2011-03-09-Falling Masonry

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Topic: Falling Masonry



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



This is the transcription of a voice message from Monjoronson, prior to the Japanese Earthquakes and Tsunami.


Monjoronson: Hello my dear ones, I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy and it is my pleasure to be here today to say a few words at this time with the various events happening on your planet.


If you look around you, you will see people who have no idea that there is a major change happening with your planet. It is there for all who have eyes to see and all who have brains to think. There are in various parts of the world, cracks, earthquakes, extreme weather events, flooding and really, in theatrical terms, a curtain is only just going up. The time will come when it will be very clear for everybody that something about your world is different for, as I have said before, there will be physical vibrations which will be felt by every being on the face of your planet. I include all of humanity, all of the animal kingdom, all of the plant kingdom and of the mineral kingdom as well. There will be no hiding the fact from the media for it will be everywhere; because of your internet there can be no denying that in every country people will notice this vibration and, of course, news spreads so very quickly on your internet by various means and everybody will be aware that things are changing.

Many people will become worried and as the masonry starts to fall, those people who think all of their reality is about the house they have bought, and the car, and the boat, and the aircraft, for all they understand is the money. If in those circumstances your house crumbles but the garden shed still survives then shall you live in the garden shed? There are people already camping out in New Zealand because of the earthquake but this is on a very limited basis. If you look at a larger country, or a smaller country with a denser population, it will be quite impossible for many people to find some kind of welcoming shelter if there are millions of buildings which are uninhabitable. What will you then do? In those circumstances money has no value for even if you were to find a builder to reconstruct your property at some time after the shaking has stopped, it will be many, many years before comprehensive habitable dwellings are available for the majority of humanity who has been thus affected.

You see my dears, money has become the only reason for many people to live, there is nothing else than chasing money and it was never meant to be like this. So it will be very challenging for people because they will know that life as they have known it is no longer possible. Changes are being made, will everybody adapt to them, for there will be many who die, who pass away, for their current incarnation runs inside certain narrow parameters and if they cannot adapt to the new reality where each of you makes a contribution to the society, rather than looking for the profit motive, rather than taxing you into submission. If they can’t adapt then they will be sent somewhere more appropriate for their level.


For times they are a-changing, they are here and ongoing; and now I must take my leave of you for my friend Vince is very, very tired and has no more energy.

So before I go I send you all my love until the next time I am with you. God bless you.