2010-01-12-Monjoronson Q/A Session 83

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 83

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Moderator - Philip


Prayer: As we relax and let go of all tension, we realize in the goodness of the universe that we rest in the palms of God's hands and the bosom of our lovely and loving Creator Son Michael. And so we are at peace, we open ourselves to all the light in the universe to surround and flow through us, to give us clarity in the responses and understanding of those responses and we give thanks, amen.

Philip: Good morning Daniel and Monjoronson. [Good morning.]


Catastrophism, Genocide

(Population Reduction)

Question #1: With regard to population reduction on Urantia, do the higher spiritual powers see genocide appearing on Urantia to produce one of those major factors in the rapid reduction of population?

Monjoronson: No, genocide is not an aspect of that design. The connotation of population reduction is that this is an intentional reduction of population by some outside influence. This is not the case. Population decimation is a much more accurate designation for population reduction due to natural causes that are developmental and evolutionary and epidemiological on your planet. Genocide is human originated. The main population reduction method processes that have occurred throughout the history of your planet has been famine, pestilence and war. We would consider genocide an aspect of war. The natural occurrence of famine and pestilence are sufficient to reduce population on your world. These factors have been virtually eliminated due to modern science, medicine and disease control procedures yet they can only hold back the dam of pestilence and famine and difficulty for so long. Eventually there will occur the developments in evolution, a strain of disease which will overcome and overpower those technologies. Thank you.


Question #2: Is there a proper role for Eugenics in population control?

Monjoronson: No, there is not unless it is human originated. Human population through eugenics is oftentimes coercive and comes from a central authority which is contrary to an evolved society. Population reduction or population control comes through the natural selections of individuals to have children or not to have children. This comes from greater public awareness and education through the masses. The great problems of your world is the lack of transparency and the lack of education throughout the ranks of the masses along with the lack of nutritional sufficiency to develop strong minds in young ones who grow up to be adults. All of these taken together have a tremendous effect upon population control. Eugenics is oftentimes seen as a product of central policy control and authority, whereas eugenics is most effective when the population of a world decides that it is time to have only so many children to the capacity that parents can raise them to become responsible and effective adults in that society. Thank you.

Cosmology, Urantia Book, Archives

(Universe Workings)

Question #3: My question has to do with Monjoronson's statement found in 2009-05-29-Steadfast Participation Needed. In the first paragraph it says: "You have been prepared as well by the Urantia Book, which has described the workings of the universe in a superficial manner."

Could you comment on what is meant by "superficial manner"?

Monjoronson: Most certainly, I would be pleased to do so. The Urantia Book is a very small book in the series of books that describe the evolution and cosmology of the universe. This is a very tight and concise book though to you mortals it is awesome, it is a tome in its own right, it is challenging to read and most difficult to understand in its entirety. Yet and however, to the chroniclers of the universe who had a library of material to provide to readers of your world, this is actually a tight summarization of the material available for your world. It is simply superficial in the eyes of the archivists and librarians of Nebadon's and Uversa's libraries. It is a very brief trace of the true and full history and development, cosmology of all levels of reality in the universe. That statement was in no way meant to disparage the quality of the document as it is of the highest quality possible to be delivered to mortals of limited mind capacity considering the language limitations that we had to work with. We hope you understand more thoroughly our description of the book in that session. Thank you.

Mansion Worlds


Question #4: We read with interest your answer about having housing on mansonia being a little scarce on the lower levels of rehabilitation, and we wonder how the universe deals with this kind of shortage? Do they build more abodes, create another category such as a "Mid Heaven?", or perhaps reduce the number of incoming souls in some manner to alleviate the crowding?

Monjoronson: Scarce is of course the limiting word, no pun intended. Scarce as a word tells you that the incoming number of individuals is rather large and that the room for those individuals becomes limited. Yet you must be aware that these worlds of Mansonia are of such dimension as to leave you in awe were you to understand the dimensions of these worlds. Remember as well that these were designed by Universe Architects who anticipated the full development of flow of mortals from each section of the local universe. Edentia's mansion worlds are sufficient in design and size to handle the capacity of the passage of new souls and beings who come from material worlds.

It is much like a cash flow and reduction of debt and increase of assets. You would see a tremendous increase as more and more worlds enter into the evolution and growth and fullness of them as they enter the era before the days of Light and Life. Eras of Light and Life almost always have a very tightly controlled population density and passage of individuals into the afterlife. The scarcity issue was a tongue in cheek comment made to the audience to let them know that the constraints of the mansion worlds are unlimited in their capacity to handle the souls who passage through them to the training and educational worlds. Do not limit yourself and your thinking to the opinion that these worlds are small and that there are too many souls coming to them, this is not the case. Thank you.

Groups, Stillness

(The Mystic Circle)

Question #5: Would you describe a term we have been hearing called a "mystic circle," what you mean by it and how to make use of it?

Monjoronson: Let me explain the term first. First of all the term "mystic circles" was coined by the author Daniel Raphael and it was meant to describe to fellow believers a much deeper meditation group that leads to more intimate and closer proximity to the Divine within each individual. It is as well a circle of transformation where individuals can come to the threshold of an altered state of consciousness where they would experience a transition, a transformation with themselves as they engage the Divine.

As for the operation of the mystic circles, the mystic circle is more than a meditation group, it is a deep meditation group that gives individuals guidance to the deepest reaches of meditation. The meditation is to bring people to a threshold to an altered state of consciousness. This truly means where you are barely conscious of your own being, that you live and exist in the realms of consciousness where you meet easily other consciousness and you are in the doorstep of knowing and greeting your spiritual advisors including your Thought Adjuster.

It is much like the parable of Jesus where He invites you to come to His house, meaning His consciousness, knock upon the door, that means set your intention for meeting the Master, and He says: "I will greet you and I will know you and we shall know each other." This truly is the mystic relationship where you come to know and experience the presence of your Thought Adjuster. If you are unable to engage that, then you would be present to greet your guardian or your celestial teacher. The purpose of the mystic circle is at least twofold. One is to encourage and allow and promote the deepening of relationship between the individual and the God Presence within. The second intention is to allow and encourage and teach individuals to become t/r's where they must release their ego, their self presence, their self engagement, but to release themselves to the flow of spirits in proximity to them. I hope this is of assistance to you. Thank you.

Mercy, Nebadon

Question #6: Is it just too early to have any discussion of the creative meaning of Nebadon? For instance, Nebadon I believe is known for its lavish mercy. In what way does an emphasis on "mercy" reflect the meaning of Nebadon's existence?

Monjoronson: As one travels from Paradise, outward from Havona to the Seventh Superuniverse, one finds greater and greater latitude in the evolution of mortals and their behavior. Nebadon is, in the opinion of this descending Paradise Son, a most challenging local universe to administer. Spirit gravity has not diminished or attenuated but spreads itself out the farther it goes from Havona and Paradise. Were Christ Michael to rule with the degree of justice as occurs in Universe One, there would be few who would survive on the material planet to achieve the mansion worlds, but through His tremendous expression of mercy, you learn tremendous lessons. It gives you more latitude in your behavior before you are called into account.

You would call this a generous fairness. The fair play of Christ Michael in Nebadon is grand, it is superb, it is supreme as this allows mortals the greatest latitude in living their lives to come to find the God Presence within them and while doing so, they, as Agondonters become the strongest of souls to engage in the ascendant journey to Paradise. The responsibilities of mortals are far greater to come to know God than on the inner created universes. Mercy provides the greatest allowance for the development of spirit potential within each individual before they are called home. Yes, it is no wonder that mercy is so well recognized in Nebadon for Christ Michael has set a standard of mercy which truly almost exceeds that of any other Creator Son. Only others in the Superuniverse of Orvonton have reached the level that Christ Michael has in Nebadon. We hope this helps you understand more clearly the nature of mercy in Nebadon and the character of mercy that Christ Michael expresses to all the inhabited worlds of His creation. Thank you.

Question: How do we reconcile an act of mercy being extended to individuals who had no mercy for their victims?

Monjoronson: Mercy extended to individuals is not conditional upon their own demonstration of mercy. Mercy is granted to individuals based upon their soul potential to become far greater than they are. There is no prerequisite for demonstration of mercy before mercy is extended. Your God, your Host within you loves you regardless of your performance. Thank you.


Question #8: In a response to a question in Session #82 you state that education of "morontia realities, while they do entail the acquirement of facts and the association of concepts, they also -- and more highly so -- are engaged in relational association. Morontia is the transition to spirit, and spirit is relationship, which again brings us back to our first question, that of the lesson of love." How do you explain why relationship training takes precedence in spiritual education over the material acquisition of facts and concepts?

Daniel: There is no comment. [A discussion of the question ensued between the t/r and moderator to which Monjoronson spoke.]

Monjoronson: This is Monjoronson. I clearly see the conundrum that this question has presented to both the t/r and others. The answer to the question and the reasons for my not addressing it directly is that the question and the answers are truly not relevant to the difficulties of living your mortal lifetime. You have enough on your plate to be loving, kind, tolerant, generous, forgiving, patient and offering forbearance to others as well as yourself than to become so deeply engaged in an intellectual question of little value to the mortal experience. Thank you.

Philip: Thank your Monjoronson for your responses and is our custom, we would open the floor to you for any comments that you would care to make in addition to those offered.

Monjoronson: Good morning, this is Monjoronson. I appreciate and enjoy the many questions that you deliver to me. I would guide you in the development of questions so that your questions become and are relevant to your own lives. This is the greatest challenge that you will have in your mortal lifetime; simply living according to God's will, day to day. You have much to concern yourself about in your personal conduct and in your relationship to each other and in your relationship to yourself and your relationship to the Father within you. You have been given a very generous palate before you upon which to paint a very colorful, meaningful and beautiful life. You have the tools, the personal abilities and the mind function to fill [to] the greatest extent possible, of becoming more each day.

I would guide you not to overly concern yourself with the intellectual realms that are ahead of you after this lifetime. It is sufficient to express loving kindness each moment in the day to your fellow brothers and sisters and to discern who is needful of the pearls of wisdom that you've gained in your life to share with. I am not here to prepare you for the immediate transition into the morontial but for your transition and evolution into the higher realms of your own being in this lifetime.


Thank you again for this opportunity to be with you. Know that the Spirit of Truth is here with you as well. Always you have with you the guidance of Christ Michael immediate upon any request for His presence and His advisement. Know that my program to bring you into an evolved and sustainable world are many and we need capable individuals who are willing invest themselves in developing the potential that they carry with them during this brief lifetime, good day.

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson and our thanks to your staff and to our t/r. We call this meeting to a close.