2010-03-23-Quickening Time

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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Quickening Time

Group: At Large


Teacher: Serena

TR: Leoma Sparer



"The times are quickening now in the spirit plane. Spirits and hearts of people are being united in divine love to herald a new age of enlightened living. The veil between the worlds of spirit and physical becomes translucent as those of your persuasion come into greater attunement with their Thought Adjusters. In time, the veil will dissipate for many more ones now awakening to their destiny inheritance which is love, altruism and clear sight.

"The strands of evolution we are weaving together now for all of the awakening ones are varied and complex to your comprehension, yet simple in design by our estimation. This is a unique experience for all involved, in a sense re-writing the 'instruction manual'.

"Unprecedented celestial and Adamic assistance and upliftment is being allowed for the acceleration of transformation in these Correcting Times. Though it appears to most humans on your planet that matters of economy, health, international relations and environmental concerns continue to decline into decay, we remind you these are the labor pains of a new dispensation being birthed. Pressure upon those institutions, practices and beliefs that are not in alignment with the purer energies now encircuiting on Urantia will no longer hold sway. They are engaging in the final throes of desperate attempts at grasping power, all the while losing their grip on the ability to control the minds and actions of an awakening populace.

"The imbalance will be tipped when those now rubbing the slumber of apathy and blind trust in falsehood from their eyes no longer stand by while the few hold power, fed by greed, over the many.

"So continue on, my dear friends. Push on to the prize of Light and Life on Urantia. We encourage you to hold fast to the ideals Michael has set before you, the values of Truth, Beauty and Goodness he exemplifies.

"Though the path may be difficult, each step you take toward the goal is one that brings all of your brothers and sisters along with you.


"In grace and peace may you be opened to the Light that shines for all to receive.

"In the Love that radiates among us, Serena"