2008-05-22-The Correcting Time

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Topic: The Correcting Time

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: George Barnard



George: “Hello Machiventa. You have our greetings and our sincere welcome. We are delighted with your visit to our home.”

Machiventa: “My dear brother and sister, it is a pleasure to be with you this evening. I say, how things change, even in a short mortal lifetime! It was like yesterday when you regarded me with apprehension and distrust. It is today that we are the best of friends, and co-workers in the service of our Sovereign, Michael. This is Machiventa, and it is about change I wish to speak with you. It is about changes in your world, and changes being made to all the former rebellious planets in the system. It is about the Correcting Time. The local system underwent some dire changes since the advent of the Lucifer rebellion, and on a few of the affected worlds there have been further disasters, although your world has been one of the most troubled with the default of your Planetary Prince, followed by the only-partial success of the Adamic ‘uplifting’ of your races.

“With the Lucifer Rebellion now adjudicated (in the mid 1980’s), we have entered the Correcting Time. For us, the Melchizedeks, and the many others on Michael’s side, there were many indications that the rebellion would at last be arbitrated. We have long planned. We have long visualized and theorized. We have long put our heads together in projecting our myriad moves from the closure of the adjudication onwards.

“Yes, much preparation did also take place prior to the adjudication. Firstly, the extensive work on the channeled Urantia Papers had begun well and truly before that time. The education of individuals all over the worlds, to deal with the changes on your worlds, was also begun well before the advent of the adjudication. The communication circuits, which at that time were severed almost in their entirety, are slowly being restored. And no, you are not yet receiving the ‘full impact’ of these power circuits. You are genetically no longer capable of taking that full force all at once. You have become more delicate, generation after generation. However, they are being turned up, slowly, in this the Correcting Time.

“So what does it all mean from your viewpoint? Mostly it involves the prompting of many individuals, almost all of them subliminally, that they must now take responsibility for their personal spiritual progress. It means that they will hopefully become interested in seeking out new ways, and consciously so. It means that billions of Teachers are available, in fact, one for each of you human beings, and more. It means that countless millions so-called fallen angels are now rehabilitated.

“This, the Correcting Time, is sandwiched between the isolation of the rebellion of the past, and the times of Light and Life on the planet of your future, when all brothers and sisters will love each other, care for each other, look after each other, as happens on a normal world.

“The Correcting Time is a time during which you make up for what has gone wrong for so long, to bring you back in line with Michael’s normal worlds. The Celestial Teaching Mission is a part of this. The human efforts of many of your brothers and sisters to urge and cajole their people towards a more spiritual and equitable life, is part of the effort. We are in the process -- you and I -- as are many others in the process, of correcting that which went so badly wrong at a time when your Sovereign, Michael, had no way of stopping the onslaught of the rebellion. It will not be corrected overnight. It is a slow but certain process. However, again I reiterate that with Michael’s mandate and the Melchizedek plans, we, who are for the good of humanity, human and Celestial alike, will win this battle with certainty. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I send my love and respect to all. I say goodbye for now.”

George: “Thank you Machiventa.”

Note: My first meeting with Machiventa did not go well. Decades ago he arrived in my clinic without a Midwayer escort, and at that time I trusted no one other than the 1,111.