2010-09-12-The Pacific Rim

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Topic: The Pacific Rim



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: Well my dear fellow, here we are again; another week on and still nothing much happening, wouldn’t you say?

Vince: Hello MoJo. On the surface at least and as far as the general population of the UK is concerned, the situation is normal, but there are signs in the newspapers with a disaster exercise being reported, which is related to a possible magnitude 8.1 earthquake. This suggests that the authorities have some expectations of a major geophysical event and are preparing the emergency services for a response to such a situation.


Monjoronson: It may surprise you to learn that at the highest levels of government and the establishment, they know only too well what to expect as the Spiritual Hierarchy have been negotiating with them for a very long time, with a view to packing up their Dark game and handing the reins back to the forces of Love & Light. They of course declined on numerous occasions, so now they are faced with the possibility of some extremely unpleasant events with which to deal.

It isn’t only the UK authorities either, since we have our agents in all major and significant countries on your planet, and in the main the story is the same, where they refuse to co-operate with the Spiritual Hierarchy at any price, and by that I am not speaking about money. With their agreement, matters would have been so much easier and more pleasant; but by their refusal to co-operate with us we have the worst case scenario, whereby the geophysical and weather events will be of far greater proportions than otherwise would have been the case.

Less this will be viewed as the anger of God, vented upon Earth’s population; I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Every one of you created ones is loved unconditionally by your God, Christ Michael, but since the easy transfer of power from the Dark Ones back to your God has been refused by them, the only way this transfer can be achieved will include many more major events than otherwise would have been the case.

It is true that Gaia’s Ascension does indeed require planetary remodelling which is a series of natural events, but without the assistance of the present establishment and authorities of your global society, then the levers of power must be whipped away from them, with a final goodbye to them from us, and this action creates turbulence at a physical level and the cleansing procedure is altogether bigger.

Many people will look at the recent earthquake and subsequent aftershocks in Christchurch, New Zealand as nothing more than another routine quake in an already volatile area already used to a fair share of them each year, but it is more than that, much more. The Pacific Rim is perforated with many earthquakes and volcanoes, and this is nothing new, but their frequency and magnitude have both increased this year, and with a new divide in the plate being exposed in New Zealand, a whole new direction has been shown.

Although there are many other places on Earth where major events will occur, it is to the Pacific you should look for the earliest and most significant ones, and when you see them, and how many of them there are; it will be only the foolish who could regard them as uncoordinated, for there you will see for the first time that the remodelling is actually happening before your eyes. Undoubtedly various scientific pundits will be wheeled out before the TV cameras, and tell you it’s all a giant coincidence, but it is not; I am here to tell you that it is not, in advance of the events concerned. They are natural by the standards of normal planetary remodelling, but with the population in situ; and coordinated by a supreme intelligence.

Incidentally, that is one thing the Dark Ones don’t have very much of; intelligence. Did they think they were going to get away with their con-trick forever; the answer is yes, and even now with the brown sauce about to hit the fan blades, they still think they’re going to get away with it, and we have been unsuccessful in persuading them otherwise because the Black Rot within them is now practically total and total slavery of humanity is their only objective, with all the riches that will bring their kind.

But there is one kind of richness they have overlooked at every turn, and that is richness of the soul. Monetary wealth is only a factor in the material world where you all reside and you can’t take it with you. Your time here in this present incarnation is limited, but your total life is forever which is a hard concept for many of you to understand. Yes, you were created at some particular point, and after that there is no end to your existence, unless you are so stupid as to let the Black Rot consume you and uncreation is required. You are eternal and that is infinite; just as space in the Grand Universe is infinite. It was created, but has no beginning and has no end; and thus is infinite, which is a hard concept for many humans to grasp.

When you earn spiritual riches, they are with you forever, unless you let the Black Rot inside you where it will enjoy a fine meal of them. Other than that you will have them forever, and in turn they will help you gain more spiritual riches through your hard work. This is an upward spiral of the most wonderful kind and unlike paid work for many in your material world, is a joy to do and the proceeds are with you eternally.


So my dear ones, keep an open mind and watch for the next phase of events due to start very soon, and you will not be disappointed.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy writing this through Vince my Scribe. 12th September 2010