2010-08-03-The Time Draws Ever Closer

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Topic: The Time Draws Ever Closer



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: Good Day Dear Scribe, it is good to see you feeling a little better, even though there is a way to go yet.

Vince: Hello MoJo, yes, quite a way. What brings you here today then?


Monjoronson: I know that you have recently detached yourself from the Ascension process, with the intent of objectively considering a number of global issues without any regard for what we of the Spiritual Hierarchy have said, or you have previously thought.

And what were your conclusions?

Vince: As if you didn’t know!!! But you wanted me to iterate them here, so I shall oblige.

We are up shit creek without a paddle!!!

There are extremes of weather in many countries around the world, and in more places than are being reported. One or more would be co-incidental, but there are too many of them for that, and they are very major events, not just unusual local ones; which suggests that the global pattern has changed. It seemed to kick off earlier in the year, with the Melbourne, Australia hail storms, and China and Pakistan are particularly badly affected at present, and Poland had some torrential rain just a few weeks back, and now Russia has a major heat-wave; Peru has just had a minus 24C cold snap, and it’s all gone topsy-turvy.

On top of this there are a lot more earthquakes, and particularly around the Pacific Rim, plus a surge of volcanoes; but nothing of globe shaking proportions yet, but the Gulf of Mexico hydrocarbon leaks which are now spreading out of the localised region, will be serious bad news for everyone on Earth within the next year at the latest.

I would say that we are near to a point of no return, and that life as we have known it on this planet will not be the same as it has been and major changes will take place. This comment excludes any actions by celestial beings in the nature of Stasis and any proposed population evacuations by beings from other planets.

Life as we have known it will no longer be possible and everything we take for granted will be subject to change.

Monjoronson: I would say that is a fair assessment of the position at the level of the material perspective . Now, you remember the Stasis of the late 1980’s, don’t you?

Vince: I certainly do, because I cut the lawn grass which was very long, down to a fine short cut, on Friday evening, and when I woke up and looked out of the window on Saturday morning, there was about two weeks growth of grass, during the Spring season.

Monjoronson: Good, so you have no doubts that Stasis is a fact of life?

Vince: No, none at all.

Monjoronson: So then it will come as no surprise to you when it happens again; because it will; and soon.

You know it’s going to happen, but there are only a limited amount of people around you who you can share this with, and also the few who come to Erethea to read these words.

That being so, what I tell you will only have a limited audience, so for their benefit I will tell you a little about the next year or so if nothing is done by sources outside of your reality.

The oil and deadly chemicals from the Gulf area are already making their way up the East Coast of North America and across the Atlantic Ocean towards Europe and Africa and sea life in these areas is beginning to be badly affected. There is a kind of conveyor belt of sea water running round the world, and one can say that within two years every ocean and sea on the planet will be adversely affected to some degree, and in the shorter term, some places which rely on marine life for food are going to find this source of nutrition becoming scarce, and prices will rise substantially.

With land based agriculture, there is going to be a big effect from Acid Rain as well as ingress of these pollutants in river deltas, estuaries and tidal sections of all rivers. This in turn will begin to pollute the non tidal sections of rivers, and find its way into various kinds of drinkable water storage. Potable water will also become polluted from acid rain, and so there is the potential for a great quantity of the world’s stored water to be badly polluted.

The various atmospheric fumes and particulates caused by this series of great gaping leaks will find its way into the lungs of humans and animals throughout the world, to a greater or lesser extent; but given the likelihood that there will be no adequate closure of these leaks by commercial or governmental organisations, then going on from the two year period, the likelihood of water and air quality declining drastically is high, with the eventuality that Earth will be no longer able to sustain life at all. This I should add is not scaremongering either, simply a statement of the likely circumstances.

I also think many of you ones don’t really understand how widespread the Dark Ones are, and I will tell you that they are very close to you wherever you are. They are Police Officers, Doctors, Dental Surgeons, Magistrates, Postmen, Managers and Directors of Companies, Bankers, Military Personnel, Priests, Vicars, Bishops, Archbishops, Royalty, Government Ministers, Civil Servants, Charity Personnel, Taxi Drivers, Funeral Directors; and the list goes on and on. Even if you live in a small village or settlement, there will be a few in your midst; because these Dark Ones are organised, and they control many aspects of your daily lives from behind the scenes, without you realising it.

I would say they represent about 10% of the population in developed countries, and concentrations will vary between village, town and city; with the typical metropolis being inundated with them, like flies round a jam jar. Like flies, they are parasites, which suck the life out of the community. Many of these ones belong to various kinds of Freemasonry Orders, Skull & Bones Societies and similar, and will have been sucked into these organisations, and find it difficult to get out, even if they wanted to. Some of them are so attracted to the Evil, Vice and Corruption, that to them it is completely normal. To get out of bed in the morning is to contemplate another day at robbing the citizenry blind; it’s what they enjoy doing. Not to mention the vile sexual perversions and rituals too.

It’s the sort of work no decent person would contemplate, as they would have to be greedy for money and power, and love various perversions which would revolt most decent people. Are there children missing near you? Guess who took them, and guess what’s being done to them?

Things are at the crest of a hill in your dimension, whereby life is going to worsen quite quickly and soon enough, and if we wish your planet to remain viable for life within the next few hundred thousand years, we have to intervene at an appropriate point. We have to arrest things before they go too far over the crest to the point where it will all end in disaster at the bottom of the hill. At some point the population will have to be shown what has been done to them and hopefully this can be fitted in before it is too late. It would be pointless arriving at the bottom of the hill to survey the wreckage, and it is our desire to ensure that there will be no such wreckage.

That means there will be stasis and there will be evacuations, as has been mentioned on Erethea before and in other places. It will not be until a greater sense of how we intend to allow Ascension to play out that we will know the levels of evacuations, and number and magnitude of Stasis periods which will be required, but each of your passing days bring us near to this decision, and the time is close at hand when there will be no more talk, but plenty of action.


We are ready to roll.

I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy in conversation with a Scribe of mine named Vince. 3rd August 2010 Posted by Vince at 2:56 PM