank you, Calvin. That was a good question. Are there others?

MERIAM: Abraham, years ago I asked you about a couple of teachers. You said you didn’t know much, but they were highly skilled spiritual teachers. I have been listening to CD’s of this lady and she uses beta and beta waves in her meditation tapes. I was wondering if you had any comment. Is that akin to vibrations in energy? Does it help or enhance?

ABRAHAM: I believe that these vibrational waves help some individuals, mostly beginners who are still searching. As you grow in the spirit, you feel these waves as a natural and normal part of everyday life. If you believe these help you focus, then by all means utilize them. It is interesting to come upon those who are first seeking the spirit and begin to feel those mindal changes, which include awareness of these vibrational waves. It can be frightening at first, but as you grow in the spirit, you learn to feel them as a natural part of everyday living. Is this helping? (Yes. Sometimes you mention how you see us--as energy. Is those waves like a small part of that?) Understood, we can use those waves to attract attention, but as beings of energy, it for the most part is not necessary. With the connection of the spirit circuits, new energies will be felt and it will go beyond what is common knowledge now. We are always learning to embrace the new. I know as a mortal it is our tendency to hold on to what we know, but you that participate in the Teaching Mission are becoming accustomed to newness. While these ideas are not organized or labeled, those that stay grounded will learn about them naturally. It will just happen. While it will take many years, all things are moving us toward Light and Life. Good question, my daughter.

SIMON: I am always grateful to have you in my life, a stable anchor for me. People come and go in life, emotions and sometimes it seems like self-evaluate. Do you have specific advice on getting used to these new tools?

TEACHER: Simon, I see you as really excelling in your work right now. You are meeting a lot of new people and learning a lot of the new technology. You are getting back to your basic intellect, which is very bright. You have the mind to design great things. You are a scientist and an artist, a brilliant combination. You are coming back to that point of interest that needs to be of great importance to you. You are an intelligent man and there is no need to downplay that. That is you. Seek what interests you and have not worry of what others think about you. It is your time to enjoy that area of life you have always thought about, but have not yet pursued wholeheartedly. Simon, you do well. Carry on. Another question?

SARAUNA: I am grateful for your lessons. [Inaudible—about being high centered and not being able to accomplish much.]

TEACHER: Certainly, my daughter. I see you not as high centered, but perhaps you are expecting to see some positive results out of your choice to retire. When you are feeling without choice, then there is that frustration of feeling stuck. If you can believe you are with possibilities and choices, then the world is open to you. You are simply in an even keel of living. At times a little drama makes us feel useful. You have desired to begin projects, but are with the concern of what others may say. That is not choice, Sarauna, that is your feeling of being high-centered or stuck. Do what you feel driven to do. Worry not about the everyday rut capturing you and not letting you go. There are thousands of possibilities before you. Focus on that. Is that helping? (Yes. I can work with that.)

CALVIN: Do you have any words for Annette?

TEACHER: I would be happy to answer if she asks me. I do enjoy her lively spirit and would like her to come and visit from time to time. Another question?

TECTRA: This is something in the lesson that Mary touched on last week, helping create circuits among us. I believe what you are speaking to is as we get more centered and balanced and the art of allowing Father’s time with those we interact with and that is creating circuits. Could you expand on that and how that works, what the ramifications of that are?

TEACHER: Certainly. Well said. It is as if we were actual components on a circuit card. We are always sending energy through the circuits that affect every component and when the components have some sort of spiritual awareness, then energy is easily passed through. There are always those who are with disdain and anger and their world is certainly dark. When energy cannot flow in a certain path, it will create new paths and as we are feeling more a part of Father’s Kingdom and reaching more individuals to share with them the good news, then are there circuits formed that carry actual energy. You can be in a room with a lot of people and not be doing a single thing and you are a component that is alive with energy and people can feel this. People can feel negativity too. I can see the genuine connections between people. I can see a great deal of connection in this room. You all feel at home here and there is love. There is no fear. As we are learning to take this into our personal environments and simply live as an example, simply being kind helps to create connections between individuals and even if not an individual identifies this connection with Father, there are still components for Father to travel through. Good question, Tectra.


I am in appreciation of this evening’s variety of questions. You are thoughtful of the world around you. That is all. I am with such gratitude to be among you caring individuals. Your love for the truth will clear our path. As always our love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.