2010-07-19-Ongoing Ascension Project

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Topic: Ongoing Ascension Project



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: Good Afternoon my Dear One, not too good today, are you?

Vince: No, thanks for asking.

Monjoronson: You may think that it is your underlying medical condition, but there are additional energies which have entered Earth’s atmosphere which are adversely affecting quite a few of our enlightened ones, and you are no exception.

I wanted to say that we understand that you ones are feeling rather upset by the non-appearance of the large Stasis event, and we understand why so many of you are thus.

Vince: I’m not one of them, as I explained earlier to S333.


Monjoronson: Indeed so, but this is aimed at a wider audience than just you.

Many people have got so very upset and disappointed, and some have withdrawn their co-operation from members of the Spiritual Hierarchy; sort of gone on strike. There is really no point in being like that, because the only ones to benefit are the Dark Ones.

I say to all of you who will read this; please do not give up; and join again with us to prevent the Dark Ones from winning. Do not waste all of your previous efforts by quitting now; join with us and redouble our co-creative efforts. We have travelled a long way together, and there isn’t much farther to go, and another big shove is needed. Will you ones not help?

Vince: I can’t help you there Mojo; maybe they will and maybe they won’t, we’ll just have to hope they will. As I have said, I am with you all the way, for as long as this incarnation remains viable, and I can’t say fairer than that.

Monjoronson: That’s good to know, and we are sure that when a goodly number of others have thought about it in detail, they just won’t leave the situation as is, as we are so very close. Just another push and Mama Earth will go.

Vince: If you say, but as you know I’m standing back and watching the situation to see whether this is a multiple small stasis event chain, a big bang, or a resounding whimper; that way, I won’t be disappointed.

The Pacific Rim earthquakes are going on apace aren’t they, what significance should we attach to these.

Monjoronson: The same as you did before. If Mama goes for a series of smaller events, then these will ramp up until the required effects happen, and if it is a big bang, you will start to see some more earthquakes in the mid-Atlantic ridge area. Mama has shown she doesn’t want a big bang, and as has been said before, there isn’t one of us who can make her do it, as it has to be of her desire.

The spirit of your planet is a gentle, kindly and motherly figure who doesn’t want to hurt any of her inhabitants, and because she has the divine gift of freewill, we can’t make her. We are considering a number of options at present, which we hope will gently ease the log-jam of events, and facilitate the required changes. But at the end of the day there is a ‘Go By’ date issued by the Source of all that is; it isn’t the 37th of Orgust 3079, or anything like that, but even more precise and when a vast number of planets are in major alignment. That’s when nobody has any choices left, Celestials, Planetary Spirits, Angels, Humans, or Animals. At that point it’s Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am!!

Then that is the scenario nobody really wants and we are all trying to resolve this side of the wire, in some way or other. It is still do-able, and this is the main part of the project being worked on at present. If the dark Ones think this setback means they have won, then they are very wrong, and we are very determined to find the best way forward to the outcome we want before the imposed project end time.

This is why I previously said to you that we are working on the problem, and seeking all manner of solutions. This is why we can no longer guarantee a single big bang Stasis event, because Gaia wouldn’t budge, and it remains to be seen in what manner She will budge. I have been open and honest with you, but have presented the facts to you in simplified form, within the time and energy constraints of these channelled messages.

Vince: As I said; I have no problem with what you’ve said Mojo. I know other people like to know much more detail, but I know you’re not doing it for fun, and your time and energy is better spent on finding a viable way forward. I know this is a very linear and human way of expressing my thoughts; but that’s how things are.

Monjoronson: Good, and it is because you are a scribe of mine that I wanted to let you know these things, and didn’t want a session like the ‘Robust Exchange of Views’ you had earlier today with S333.

Vince: Well, since you didn’t compare my feelings with those of others, we won’t have the same kind of discussion. I always reserve the right to explain my views and correct the assumptions of others, whomsoever they may be; else why have freewill?

In any event, when you materialise in this dimension, assuming you’re not here already; then I am sure you will understand better the feelings of we Ones of the Light who have been so abused by the Dark Ones in so many different ways.

Monjoronson: I’m sure I shall, but my exact whereabouts are a closely guarded secret.


I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy in conversation with Vince, who is one of my Scribes. 19th July 2010