2008-01-27-Receive My Healing Touch

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Topic: Receive My Healing Touch

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Divine Father: “My child, this is your Father Michael. I speak these words into your heart. Open yourself to Me so that this healing language may soften your unconscious mind to My love. Your body contains much that need My caress, and in opening to Me, you will receive My healing touch.

“Receive these words: The power of Love washes through your body, embracing those places in your being where you still feel unloved or unlovely. Invite your body to open to Love and sit with Me and your Mother for a few moments while this moves through you. Relax and trust that a mighty force is moving through you now. Breathe and relax as this moves in you, creating new places for My truth and goodness to be infused in you.

“My beloved, as you increasingly become filled with this mighty force, know that you are slowly changing from the inside out. It is entirely safe to open to Me and to receive what I wish to share with you. Stay in this receptive place for as long as you need to, and return here again when you need another strong influx of Love. It will always be given when you ask.

“The time of healing is upon your planet. Make time each day for yourself to be healed and made whole through My healing touch. The simple intention to receive Love will provide you with what you need, yet you must open the portal of Love through your desire. I respond immediately through the breath of Mother. Call on us. We are here for you!”