2009-07-24-Would It At All Matter

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Topic: Would It At All Matter

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



It was not my intention to take notation at 1:30 AM on this day. However, both Midwayer Chief ABC-22, and Teacher Samuel, had different ideas. There were two loud raps . . . on the ceiling! How novel! Knock, knock! With a smile on my face I began recording.


Samuel: “Long ago a wise man told you that mankind must be ever vigilant, because there are always those forces that will wish to enslave the entire world population. I am reminding you of this, my dear friends. I am reminding you that it was clearly spelled out to you then that very little in this world can ever be just precisely what it seems to be. This is Samuel of Panoptia. It is good to be with you, even at this strange hour. It is good to spend time with you, anytime, and to feel welcomed in your home, as I always am.

“You all go through your lives with a certain amount of conviction that certain things may be so. Would it at all matter to you if at the end of your lives – as you have just been promoted to the Mansion Worlds -- you would find that one of your ancestors might perhaps have been a casual acquaintance of the family, rather than the ancestor who was supposed to be yours, as recorded in county documents, a parish record, or ‘holy book?’ I should think not! Only ‘the you,’ who strived to leave behind the vestiges of animal behavior, will be real, and the proudly worn insignia of your world will convey to all who you really are.

“Would it be a problem to you if, after your being shipped to higher spheres, you would find that those politicians you trusted and supported were in fact involved in things that were totally against your principles? Did they talk of peace and sanction war, did you find, despite your cautious perusal of their curricula vitae and undertakings of good conduct in office? You might well be surprised. In looking back, you are likely to be most surprised about your troubled world! The ‘call of importance’ is on how you lived your life, how you judged your circumstances, and how you went about your every day, how you grew, how you advanced, how you progressed, your intent in all matters.

“Perhaps more importantly, and perhaps not, how would you feel if slowly on you would come to the conclusion that all of your beliefs of the hereafter were slightly askew, even altogether incorrect, at the ‘time of embrace’ by your departed ancestors? I say to you once again, it is how each one of you lives your life. It is how you go about your business, how you treat others, how you love your fellow man, that is of importance. All of the rest will ‘fall away, will blow away, yes, wash away,’ as you enter into a new reality, bringing with you only the soul growth that really matters. Your ancestry, those who used to be your political favorites, and what you once believed to have been your personal spiritual reality, may possibly be of little further meaning to you.

“Comparatively speaking, you will find you will be ‘fast-tracked’ through 101 of the rather accurate Mansonia curriculum. This is your Teacher, Samuel. I’m glad you enjoyed the knocks on your ceiling. I say good evening. Goodbye for now.”

George: “Thank you both.”