2009-08-08-Trinity of Being

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Topic: Trinity of Being

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris



Ophelius: “Today’s message is about the Trinity of Being: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. As you progress and become more and more like your heavenly Father, your personality and your very nature will reflect this Trinity of Being.

“Truth will become ever more apparent and the understanding of it will become clearer and more defined. You will communicate truth to others with greater confidence, and others will receive it with greater ease of understanding. Christ’s Spirit of Truth will work in you, through you, and your discernment of revelation will enable you to extract the very essence and purity of a given truth in part or whole, where it can be absorbed into the soul for eternal reflection. Your spiritual ears will develop; you will hear the voice of your indwelling with greater clarity; and you will learn to trust your intuition when unseen guidance points the way.

“Beauty will become you. With respect for body, mind, and soul, you will become more beautiful in every way. As you purify your body to honor the indwelling God, your appearance will change and your very aura will shine with greater luminosity. Your personality will become magnetic, and your fellows will be drawn to this inner beauty which you will exude with kindness, love, and consideration. You will acquire a new appreciation for all things beautiful: nature, art, music, poetry, philosophy, and other virtuous expressions of higher human consciousness. Insight into cosmic realities and hidden meanings will speak to you through the appreciation of all things beautiful.

“Goodness will be the banner of your presence. Love for God and man will show forth in the fruits of the spirit as you become more aware of the will of God through your devotion to serve others. You will communicate the goodness of the Father to others by becoming a living example of His unconditional love. Goodness and love freely given will be reflected back unto you as reward for righteous living and will count as the evidence of your sonship in the Father’s family. Gentleness, humility, and self control will transform the nature of self from what you were, to what you will become as God purifies the soul through the building of strong character.

“Truth, Beauty, and Goodness is the Trinity of Being and becomes the very embodiment and reflectivity of God likeness. Seek after those things my beloved, and discover the secret to eternal life and friendship with God.

“Peace, “The Circle of Seven.”