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Topic: Connectivity

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Well my friends, what a night! I am touched by your persistent efforts to remain in contact-communion with one another that mirrors your desire and determination to maintain connection and communion with the Source of all things.



The mortal realm is so filled with such apparent failings, and there are times when you perhaps, you succumb to feelings of defeat, if not, certainly frustration, or a sense of having been denied something that you know is within your reach. And so it is, I would use this experience even this evening to underscore the marvel and beauty of your indefatigable labor to make this connection, to make connection with your Source, our Source, the First Source and Center.

X.x.x., you asked this evening a question similar to one posed at the outset of our discussions, and I would address this question perhaps in a way that will remind you of this connectivity issue that you struggled with this evening; namely you would like to know if there is one such as myself working with you such as I am with this one. Well, this is something that I cannot authenticate for you. In fact, what I would encourage you to do is to seek first the connection with your Source within you. Above all things, this is our primary objective, and as this proceeds, you may very well, and I want to tell you and encourage you, that as this principal connection is made and maintained, all kinds of connections occur in that context.

You will find out, and you will discover the connectivity that defines our labor that is shared in this moment. Until that time arises, I would welcome you to maintain your connection with me in this arena as we are configured now, but do not surrender your labors to establish this connection that you know is within your reach, and as you explore the inner life searching for that sense of contact and the camaraderie that is associated with it, just know that it is within your reach. Actually, it is becoming a commonplace experience in the lives of many upon this world, and it will certainly become more commonplace as we proceed.


When I say commonplace in this moment, I am referring primarily to the initial stages of acclimation by those who have, such as yourselves, accepted this as a normal part of the exercise of human intelligence. As you know, however, there is this inertia of your culture that has yet to embrace this dimension of mindedness infused with spiritual circuitry, but this will not deter you anymore than the technical anomalies such as you encounter in your connections with one another through these mechanical means and whereby I am able to join you – as we are now. So, keep up the good work. You are in the hands of many that you know, and what awaits you is simply the discovery of this presence that is actually defined by the light of our Father, and it is his Spirit that acts as the governor, you could say, the one who authorizes or not, various forms of contact. So as ever, seek the greater and the lesser will be found therein.

Now my friends, you have struggled through a number of obstacles this evening, and I know you are pushing your limits much as you stretch the limits of your material circuits; your bodies themselves consist of the most intricate circuitries that your world can know on a material plane. So this is a way of saying, I think we should keep our session perhaps a bit brief, therefore I abbreviate my own remarks, but I would not leave before I have invited other comments or questions.

Very well!

Correcting Time

My friends as you depart and enter your routines, know that there are many that accompany you; those you know are associated with any who are devoted to the purpose of our Father’s love, extending his light. But in this time of correction there are assembled truly a multitude of additional resources that are here to assist in this accelerated process of your adjustment to these additional frequencies that your world has not known and as a result of being increasingly exposed, is struggling to adjust to this new climate as it were, a cosmic climate characterized by the primary impulse of love that yields healing energies without limit. It is truly melting the structures that your world has erected around an absence, or at very least, a minimum level of exposure to such realities.

So go your way, and be confident that with every breath you draw, you are inhaling – literally – additional infusions of light, that when released by you, are changing your world. So breathe deeply, confidently, and pay attention at all times. Great things are at hand.

I love you my friends. Good night.