2009-04-07-What Are We Waiting For

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Topic: What Are We Waiting For

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.




Prayer: Father, we meet in this sacred space, this soul, that connection to spirit, to the wisdom, reality, the presence of spirit, the presence of mind that interfaces with spirit. This evening we ask for the presence of Monjoronson to join us along with other universe personalities and presences.

Monjoronson: Greetings this evening, it is I Monjoronson. This evening we will answer spiritual concerns to the human concern counterpart, the questions. We are ready to begin this session.

Philip: Good evening Monjoronson, thank you for joining us tonight. To start we have two related questions.


Question #1: Many of us around the world have independently come to the awareness that we are waiting. Is it just us mortals who have this awareness or do the Celestials have this awareness also? If "yes," what is it that we are all waiting for?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. The aspect of reality that utilizes anticipations or waiting is an aspect that is prevalent in both spiritual culture and human culture. In human culture there is more a concern with urgency. The human life span is quite short as compared to the spiritual reality where the time constraints don't exist therefore spirit anticipates human response to their efforts to the situations that they help make available to humans.

Humans, on the other hand, are conditioned by a sense that some outside force and presence will act in their stead when actually it is the individual that needs to take responsibility and credibility for its actions and its decisions, the frequency of decisions. Man is faced with a short life span in which he must achieve some sense of his own reality and presence of who he is. Many peoples all over the world of Urantia are also waiting for others to act to bring about a greater sense of justice and equanimity in the world when actually it falls to the individual who has the ability to think in those terms and on those levels to take responsibility and action.

No matter what befalls society of the planet upon which you live, the work of most concern is mans relationship with the Divine Adjuster which indwells man. That work takes place on many levels. Very few people fuse with their Adjuster during these times but it is expected that man will begin to become more conscious of a social responsibility to help in making these times of transition on the planet, to help in these transitions in a smooth and easy way. No matter what attitudes comes about in the situations in your societies it is up to the individual to have a tremendously positive, hopeful, faith filled attitude.

In summary the waiting is akin to worrying, similar to a form of depression where someone is not able to function clearly because they are worried about something or afraid of something or not clear about something or some form of uncertainty. Those of you who are in countries who are cut off from the mainstream of society, those of you, the poorer parts, begin to work within yourselves to be of greater service in standing for justice, standing for moral issues, those issues having to do with what's right. Those of you who are segmented and cut off in rural areas, it is ever important to establish a deepening sense of faith knowing that you are a son and daughter of God and that all will be taken care of and worked out on very basic levels.

It is tremendously difficult to send hope through words. Ideally hope should come more as a substance, something palpable but you live on a world where one is actually free to discern this great spirit which resides in oneself. It is a matter of exercising these choices. Thank you for this question this evening.

Philip: Thank you for that very expansive reply Monjoronson.

Question #2: Monjoronson, why is it necessary for you to tell us about the decimation?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. The information that is given through these transmissions is information that responds to the types of inquiries in the minds of the individuals receiving transmissions. There is a tremendous amount of information that is not coming through that is not within the minds of the individuals to inquire. That which comes forth is usually that which responds to the human situation. There are times which are upon you even now. Part of this is to prepare you for the greater thought on your planet that we are coming into end times, that the times of change do not necessarily reflect an end to life on the planet albeit they may signal an end of an order or an age and the beginning of another order, another age.

Many times the correction of a planet comes about through severity of conditions where mankind is forced to make decisions, forced to choose. Part of the spiritual journey is understanding options. Thank you for this question. [Thank you.]

Question #3: Please, in your own words, what really is divinity? What really is the meaning of the concept that faith liberated sons of God [ godly mortals on earth] are divine?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. the short answer is: divinity is a relationship. On Paradise, the relationship of the primal aspects of God, the Father, the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit create a relationship and dynamic which sets up the character of relationships of the universe. The act of God indwelling man is a relationship, that aspect of God, the Thought Adjuster is Divine, it is perfect, it is the gold standard to which the human mind sets itself.

When the human mind does set itself to doing God's will, man is in a divine relationship. This conscious state, when practiced is developed in divinity. Within the human soul, this aspect of the divine works within the human mind and when consciousness rests in this relationship there exists divinity, a God like human. Thank you for this question. [Thank you.]

Question #4: What should I [as individual] or we [as family, group, etc.] do for becoming souls of good quality? What are the qualities of souls expected to deliver?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. The soul is a quality. The place where man interfaces with God is a sacred place. There are no conditions placed upon man. Man has to come to the place where he begins to discern his responsibility to respond to the Indwelling Presence. To honor this presence with your time, your concern, your thought is to activate the relationship between the Adjuster and the human and the soul. The Adjuster is there awaiting for you to activate such consciousness that begins to work with the leadings of the Adjuster. In this way you can be assured that all transactions are golden, they are all good, for transactions of selfishness, transactions with agendas don't take place in the soul, they take place within the ego mind of man.

In the soul you are stripped bare of who you are. It is that aspect of Father who shows you who you are, that you begin to respond. Father knows the areas that needs improving within every individual. It is tremendously difficult at first to completely trust something extremely subtle but it is not delicate. God is not delicate. God is almighty and all powerful and that aspect of God which resides within you is ever working for your mortal improvement so that you begin to access a greater spiritual awareness in consciousness, that you begin to recognize your sonship and it's responsibility to recognize others as sons and daughters. This all helps to accrue in the soul. Thank you for this question. [Thank you Monjoronson.]

Question #5: Are there any organizations of human beings currently existing and operating on this planet that provide a model for how human organizations should function consistent with spiritual principles? If so, what are these organizations and what are the principles by which they do operate?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. It is extremely difficult to outline what an ideal corporation or a human group working on Urantia would be but organizations that take into account individual thought, individual concerns, are probably closer to the correct path because all people in God's eye are worthy of recognition. They should likewise be worthy of recognition to all the groups on the planet. All groups should be working for the betterment of the whole planet and its people yet you are a long way from there. It is good that in all human group endeavors that justice and integrity allow itself to play out, that personal agenda is something that is put aside. There is a tremendous blanket of problems that rest upon Urantia societies today. Urantia will find the ways and means to deal with these problems and situations and grow into a more homogenous economy and into a greater and peaceful brotherhood. Thank you for these questions. [Thank you.]

Question #6: In the Urantia Book it states that the Adjusters exist in our minds to receive the admonitions of the spiritual intelligences of the realm and then translate these messages to the material mind. Is this how we become conscious of the Spirit of Truth? Is this why the Adjusters were universally distributed once the Spirit of Truth was bestowed? Thank you for your consideration.

Monjoronson: The Spirit of Truth is a spiritual circuit. It is a spiritual circuit of the Creator Son and Creative Daughter which reside in the Universe of Nebadon. It is important for these spiritual circuits to function fully that the Thought Adjusters may come and have a spiritual circuitry intact in which to function and operate. It is kind of a catch 22. Thought Adjusters did universally come to this planet before the Spirit of Truth was released on the planet yet the Thought Adjusters came to those who had activated the correct response to receive a Thought Adjuster. The Spirit of Truth allows the Thought Adjusters to come into all regardless of will choice and establishes a greater circuitry for spirit to better serve mankind.

The Thought Adjusters do work within the higher more critical thinking realms of the human mind. I say critical thinking, it takes discernment to identify and subsequently work with the Adjuster. It is not necessary that one has a tremendous amount of information on the Adjuster for the Adjusters personalize to man’s mind and man’s person that the Adjusters have ways to access humans within their minds.

The Spirit of Truth allows for groups of individuals who have recognized this inner quality of divinity to work on much greater levels socially for the betterment of mankind and mankind's relationship with itself. The Spirit of Truth is much like the presence of the Creator Son Himself, the Spirit of the Creator Son, like a beacon of light beaming a spot to show man the way to navigate through the channel and to avoid the rocky shoals. The Spirit of Truth is one of the spiritual presences which has insured mans slight progression over the several thousands of years of is existence. Thank you for this question. [Thank you Monjoronson.]

Question #7: A series of short related questions are as follows:

a.] Is the inward light that sometimes accompanies worship a response by the Thought Adjuster?

Monjoronson: Correct

b.] Is it experienced in the emerging soul or solely in the material mind?

Monjoronson: It is the experience of the emerging soul.

c.] Is its purpose to help one stay focused on communion or is it an indication of the infusion of spiritual energy or both?

Monjoronson: Depending on the mind, the spiritual light is intended to open up the mental pathways to greater possibilities.

d.] How can it be experienced more effectively? Thank you for your guidance.

Monjoronson: Mans experience can be more effective through mans focus, mans intention. If man intends to do good, man eventually will do good. If man intends to find God and become one with God, man will find God and eventually become one with Him. Man’s intentions are as primary as a rudder is to a navigational vehicle in the sea. Intention insures man’s direction. The actual consequence in the outworking of men’s lives may work themselves out quite differently from mans intentions. Yet if mans intentions were honorable and certain and correct then the outcome won't be that far off; besides in the human realm, you are constantly having to make tension adjustment for the greater spiritual capacity one has, the greater resistance to that which otherwise would bring men down. Thank you for your question.

Philip: Thank you for your response. This last question has to do with the location of the architectural worlds and this individual has been inspired and intrigued with the various architectural spheres in all of the universes and is not sure of their location; whether in the physical space or in another dimension.

Question #8: What is the physical system or star cluster that they are near and the distance away from earth in light years? Thank you for your consideration.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question and concern. To envision the architectural spheres of the local system, one would have to envision the largest and brightest stars that are near to your planet and one would have to have the ability to map these stars. If one had the ability to map these stars one would begin to notice that there is a pattern, an almost circular pattern of bright stars with a large space in the center of them. The large space in the center would be where the architectural spheres are. Since they are not suns, they necessarily cannot be seen yet because of their tremendous gravitational presence they do not go unnoticed as far as energetic systems viewed in the universe go.

If you took this mapping a step further you would begin to see that these small circles begin to connect like a pattern in a crocheted lace piece and that they would again form a large circle of these small circles of stars. In the center of this large circle you would have the constellation architectural spheres. If you could still further map you would notice that these large circles formed out of these various smaller circles of stars would form one gigantic circle of one hundred circles and in the center of that giant circle would be the universe capitol architectural complex.

So you must determine with your own mathematics and relative equations what these stars are and how to map them in space so that you could learn where to look. Thank you for this question.


Philip: Thank you Monjoronson. We appreciate your teaching tonight and would like to thank our transmitter. That concludes our session for this evening.