2011-08-13-Growing in Spiritual Experience

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Topic: Growing in Spiritual Experience

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Prayer: Mother and Father, we lift ourselves up to you today, thanking you the endowment of your spirit presence that you seed into us. We are here to receive, open ourselves more expansively to your grace, your love, your will. We thank you for infusing us through your words and through your presence, that spiritual current we need for our continued transformation. Thank you.


Michael: Peace be upon you, my children. This is Michael. As your Father, I share myself with you. You grow in your ability to be like me through your experiences each and every day. Spiritual growth, then, is a simple process but is one that you increasingly attain through your diligent focus on me to be like me, to be father-like. As I grew in comprehension of this from a material creature standpoint, I recognized that this journey is an eternal lifetime. The gains I made in my material life were focused on being in the Father’s will, doing the Father’s will, and simply loving my Father. From this attitude of mind and heart, I grew in experiential comprehension of the grandeur of the Father and the majesty of creation.

So my children, I am here to share that with you, to help you increasingly absorb that understanding, not only in your mind, but throughout your being. As my presence comes upon you now, drink this in deeply. It is my peace and my joy that cements a new broader spiritual foundation within you. So drink this in, my children, and become like the Father each and every day. (Pause)

Spiritual current is a real energy. You amass these threads of energy as your vibrational rate increases, as you absorb my peace and my joy. While your minds are a material gift from your Mother, inasmuch as it is wired into your physical body, that which is spirit is able to flow through these mindal circuits when you relax in my peace and joy and receive me, albeit that you might not perceive what is occurring within your being when you open yourself to me and receive, it does make an impact in your overall integrity of your energy system, and these energies dissipate, or should I say, they integrate into the layers and levels of who you are over time. So drink, drink, drink. (Pause)

Experiencing me in your own mind and body is what is most necessary during this time of change. Your brothers and sisters need a form of light--spiritual radiance--they cannot perceive on their own so your Mother and I look to you to share this with them. Let your hearts swell now so that you are able to contain a greater amount of my spiritual persona. Ask for the energy fields around you to become more vibrantly energized in the Father’s love that more of my presence is able to be imprinted more deeply upon your energy systems. (Pause)

This period of transition upon Urantia is a time of faith growth. You are being encouraged to live more dynamic lives of faith, stepping into unknown arenas of your consciousness that increasingly separate you from the rank and file of humanity. You are the leaders and the pioneers of your age. As you open yourselves up to more of these morontia endowments through the circuitry of your Mother, you are increasingly walking in faith, giving your angels opportunities to bring to you situations to expand your personality gifts creatively, impressively, joyfully, and powerfully.

Think not of the circumstances of your lives that are challenging to you as difficult but as opportunities to focus your faith and increasingly trust in the power of your own Adjusters to guide you into a new way of being. So few humans trust their indwelling Father Fragments. They do not know them. Here is where we ask you to become more Father-like that you may share not only your heart energy with them to catalyze something within them to trigger their own internal search and an inquiry into spirit.

The days are numbered when your status as Agondonters is still active. One day soon we will be with you to help you and the world usher in the era of Light and Life. We know what a time of joyful celebration it will be as many open to the power of spirit within. How much more thrilling it is for you to take those faith steps each day, as Agondonters, to grow into this Father-likeness without the physical presence of deity on your world! Do you have any idea of the magnitude of what you do now as Agondonters? No! Your comprehension of what this means is very young, very fresh, very much undeveloped. We ask you to celebrate this phase of your life.

The unknowing part of the spiritual journey is what, you might call, the greater part of finding the Father at the center of all things. You do not know what you will be doing in the future. You cannot see all of the potentials carried within the plans of your Adjuster. You must live it through experience and faith. Sometimes your paths on your morontia career seem less challenging than the times and experiences you have had in your earth career. Yet it is still a matter of faith.

Drink deeply of my peace, my joy. Let this walk of faith become so deeply enmeshed in your awareness that you can indeed walk in my peace and my joy, and that it become your peace and your joy to share with others. Allow these words settle in, my children, and as your Mother and I continue to minister to your being. (Pause)

You see, my children, your Mother and I want you to have what is rightfully yours, and this is yours: my peace, my love, my joy. This is yours. We want your brothers and sisters to have this too. How will they receive this if they know not of who their Mother and Father in spirit are? It is through you. You be their elder brothers and sisters to share your hearts with them, to share your peace and your joy with them and help them open to the new reality--the inner reality-- they have yet to explore and enjoy.

You do not live in a vacuum. Allow your heart energy to expand outwardly, outwardly to your outer world, outwardly connecting to your brothers’ and sisters’ hearts and inwardly focusing on me and allow my love to flow through you to that individual with whom you are engaged. What they will receive is up to them. You are allowing a connection to be built that, you might say, primes the pump of their spiritual life and can catalyze the opening they need for them to take this inner step to find their own indwelling Father Fragments.

We have told you many times that the harvest is upon you and that the laborers in the field are still few when you look at the overall general population of this world. How many people are truly spiritually activated? Thousands? Against the backdrop of billions who need this? So, my children, your service undertakings are right in front of you each and every day. It is not important that you feel you are making any headway in reaching out to your brothers and sisters other than we ask you to try. Do your best. Do not wonder whether or not it had an effort. Even a little bit of love directed to one individual with an act of loving-kindness, and it is registered in the universe. It is recorded in the growing Supreme Being. You participate within building this new mind of Spirit on Urantia. Continue to feed. Your Mother will be here in a few moments to share her love and her words with you. Be in my peace, my children. Thrive in my love. Good day.

Nebadonia: My beautiful children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. Growing your spiritual and cosmic consciousness is like watching a beautiful flower unfolds as it blossoms. Slowly, the petals open yield a picture of exquisite beauty and fragrance. This is how your Father and I see you. This is how to see yourselves. This is how to see your brothers and sisters. Yes, some of them are tightly clamped because they have not felt the love of the Father caress the petals of their personalities to help them open and yield to the will of creation and the love therein for them. We ask you to be the sun to shine the light upon them. This will increasingly help your own petals open and blossom in the light of the Father’s love that you fills from your internal sources, your own indwelling Father Fragment and your indwelling Spirit of Truth that connects you to your Father Michael.

Today I invite you to see yourself as a beautiful flower. Are you fully blooming? Are there still petals yet to open? Or are you closed? Do you still need love to help you relax and open to the light of love? Receive the outpouring, my loving mercy, compassion, and will in your energy systems now, my children, that you may increasingly see your beauty and delight in it. (Pause)

Think of the petals of your personality as those expressions of who you are that are aligned in the Father’s will and demonstrate love, patience, courage, faith, optimism in your living experiences. These are beautiful petals that you allow others to see, others to intuit within you, to feel in their heart centers that you have something beautiful to share with them. Think of your personalities as being stems that are in the soil of your planetary way of life. As you experience each and every moment you are drawn from that planetary pool. You are allowing the soil of your planet to stimulate the expression of your creative potential. Every experience that you live in faith demonstrating the fruits of the spirit creates another petal in your personality. So you become this large flower, if you will, this abundant bloom, with fragrance and beauty that exudes its loveliness far beyond the confines of most people. Your energy field expands, and you have a greater range of influence around you.

Allow these words to settle in that you may increasingly relate in your mind who you are as this beautiful and fragrant expression of creation and love. Let this image impress itself deeply into your mind that you may more generously express this in your outer lives. (Pause)


There is a garden of life that grows upon on an experiential world. Your world has evolved in quite a bit of darkness, and your flowers have not had sunlight of the Father’s love to the degree that you have needed in your planetary culture; nevertheless, you are in increasingly more favorable positions to be the light your world needs and to transform into this beautiful garden, helping your brothers and sisters, sometimes one person at a time, sometimes many. We invite you to live your life, expressing your beauty to the best of your ability. Drink in the kiss of my love, my children. Drink in the grace that stimulates and catalyzes your faith and builds you in beautiful attributes, peace and joy your brethren languish for.

Today is a day of experience. Today is a day to absorb these spiritual currents that will expand your own abilities to connect with your indwelling Father Fragment source. Direct any questions you may have there and increasingly trust in your status as children of faith that you will receive what you need in mind and heart and body. Become Father-like in every dimension of your life. I leave you in my joy, my children. Grow in it and love fully to the best of your ability each and every day. I love you.