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Topic: Morontia Jazz

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Greetings my friends! This again is Monmacion. How happy I am to share with you this experimentation not only in communication, but more importantly, in exploring the depths of communion, immersing ourselves in Father’s light together, cast as we are in disparate places in this universe of Michael’s creation.


You have evolved sufficiently as a technological species to find yourselves at ease communicating, visiting in person across the boundaries of space and time that enables you to have a material reference for the way in which your gatherings are enjoined quite readily by others such as myself.

As you were visiting (earlier), you were sharing a great deal that you had gleaned from your own explorations of this so-called virtual space that has augmented your appreciation of your place in time, and in this context of correction, in a rather difficult stage of planetary evolution where this tide is turning from fear to faith, and as you gather these threads of thought into your conversation, the colors of your own presence are augmented, enhanced, enriched, and likewise, when you enter your times of stillness, these threads that function really as spiritual circuits through which much more is shared and much more is gathered into the arena of your focus whose center is the Source of all.

It is your presence that I am glad to enjoin in these moments, and I appreciate your allowance and your willingness to be host to additional influences, myself and others included, who are here with me looking on as we do in every opportunity to reassure you that you are not alone, that in your every thought there is the presence of many others who are enjoined in the labor of doing the will of our Father in this moment as we do throughout eternity.

How broad can you spread this ‘net’ as it were? Your planet has been enfolded in a communication network that you put to good use. It is however just a facsimile, if you will, of a larger network that is your mind interpenetrated by spirit, interwoven with these threads of light that personalities as myself may readily use to join you at anytime and through which we keep in close contact and communion with each other.

How deep is it planted in your hearts, and how broad is it cast throughout your circles of encounter, social encounters with your friends? Would you care to create morontia jazz with me and my fellows? There is a music whose source is your thought, and as your thought is composed by love, this music emanates throughout space. It is in fact a reflection from the periphery of creation of the wave of our Father’s thought sent to you through his spirit dwelling in you; reverberating in increasing waves of frequency that is ever more closely woven together. You in this realm are just beginning to encounter the degree of closeness that characterizes a spiritual universe, the universe of material creation that is actually cast on a spiritual web, that is woven on such a web with the colors of souls just such as you bring into this vivid picture.

Your world is beginning to run into this interdependence. In fact, you could say your world has run headlong into it and is reeling from the collision of a civilization built upon the illusion of isolation crashing into the truth of integration, and so, yes your world wobbles, to put it mildly. Your world is reeling from what you might call a concussion, but what we observe is simply our beloved siblings, younger siblings, children, like ourselves in earnest, but younger still who have just learned that our Parents have built a very sturdy edifice that is our home, and you can run quite freely, and even at times with abandon, but there is a structure to creation, a structure defined by love, a divine love that is forgiving, that is merciful, compassionate, and tender, and yet it is the most resilient, the strongest substance in all the universe.

So be confident my friends, you will do fine. Your world will recover from its temporary headache as it wakes up having discovered that the ego will go, it will dissipate because there is no room in love for a selfish, immature child wishing to dominate everyone and everything. No, there is discipline; there is order. It is the order of love, and you are making this love better known by your willingness to listen, to attend to these lessons.

My friends, I would address any comments or questions, if you have any.


If not, then let us just bring to a close this session that you have initiated knowing that you have set in motion vibrations of your heartstrings emitting the harmonies of Havona even while you walk upon the soil of Urantia. So let your hearts play to their full content, mindful as you are of the various chords that compose your mind and spirit, engendering your soul, just such soul music that invites so many to join in its amplification.

Good night my friends.

Student - Good night! Thank you for joining us, and for your words.