2010-07-15-Things Are Going According to Plan

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Topic: Things Are Going According to Plan



Teacher: Michael

TR: Vince



Vince: Good Morning Christ Michael; yer Worship!

CM: Good Morning Dear One . Vince: Well, Kibo of Abundant Hope certainly gave you a hard time, and made known to you the feelings of many people.


CM: Ah yes, dear Kibo, what a great big pussycat he is! We know only too well what you ones are feeling, and that many of you are angry and frustrated that what was promised isn’t happening yet in the way you thought it would. There is a very complex strategy going on at present, which will result in greater benefits for all of my children, but I am not at liberty to say what it is, as it would be counter productive.

The Dark Ones are in the Dark over this, and at present they think they are winning. They have covered all of their bases, have backup plans for every conceivable option they can think of, so why wouldn’t they think they can win? They are busily arranging laws and policies which will bring them even more money, and arranging to pick up companies they have broken for a small ticket price so they can asset strip and sell on for a vast profit. Everything in their camp is beginning to smell of roses.

They are suspicious, for have not the forces of Light stood down the ‘shit-storm’ they were expecting? Why have things gone so quiet in the camp of the Light Ones? When things go badly wrong for the Light Ones, doesn’t dear Kibo have a bitch with us about it, and that is just what has happened; so for them, the signs are very good indeed. What you call a change of emphasis, they see as a potential victory; and so everything is as we wish it to be.

Everything is not as you ones wish it to be, but we are satisfied with the progress that has been made in your dimension, and things are going according to plan. Which tells you absolutely nothing about anything, does it?

Vince: No it doesn’t but the relative lack of news and details, and the change of emphasis suggests that you have something up your sleeve, which you are keeping quiet about.

CM: You may think that, but I couldn’t possibly say!

Vince: That’s straight out of Yes Minister. (A vintage British TV Political Comedy.)

CM: I thought you’d like that reference. You see, it is a way of telling you that I am well aware of the culture on Earth in the various countries, and I do understand the dire positions some of you are in. And as much as I care about the individual soldiers spending several nights in an open landing craft at sea with low overnight temperatures, I also have to focus on the beaches where they will land, and the highways they will march, and the capital city they must capture in order for us to be victorious.

Now, I draw this picture of an invasion force to explain that I care about the individual, for you are my children; but I have to do what is best for all of you, and so I have my focus on the major objective and how to secure the biggest victory possible. It doesn’t matter that you know nothing of my latest plans, but it does matter that you love me as I love you, unconditionally; and that you know I have your best long-term interests in mind. And so you shall be able to support me and your fellow mankind through this stormy water until we reach a safe harbour.

There is no other way forward, but to be victorious together and I hope that when the call comes to ‘GO’, together we can storm the beaches and defeat the enemy. Will you walk my way, hand in hand with me?

Vince: Yes, yer Worship, I’m up for it. Just give us a shout at the appropriate time, and I’ll be with you, whatever you want me to do.


CM: Thank you for your commitment, and I look forward to many other ones of the light joining in with us as they said they would.

I AM Christ Michael Aton, also known as Michael of Nebadon (Amongst other things.), in conversation with Vince. 15th July 2010