2008-09-16-Begging for Help

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Topic: Begging for Help

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thuroc, Icarus, Rihte

TR: Mechelle



Thuroc: “Hello sweet mortal! It is I,Thuroc, and tonight I am buzzing with glee as I bring with me not only my galactic sister, Rihte, but our beloved brother, Icarus (sounds like Ick-uhr-us). He is an accomplished traveler of the Universe, a scholar of all, which concerns nature-related issues of Urantia herself, assisted by the gentle and Motherly guidance of Nebadonia. It is through Icarus’ vast knowledge, and unending passion for your mortal ways and planet, that I acquiesce completely with his incredible thirst for serving and learning.”

(a long break in transmission)

Thuroc: “Brightest greetings again dear one! This evening I accompany both of my galactic siblings to spread the word in all, which serves our Creator and universe. I am especially excited as this is Icarus’ first experience with you, our mortal cousin and earthly baby, if you will, to communicate with you in ways as to which he is new. He has spent many a year learning and acquiring data of the cosmos and all she entails. Nebadonia and her tender and unyielding manner has been the mentor to not only our beloved Celestials and human family, but she is our revered Goddess of the local universe in its entirety. She has guided and taught Icarus well, and now he may carry on to teach you.”

Icarus: “It is of great honor that I travel with my universal siblings to share in your transmission tonight dear earth-child. I know you have been waiting, and trying to speak with me, and I with you. (Here follows a private message to the receiver.) We must both thank your brother, George, who resides on the far side of Urantia from you, for assisting with (formatting) this message!

“I will start with the fact that Urantia is begging for help. She is so much ailing in ways that many, who know her well, can and must come to her aid! Her ‘soils need to be tilled,’ the beautiful and rich minerals and nutrients she serves you so humbly, mined and managed, so as to be of help with the sick and elderly. Replant her trees after foraging through her forests, swim her waters, but turn off your own water supplies when unnecessary. Overindulgence suggests wasting her precious resources.

“Shine her lights of brilliance in your homes and buildings, but please, do take only that which serves your need. Use your bodies as much as you can to transport yourselves to your destinations. Walking, jogging, running, riding a bike brings you closer to Creator because you are using His gifts of blood, bones, tissues, and life! Your breathing becomes more stimulated, your heart rate excels, your awareness is sharpened, and you are vibrating at a higher frequency, which in turn brings you to a Higher Plane. It’s all so simple and good! With every effort made to help conserve and protect your planet Earth, the more rapidly your population reaches soul growth. Utilize this Correcting Time to enhance the raw and magnificent Urantia on which you reside. It has been my great pleasure to speak with you tonight. There will be many more lessons to follow. Best wishes, and good evening.”

Thuroc: “I will bid you a fond farewell tonight with pride swelling in my chest. As to be expected, Icarus, and you, earth-child, have done me proud. I am Thuroc, saying goodbye for now.”

Rihte: “I, too, add to the love and joy that is present amongst us tonight. It is with a very happy heart I say goodnight. This is Rihte, signing off for now.”

Note: Icarus (Ick-uhr-us) is the name chosen by this Teacher in the place of a very extensive number. And, no, he is not the Greek mythological character whose wings melted as he flew too close to the sun.