2008-06-10-Almost a Full Battalion

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Topic: Almost of Full Battalion

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Dr. Mendoza

TR: George Barnard



Doctor Mendoza: “This is Doctor Mendoza. I greet you my two good friends. I thank you for noting my prompt. I needed to ‘ring my bell’ for only a short space of time. With our private (subliminal) conversation now over, I would like to begin.

“Many, many Midwayer healers from other planets now belong to the ranks of those who serve under your friend of old, Doctor Mendoza. It is not important that all who require medical or psychological assistance know the precise name, number, or code of those, who are attending them, who are giving them their time, and healing them. What once was merely the very small 11:11 Progress Platoon has now grown, and the Midwayer Doctors alone, those associated with this progress effort, could almost be classed as a full battalion.

“It is fine for you to call on Dr. Mendoza. It cannot always be yours truly who will come to your aid. On this planet, still very few mortals understand that they can call out for help for their physical problems, for their emotional and social problems, indeed, for their psychological aberrations of many kinds. Those of us Midwayers who are healers are skilled in all these arenas, because we all have a lengthy period of education behind us. We are always at the ready to assist with what is often, and largely, an application or redirection of energy. This we do, if it is indeed God’s Will that you be assisted. And so there are some instances when we cannot assist. There are some instances when we eagerly do assist. In the majority of instances, however, we are not even asked to assist, so there is nothing that we can do.

“Ask and you will receive what you need most, in some way, because this is a definite universal law. If you do not ask, we simply must ‘down tools,’ and we cannot spend any healing time with you, unless on occasions so directed by our Superiors.

“This talk, my dear friends, this channeling or transmit as you will call it, can go out to the regular subscribers, and also to the special list of the growing number of Akashic Construct students. Amongst them you will find many more than you can imagine at this present time, who are doing healings with us privately, sometimes unknowingly, often unwilling to share details of their new information, their unique expeditions, their journeys into the midway realm where we live.

“To them, on behalf of this diligent receiver, I extend the invitation to let it be known they will be ready to receive information on those to be healed, expressing their readiness to be involved with us whenever time is available to them. This is Doctor Mendoza. It is a pleasure to be here with you. I thank you for being so receptive at this late hour. I thank you for making this a peaceful environment I enjoy visiting. Until we meet again, this is your friend, MNO8, saying goodbye.”

George: Thank you Doctor Mendoza.