2011-02-05-The Gathering

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Topic: The Gathering



Teacher: Mary, Nigel

TR: Diana



Mary Magdalena: My dear children, I come to join you this evening with concern and compassion for mankind and for the mother Earth, for all around you is turmoil, discontent, unhappiness, hunger, poverty and fear. This is not our intentions, but unfortunately it is part of the cleansing of the planet, which has to be.


It is also a way of us retrieving various souls who need to be taken home and cared for and loved, so that they can be reborn into another life where they can learn more. It is also the time for some of them to come home permanently to join us, to work with us, and to rejoice in the light and the love that we know and we share with you. At times your world is very dark but there is always a spark of light somewhere and we ask that you take that spark; you take it into your hearts and you radiate it to the other less fortunate souls that do not see, do not understand, and are so terribly frightened of what they do not understand and what they do not know.

There are so many terrible things that happen; much of it is actually manufactured by your own kind; some of it is manufactured naturally as your planet evolves and grows and cleanses itself, as you go towards the future and ascension. To go through these experiences and these times is hard and it hurts me. I have concern when I see the little children crying with hunger; the elderly who are frightened because they do not have enough money to pay the bills; the people who have nothing who live on the streets; those who have recently lost their homes, their livelihoods and in some cases their beloved ones due to the natural disasters, the cyclones, the earthquakes, the fires, the floods; but this is cleansing and this is the only way that the Earth can cleanse itself to be reborn.

The rebirth, at the end of the day will be fantastic, magnificent even, and you will all experience joy when you see the suns rising and the rays spreading the wonderful light, the blueness of the ocean, the superb greenness of the trees and the grass; and you hear the love and laughter as people come to a conclusion and walk into the future together, because you will have to work together to survive.

Each of you will find qualities within that you did not know that you had, and these qualities will come to the fore, some of you will be farmers, some of you will be thinkers, some of you will be scholars; but you all have something to take forward into the future and we will be there helping you from behind the scenes. At times we will travel the earth alongside you, occasionally in the physical form. Will you know, well that question is yet to be answered, but be assured my beloved we love you and we wish no harm to come to you. We want you to take your journey into the future with boldness, braveness and knowing that you are secure in our love. I give you the blessing and the mother’s love that you need as you journey forward. God bless you.

Vince: God bless you dear lady.

Nigel: In this room there is peace and tranquillity; outside of this house there is turmoil and disturbance, for the chill winds of change are blowing across you planet and yet it is all done with love. It is mankind who has made conditions adverse for mankind.

When the world was younger there was only love upon your planet and now there is hatred, disease, poverty and hunger in extreme. There is war, there is civil unrest, and worst of all, there is taxation which I shall call legalised theft; that is how they (the rich) make you work for them. You work to pay them first and if you are lucky there is a little left over for yourselves, and it was never meant to be like this.

As we saw with the Roman Empire, there was brutality and intrigue of the worst kind, and although things have been sanitised in your modern world it is just another version of the same thing. The future will not be easy for anybody, for as has been said before you have to work very hard to build a new civilisation through this period of ascension and beyond. If you do not create the society with love then you will lose again and again until the message finally gets home, which is that every man and woman is a brother or sister; everyone is a child of God; everyone has a piece of God within them.

You should not hurt your brother or sister for you are hurting yourself. You make your community effectively dysfunctional if you do things without love. The times they are a-changing, life as you have known it will become far more arduous as obstacles can be placed in your paths during the cleansing process, and you will have to work very hard to create a completely new civilisation. I have no doubt that it can be done; I have no doubt that it will be done; it is only a question of when.

Will you get it right from the start, or will circumstances from your present civilisation bleed through into the new one, for this must be guarded against. If there is any sign of darkness amid the light, it must be extinguished at all costs; for once you have truly found the way forward, hand in hand with your brothers and sisters and the animals in your environment, then all is possible.


Thank you for listening to my words. My name for your purposes is Nigel. This is my second attempt at conversing with you through Vince and it gives me great pleasure to have sat with you here this evening. God bless you all and thank you.


Mary Magdalena was channelled by Diana.

Nigel was channelled by Vince.

Both messages were transcribed by Sue.