2007-12-04-Where the Reality of Vital Spirit Thrives

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Topic: Where the Reality of Vital Spirit Thrives

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Rihte

TR: Mechelle



Rihte: “My loving ‘hello’ brings with it a shower of warmhearted affections to you, precious mortal! It is Rihte, and I visit with you this evening as a dear friend, a close confidante, and a familiar kindred spirit of sorts.

“I shall talk about the importance of self forgiveness and feelings of guilt most of humankind holds onto, which in turn then becomes the erosive turmoil of stunted soul growth.

“The most insincere of mortal gestures, dishonest and deliberate actions, result in the purposeful intent of massive emotional upheaval. He, or she, who persists in the direct outcome of your fallible long-held and negative reactions, is truly without remorse themselves. You simply become the empty shell, the innocent vessel that will perpetuate their projected hostile sentiments.

“It is so very vital, however, that you realize this simply is a person -- a soul -- that is not quite at its ‘ripeness’ to mature. Their ascended spiritual growth has occurred at a different human time frame while on the earth plane. This is neither wrong, nor right. It just simply is. These mortals project negative and sometimes brutal or unwanted dire energies onto another unsuspecting soul. When not dealt with properly, this unproductive energy in turn becomes guilt, sadness, and depression.

“It is imperative that you must cleanse your physical body and spiritual one. Meditate, and release these feelings, emotions of pain and sadness, and profound guilt. Call upon me, or any of my celestial brothers and sisters to aid in your souls purging of dismantled feelings.

“Most importantly, I want you to take full responsibility for your own happiness. Do not depend on others around or near you, to make you complete. While it is without undisputed doubt that mortal existence does indeed need positive and productive emotional input, never disregard how to channel your Higher Self of Being into your everyday lives. That is where the reality of Vital Spirit thrives.

“My pleasure is to aid you, my mission tonight complete. I leave you now with love. I am Rihte.”