2009-03-17-Working with Bible Readers

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Topic: Working with Bible Readers

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan



Jonathan: We gather here with hearts dedicated to up-liftment of all humanity and we look to our celestial brothers and sisters for guidance and at this point we specifically request Monjoronson our Magisterial Son to address us with the following questions. Be among us Monjoronson.

Mary: Yes we welcome you Monjoronson to our midst and express our gratitude at being able to be of service.


Question #1: My question concerns the bible. I am being taught and guided by spiritual helpers via New-Birth.net and the 11:11 Progress Platoon. I get all kinds of flack from people who only read the bible. I'm called anti-Christ, evil, and that my path isn't going towards God because I don't read the bible. What is the best way to handle situations like this? I have tried to to teach them that God's love saves and not human sacrifice and that's where the trouble begins. I know I'm on the right path to God so I don't let their comments bother me although I say prayers for them when it gets rough. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Monjoronson: [Jonathan] Thank you for asking me this question. It is no doubt a difficult position to be in for you have advanced yourself in spiritual understanding to the point that you have outgrown the circle of certain paradigms. While your current circle of understanding can include these other circles, embracing them as part of a larger perspective, it is difficult for an individual within those other circles to reach beyond and embrace that greater perspective for there is no location within that smaller circle to contain such an expansive view.

You have expressed contentment with your current understanding and some compassion towards those who are aggressive towards you when your viewpoint is unlike theirs. I can offer the empathy of the Master Michael for He encountered the very same situation when He was domiciled on your world and there were times when the crowds were set to stone Him to death. He did not necessarily transform those specific individuals at that time but He continued to pursue the Father's will in expanding the mortal perspective and relationship with His God whom He called the Father.

Over the course of centuries He has been successful but even those who were able to adapt to His new teaching grow likewise into a static state much like those of His time in the religion that He interfaced with and so you are faced today with a similar situation. Do not expect to change anyone for their system of beliefs may be very important to their sense of well being but you may stand firm in your own belief and stress to the other your desire for a compassionate acceptance and for the other individual to at least allow the freedom for you to explore truth as it is found in life by the way of God's guidance just as they have found truth in their life by the way of God's guidance.

Many do not realize the ascending graduations of truth discernment. It is often desired to simplify the comprehension of truth into a single standard or into a finite set of rules and guidelines. So you must allow that condition to remain with those individuals. Perhaps you will never prevail upon them with a broadened perspective but you must learn to stand strong in your faith and continue to pursue the unfoldment of your soul as you are being directed from above for the only lasting message that offers transformation to that other soul will be the witness of your blossoming and the emergence of your greater spirituality.

No argument will prevail against one strong in their philosophic perspective but the demonstration of your presence and your presence with the presence of God will begin to soften the heart and open the mind for deeper questioning. If perchance you find yourself increasingly frustrated with such encounters, I would encourage you to look for another arena of interface with truth seeking personalities who are more near your level of development and offer them the advice and the demonstrations they so seek for, for they are at the edge of that comprehension and leave to others who are nearer to those who stand to challenge you and pull you back from your perspective of your level of growth to those who are far closer to them but yet a little more advanced. Sometimes it is best to let those nearby make the incremental, minute changes that will bring about the greater change in years ahead than to attempt to reach over the great chasm of differential.

I hope this has been some comfort to you as I perceive you are strong in your faith and yet frustrated with the attitudes of those around you, well meaning as they are, who speak from their perspective of the way of spirit.

Mary: Thank you very much Monjoronson.

Question #2: Could you please describe the preparations that you underwent for your mission on this world. Also, how does the mission of a Magisterial Son differ on this world than on another?

Monjoronson: Every one of the Sons of the Avonal order is equally qualified to undertake any mission throughout the grand universe for we hail from Paradise. We are time/space manifestations of two persons of Trinity yet our preparation for a specific emplacement requires that we become conditioned to the location whereupon we will be engaged or even bestowed. We differ from the Michael order for the Michael Sons establish their realm and all throughout their realm creature life is a reflection of who they are as Creator beings.

So as they undertake a bestowal as you have witnessed Jesus on Urantia, they are more suited and adapted to the creatures that they will dwell among and so we Avonal Sons must undergo an education regarding the variations of creature life, the personalities and the inclinations and tendencies of those personalities. Life in another superuniverse, while still timer/space and finite is still quite different than another superuniverse. There would be no need for multiple superuniverses if all life was identical. This variation is part of the beauty of the manifestation of God in time.

Even within a superuniverse, these variations are multiplied and so I engaged in a period of time of becoming quite familiar with the way of life in your local universe and even still within your system and then again, your planet. A broad condition for me to comprehend was that you are from a universe that is represented by all of the three persons of Deity and then again you are represented by a Michael Son who reflects two aspects of Deity.

And then quite specifically to address the final aspect of your question; your world was altered by the rebellion of your Lanondadek son and so I needed to comprehend the specifics of that upheaval, to come to terms with the warring philosophies and thereby derive the insights needed to understand why the human beings on this world will react to teachings as they come and to events as they unfold for you have a legacy threaded throughout your history which is reflective of this rebellion.

I can come and teach you the great light of truth, I can come and bestow upon you spiritual love but you may not understand that language, if I may use such a term, if I do not translate it into the conditions of Urantia as they are contained within the orientation of Michael, all within your wonderful universe of Orvonton. I hope this portrays to you the expanse and the specifics of my training. I cannot give you further details for you are not an Avonal Son, it is therefore not relevant to your unfoldment.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson.

Question #3: Is this current global economic situation on track for the "Transition Era"?

Monjoronson: In short, indeed yes. To provide explanation, the current situation is not a projection of our plans, in other words, we are not here to disrupt your economic balances, but the orientations of the human beings upon your world that have developed the conditions that now are playing themselves out are coming face to face with the consequences of their endeavors. This will bring a dawn in the minds of many people of a new approach to global engagements on an economic scale.

The change will be leaving a route where the rules of behavior were, if I may use an earthly phrase, "dog eat dog", and will begin to evolve into a supportive environment of helping one another. Your olden rules loudly proclaim that the economic situations of old allow anyone to pull themselves up by their bootstraps but in reality, the rules of the game were to knock anyone else down who is not yourself. This is playing out to many a ones astonishment as to what these consequences are.

It is our effort to interject into those souls who seek a higher way, the value of benevolence, of mutual support, that one is uplifted in the assistance of another rather than at their expense. Yes, this will be the earthquake that rebuilds your economic social structure, your monetary system. I must clarify once again, it is not of our doing though we are here to assist you through the consequences.

Mary: We sure are glad that you are Monjoronson and I must say personally that I sometimes wonder how such high spiritual ideals will come to be reflected in our virtual institutions which seem so far away from what we have but I do wonder how this all going to happen. I am filled with hope that this is a time of great opportunity where people will find themselves entertaining the possibilities that were the status quo maintained would never have been entertained. So I do once again say that we are glad that you are here to help us through the consequences of our own creation, thanks.

Monjoronson: If I may add, that in eras prior to the one that your world is in, often changes are brought about by one individual who attains great stature and spreads the message and others adopt it and continue to spread it until it is gone afar. But in this day and age you have the ability to affect many people from anywhere upon the world and it would be likened to a solution, if I may use your jello, whereupon from all points within, there may occur the transformation and the setting of that jello and so you will find simultaneous uprising of the new perspective from all over the world. It will be a supportive emergence rather that one spreading from one individual to another. It will appear to come from all directions.

Mary: And I guess, for as us individuals, our task is to promote the ideals of cooperation and supporting and helping each other as opposed to competing with each other?

Monjoronson: This would please me greatly for you to undertake such an approach.

Question #4: We recently heard from our Master Michael that "the hour has come" and much like His apostles, I think we rather struggle with what that exactly means. Your statement just now, of us acting in a way that we perceive to be right, seems to be what is referred to. Would you have any comments to help us get our minds around the implications of His statement, even the implications for you of such a statement by the Master?

Monjoronson: Truth be, I will say that those of you who have engaged with us in the Teaching Mission Correcting Time, have paid great attention to receiving the messages that have been given and in preparing yourselves through reorientation and above being reoriented toward new levels of being. You have been receptive in adopting but just as a student must eventually graduate from an educational program and become part of a work force and start applying the skills. This is what is meant by "the hour has come".

Some may feel like they haven't finished all of their educational process. Some may find that their hour has come and merely [earned] a GED. Others may find they will not complete graduate work but nonetheless it is time to find that job and to become employed in the work of Michael. Now I know many of you have, if I may follow with this metaphorical train of thought, that you are holding jobs while you undertake your education but this is not merely doing while you are learning, this is the transition into a career based activity.

I am mobilizing my forces to be of great assistance to all of those who are receptive to such guidance. These engagements that you will find yourself in in being about the Father's work will not always be overt in their expressions. You will not necessarily undertake the activities of a Peter or a Paul but you may work very quietly and very singly in your lives demonstrating and promoting the way of light. Rather than seeing yourselves as human beings reaching up for spiritual assistance, it's time to see yourselves as spirit beings reaching our to your fellows in need.

This will be accepted by those around you if you engage yourself with humility and compassion, promoting truth and love and not necessarily rules of behavior or laws of correctness. It will be a reflection upon you as it was upon the Master when one said "Behold the man", for in that hour He said no-thing but the presence was strong and it was comprehended. This is the hour that has come, the waiting is over. For many people it will not be just on the dawn of tomorrow, everyone of you will come into that hour of transition at your respective points.

But the transition zone is not decades wide, it is far narrower. This call to be about the business of spirit up-liftment will be briefer as the message is spread and each person accepts the call. We realize that the human race is the ultimate determiner of the advancement of this world. All we can do is continue to encourage and stimulate you to move ahead. This time could be very long if the human beings upon this world resist but I discern a great readiness is upon you.

Question #5: Monjoronson, Michael, in addition to His declaration that our hour had come spoke about the need to "not" do anything, in fact it was not on doing but on being. Could you explain how your comments fit in with that concept?

Monjoronson: Indeed I can for I have attempted to encourage you to accept yourself at your current level of attainment and yet while you do continue to grow and unfold and to comprehend deeper levels of universe reality it is time to just take yourself for who you are and say well enough. That is your being, it will change for you are not static creatures but you do not need to perpetuate preparation. You may dispense with I'm not yet good enough, let me practice some more; that is your being.

However, one can sit forever and analyze what is a good state of being and never accomplish a thing. I point to the example of the twelve apostles assigned to Jesus. Not one of those twelve knew in the early stages what they would encounter. Not one of them was really prepared but they set about the task, the went about doing what the Master trained them and encouraged them to do. The two go hand in hand.


[Thank you very much Monjoronson for commenting on our thoughts and concerns and being with us at this time. It means so very much to us, thank you.]

Monjoronson: I cherish every moment of my interface with all my fellow spirit beings. You of the ascending order are an amazing flock of souls. You ever look upward for higher attainment and this is a beautiful view for those of us who hail from the perfection of Paradise and our heart extends to you that you may be nourished and uplifted, that you may partake of the realities from which we hail but you know likewise that we are benefitted greatly by your demonstration of spirit presence from afar, from the outermost stretches of time and space. Together in our interface we are revealing a dimension of our common God. This is something that cannot be given to us, this is something we make together. Thank you, all of you, for your interest, for your questions.