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Topic: Materialization of Plans

Group: At Large


Teacher: Monmacion

TR: Tiahuan



Good evening again my friends! This is Monmacion, and as I have said previously to this one in private, there are a number of people here, but I will not tax the capacity of this transmitter, not yet, but I would have you know that this sharing that is unfolding in your exchange holds great promise. You gather in your circuit of friendship a sober, careful, considerate, respectful, inquisitive orientation which encourages us to witness your live experimentation with your own personal contact and communication with your Thought Adjusters and other personalities with whom you walk, who are pledged to your assistance in the course of your planetary journey.


What we all look for is a maximum degree of opportunity for transmitting an abundance of light, safely, with confidence that the results of such transmission do not destabilize or otherwise distract receiving minds into a form of frenzy that is all too often characteristic of our experience working with mortals of this sphere. This tendency is becoming less of a concern as you advance in your familiarity and acclimation to this rising frequency, this grand opening from within you. It is simply your exposure to the normal degree of illumination present in worlds who have not suffered the forms of isolation you know all too well.


Plans, Creativity

My friend Xxxx, I commend you for your attentiveness to the opportunities to further develop this creative realm of exchange. This plan you have described mirrors the plans we have with which we work in our realm, and it is most encouraging to us to witness the repercussions of these, if you will, the reverberations of these on the human dimension, the mortal range of action. This does not detract at all from the inherent creativity that you personally have experienced. Not at all, in fact, what you are experiencing is the creativity of the universe at large in which we all share in different ways and on different levels with different tasks and or objectives and responsibilities.

The source of course is the same. The Source is our Father within us, the very fountain of creation, but this flow of his light that liberates the minds, hearts, and souls of everyone that becomes more deeply involved in this exchange is profound, it is the source of joy. For your joy as a mortal of this realm is connected to my joy as a Melchizedek of my realm. Indeed, the whole team of planetary managers who are present on this planet not just as administrators of a particular domain, but all participants in these domains; all of us, share in your joy. We share likewise in your frustration. We are becoming very, very close, and what encourages us is to witness that you are feeling this closeness and not just in a sense of sentiment that you might perhaps manufacture for yourselves or convince yourself of, no, it is a fact of your living experience. This is something that is irrefutable, something that is of lasting value and the source of a knowing that is beyond reproof. All cataclysms unfolding upon this realm would not detract from this; in fact you are beginning to realize that these apparent cataclysms, these rather troubling gyrations of your world adjusting in its own way to this increased exposure to cosmic rays of illumination; this is an indication that you are recognizing that come what will, come what may, you know that it is a source of joy when shared in spirit because you are increasingly self acting as adjusters upon the realm of your mortal action.

Thought Adjusters

Would you be surprised to learn that you could be Thought Adjusters? Well, I will cite your own discussions tonight as examples of how you are all alike yielding an influence in your realm that is an extension of your Father Fragments within you, but you are able to do this because of your embodiment. Were it not for your willingness to live an embodied life upon this realm, troubled as it is, the possibilities of these Adjusters experiencing such joy would not exist. You begin perhaps to recognize the value that you bring to this exchange. Your humanity is a treasure coveted if you will by your Indwelling Spirits, and as you advance in this evolving union, you will realize the attribution of value to a distant Deity, so divine as to be unapproachable or far removed from the supposedly mundane dealings of daily life is an illusion, not only that, it is a pernicious illusion planted in you on a purpose to separate you from the truth of who you are. You are overcoming this, you have a great deal of assistance, but you cheer us as we cheer you - on.


Onward and inward is the motto of our universe, and so my friends you are showing us that all of these plans that have been drawn are materializing in and through you. And while you and your friends have, in the past, looked for materialization as coming from some place on high, and perhaps have found yourselves disappointed; I hope you realize it is Michael’s wish that you discover this tremendous gift of materialization unfolding from within your human lives, and as you grow in confidence with this pace of Paradise, our Father’s pulse moving within you, our joining you in the flesh will be as if a friend walked up beside you on a busy street, and you turned, and you smiled knowing that it is the way it should be. It is the way of our Father, it is the way of love, that places the highest premium on friendship.


Be at peace now. I know it is late. I will not ask you for questions. I will suggest though that you pay attention to the questions that you hold within you for they reveal to us your areas of need, of desire, and we are happy to respond in ways that will seem altogether natural perhaps. Indeed, super-conscious slumber, creative play, all manner of actions are opportunities to discover the gifts that we are planting in response to your conscious awareness of the opportunity we are for one another, supporting one another in our respective roles of service in this wondrous moment.

Thank you for gathering my friends.

Goodnight, good dreams, good awakenings. I look for you at anytime. Call upon me if you wish. I am happy to make myself available.